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Like Candy in Combat Boots

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Ryuzaki finds out what its like to like like a girl. But his first crush has a major downfall; the fact that she is probably a serial murderer... oh, and she has a boyfriend. Warning, sexual refere...

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Staring into his toffee pudding, Lawliet sighed to himself. It was his favorite back when he lived in England, but now he couldn't shake the feeling that he was just being melodramatic. He sat slouched in the hotel room sofa, his elbows on the arm rest, his knees wide apart, his feet on the ground. Right now he wasn't in the mood to be thinking at a mile a minute; he was tired, cranky and frustrated, but the thing that was really bothering him was the dull ache in his head and heart that he couldn't soothe with any amount of candy. He had tried to.
He originally thought it was some trippy response his body had made to the high sugar, stress and fatigue levels the Kira case was responsible for and ignored it with some paracetamol. But although after a full ten hours sleep and a brief dietary adjustment the bags under his eyes brightened and his skinny muscles felt better rested, his main ailments still troubled him.
He had faced many cases like this in his long history. Some worse; more violent, more confusing, more difficult than the one at hand. Admittedly, he had never had to live under the same roof as two certain murderers that he cannot convict, but that was a small pickle in his jar of gherkins at the moment. The thing causing his heartache, headache, constant distraction and late nights sleep was Misa, and he hated it.
Lawliet knew what he was falling for. Too young for him, too pretty for him, and taken, sadly, by his own best friend. The second Kira. He wouldn't, couldn't make excuses for her, the evidence against her was too strong to push away. He was too honest a detective to ever even think to dismiss evidence, ever.
Frustrated, he tossed the spoon into the bowl. Angry he had even entertained the idea of letting her go free, knowing even if she was free she would still be chained to the boyfriend she so deeply loves. Sick and tired of his mind going round in circles twenty four seven, thinking of the evidence, attempting to debunk it and then making excuses. It didn't help that the object of his affection was not only taken by his best friend, but if the object of his affection was a mass murderer, so was Light. The two only people he ever liked, trusted and loved (other than Watari) were probably the most evil people on the planet. Maybe not evil, simply misguided? Either way, it was a heavy thought to have at 2:30 in the morning.
He took out his rubiks cube to play with to distract his mind, but even as he was solving the puzzle he was thinking of her. The yellow squares her shock of bright blonde hair, the red the colour of her sweet perfect lips... He would be lying if he ever said he had never thought about those lips. His mind playing thoughts of hers on his own lips, the sweet softness of her skin warming him to his toes. Misa's lips kissing him in places he had never even thought for someone to kiss before; his cheek, his neck as her teeth pinch him playfully. Down his chest. Oh gosh what a delicious thought.Then his thoughts would betray him as he would remember that she has probably done those things and more to Light.
Light Yagami. The bastard. Even Ryuzaki could see the way he leads her on. Playing her like a doll for whatever he needed. In some ways, that alone made him hate Light more than if he were Kira. On numerous occasions he had watched the girls brown doe eyes fill up with tears after being stung by Lights harsh words. It made the boys heart sting for her, but she loved him.
Lawliet felt another wave of self loathing choke him up as he bit into the sickly sweet pudding for comfort. He knew exactly why Misa loved Light over himself, and it was though Lawliet was the older, richer, smarter one, it in no way took away from how Light was the alpha male. Of course he knew that whatever money and kindness he had, Light more than made up for it in power and charm.
Holding the spoon up to his face he saw his own distorted reflection stare back at him. He saw his skin; pasty pale, dry and sickly looking, so translucent you could see blue veins in his cheeks and eyelids, caused by the many days he spent indoors hunched over a computer for hours on end, subsiding on nothing but candy for weeks on end. He saw how his hair was dark and slick from the lack of washing, and even when it was washed it would never sit well for a second, untidy and unbrushed, with white flakes in the nasty mess from nervously scratching at his scalp. But probably worst of all, he saw his eyes; dark, bloodshot and wild looking, reminding himself of a raccoon with the dark blue circles underneath them, they were wide and creepy looking, especially to the Japanese, and even when he shut them the translucent lids were purple and sore from them constantly being open and looking at a screen. Just how could a man like that even think about competing for a female with the bronzed, blonde, muscled Yagami Light? The boy had everything going for him, every reason Ryuzaki could dig up out of his mind for Misa wanting to be with him, he could pluck up ten more for her wanting to stay with Light. Though he knew that his penis was much bigger than Lights, (what happens while chained up in the shower stays in the shower...) Misa never would.
"I would treat her so well if she were mine" he thought to himself. "How depressing."
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