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Mr Tall

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chapter 2 of Daddy's little freak.

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I'm really surprised I got 4 reviews for this already, thought it would be weeks before I got that many. I know it seems like a small amount but I think any amount is amazing. I'm really ecstatic about this now. Thanks everyone and to those who are reading 'Family Reunion' I might be a while with the next chapter since I'll be writing this, but don't worry I'll be getting back to it soon. There is a one or two book spoilers in here so don't be mad at me if you haven't read the full saga.

I normally avoid looking into the future; some things should be left unknown. However, sometimes I am forced too. A few nights ago I had a vision of a young girl sprawled out on a grassy field with her body lying in a pool of her own blood. It's normal for me to have these kinds of visions about those I care for, but I rarely have any about people I don't know. The last time I had a vision like that was before I rescued Evra. He was treated so poorly in that place. If I hadn't saved him he would've died from starvation or more likely from untreated diseases. It's dangerous to interfere with the future. There are creatures deep within the world that could be unleashed if certain events-that shouldn't be-are altered. With Evra it was different, he was required for the future and it was not coincidence but, fate that the cirque happened to be camped a short distance away from the freak show he was captive in. It was the same with this vision, this girl must be important for the future otherwise I wouldn't have seen her. I found this girl the same way I found Evra; my senses simply directed me. The cirque had no performance that day so no one would mind if I left for a few hours, I doubt they would have argued even if there was, they all know I would only leave show preparations if it was necessary. I found myself in a small town. Barely populated, the occasional group of people but more or less quiet.
I had my first encounter of her. I found her in one of the dead end streets; she was drawing on the ground with some white chalk. One of my special abilities allows me to read minds, although it's not my strongest skill so even a simple human can block out their thoughts from mine without even trying. This girl though was different; she seemed to have no restraint on her thoughts whatsoever. Either she has a weak mind or is very open-minded. I sense a lot of strain on her mind, far more than what a child her age should be carrying. Her face told a different story; she was smiling so happily. I imagined this must a little getaway place for her. When she finished and started to walk away, I quickly glided over to see her little project. I pass by her in an instant, not even the most swift of vampires can detect how fast I can move. I expected to find simple squiggles and doodles, the usual thing a girl her age would draw with chalk. What I didn't expect to find was a masterpiece. It was amazing, how could a child draw such a thing. She drew a tree, but that would be putting it bluntly. She captured every detail, every indent in the bark and each vain in every leaf. A talent like this should not be wasted on streets. I thought it would be a nice gesture to reward her talent; it might encourage her to take it further than the pavements.
Later her talent seemed to take a different turn. The things she drew were scaring people, which wasn't the best way to go if she wished to make more money. I tried searching her thoughts again. These thoughts though, didn't feel like they were hers or even someone else's, they must be visions. Some one must have reported her because some police officers came by and took her away. I kept close by and soon she had been dragged to a blue car. A very fancy looking one too. The officers through her in, which really astounded me, I imagined them taking to the station or a police car. As soon as the door was shut the men walked away, removing their uniform in the process and dumping them in the nearby rubbish bin. Something wasn't right, I tried taping into the girl's thoughts and once I did, I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head. I removed my hand, when I disconnected from her, to find blood.
I followed that car for nearly three miles, along the way I kept tapping into the girls mind. All that strain was releasing memories from her mind to mine. Her name is Sarah. She witnessed her mother's death. Her father abuses her and she nearly escaped from him. The car stopped in front of a rustic building, miles away from kind of civilisation. More visions of the future appeared in my gaze. These one's I could tell were close to come. Sarah would be beaten tonight and I would be unable to help her. My original vision of Sarah is the only one I can interfere with. Only the occurrence of her death should be changed, any other changes would unleash a catastrophe. I hide in one of the lower levels of building and sit patiently in the balcony a few floors beneath Sarah's. All the time I waited in that empty balcony was far from quiet. I could feel every blow that poor child took and each time I winced from the pain I could also hear her scream. No wonder her father keeps her hear, this place is completely abandoned and nowhere near any other houses. A perfect place for a man like him. I doubt very much that he lives here. I'm sure he keeps a place for himself in the city and only comes here when he feels like the small man. Beating a child to feel big, sickening. If I could I would try to absorb some of her pain, but my magic can't stretch that far. Fate is evil sometimes.
1 HOUR's gone quieter. Sarah has stopped screaming now. After her father left I expected her pain to settle, but it only increased. Even I was struggling to cope with this level of pain, I couldn't imagine how bad it must have been for her. Now all I can hear are the sounds of hers sobs as she scraps that little piece of chalk along the ground. I can read her mind so clearly. She is confused as to why her father hates her so much. The names he spat in her face terrified her. The pain she was in only left her because she's doing the one thing that could land her in even more trouble. Most would have committed suicide at this point, but I don't think she knows how to do such a thing. She's been deprived of so many things that suicide does not even enter her mind. Her father's car has come back. Not enough he beat her and insulted her for nearly an hour, but he has to come back for another round. He's already in the mood to beat her again, if he finds her drawing, who knows what else he'll do. I hear Sarah give out a loud gasp; maybe she's seen her father and is starting to panic. An image suddenly flashes through my mind again, the same one I had before only these are her visions I am seeing. My moment is soon. I need to act at the right time or else she'll die. A sharp pain is sent through my back, but I keep my senses focused. Her screams and cries return and my heart rate is matching her own. The terror and fear filling her is trying to overflow and pour into my own soul. Keep focused. Now!
She fainted shortly after I saved her. The shock finally got to her and no wonder. The combination of being beaten, caught drawing, thrown off the balcony, being pulled to safety and the realisation that it wasn't her father who saved her. He didn't take a sudden change of mind and decide to save her. He let her fall and it surprised me how he never even looked over to see her die.
I carried her to the Cirque Du Freak on my back while she slept. A few times I heard her mumble under her breath, hopefully she's dreaming of something nice. It's really late now so no one will see me. Good, this will be easier to explain in the morning. There's an empty tent near my van, I like to keep an extra one set up for occasions like these. I lay her down in the hammock and as I tuck her in I see her smile softly. As I lift myself up to leave I find my arm is being tugged on. Sarah's eyes have opened just slightly but I can still see fear clouding over them. I lean in when I see her trying to say something.
"Am heaven?" She whispered. Mr Tall laughed a little and patted her head to comfort her.
"Better. You're home"
Well what do you think? I would have had this up sooner but I've been away doing other things that meant I was torn from my beloved computer.
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