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Rosario + Vampire

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Good things and bad things come out of accidents

Here I was, sitting alone on a bus, lazily leaning against the window. It came to an abrupt stop when we were about to enter a tunnel. The bus driver turned towards me and asked “Are you sure about this kid?”

I nodded nervously. what’s wrong with what’s on the other side? He sighed “Are you certain? There’s no going back. You’re stuck here for the next 4 years”

“I’m certain” I replied monotone. What if I end up liking the school? It’s not like I had a choice, I’ve been rejected from almost every school in the city. The driver rolled his eyes as he turned around and turned the bus back on. As we entered the tunnel, I got a bit nervous since I couldn’t see the light of the other exit. Are we going to a different dimension or something?

“You could say that” The driver said. Shit I thought out loud again. When we finally reached the other exit, I sighed in relief. All I saw was a cliff, an extensive, slightly eerie forest and…a very large cathedral.

When the bus dragged to a stop, the door creaked open as he chuckled “We’re here”. I quickly stood and got down my bags. I stumbled down the aisle and tripped down the steps, making me land flat on my butt.

“Good luck kid” The bus driver said before shutting the door. Wait. He’s not actually leaving right? I stood up, brushing off the dust off my jeans. When I looked up from my trousers, the bus was gone. I turned back to the large cathedral and gulped. A shrill squawk startled me, coming from nearby. I saw a crow perched on a scarecrow’s arm that held a sign which read ‘Blackwood Academy’. I sighed, “It’s now or never” throwing my duffel bag over my shoulder and dragging my suitcase along the dirt road.

As I started to struggle carrying my duffel and drag my suitcase,I heard a bicycle bell and some startled screams. There’s a way out of here!? I threw my bag and suitcase and stepped into the forest looking for the bicycle... except there wasn’t a specific trail or road. When I turned back, I heard someone yell “excuse me!” before being knocked out.

As I tried to open my eyes, I heard a female voice panic” Oh no, oh no, oh no!” Ha. She must think I’m dead.

I slowly sat up, hand on my forehead.
“Owww…” I groaned. She gasped as she quickly rushed to my side and helped me.
“Are you all right?” She asked in an English accent. I didn’t feel that hurt, being honest. I only had a throbbing headache and blurry vision.

“Yeah, I’m okay” I replied as I rubbed my eyes. When my vision cleared, I got a better look at the girl. She had long, black, straight hair; ivory white complexion, sea blue eyes, somewhat thin and a pair of strawberry pink lips. She was absolutely beautiful.

“Does it hurt anywhere?” She asked, still in a worried tone.

“Just my head” I replied.

She turned around, in search of medication and water, assumingly. I saw a bit of her underwear but I ignored it; her skirt was ridiculously short, so I can’t blame her. I felt my cheeks heat up and a thick liquid trickle down my nose. Not again. I didn’t see her ass, just a flash of her panties.

The girl turned around holding a packet of advil and a water bottle. She dropped the bottle and packet. Her eyes widened when she saw my bleeding nose.

“Oh, right. Sorry” I stuttered as I pinched my nose and tilted my head back.

“Don’t do that, you’ll choke on your own blood.” She stated softly, walking towards me. I leaned my head forward and saw she was standing right in front of me, her gaze filled with hunger and lust instead of concern. She grabbed my red necktie, yanking me closer to her. I felt her nose slide across my shoulder and neck. Wow. She’s fast .But, shouldn’t this be the other around? Oh my God, is it weird I feel slightly turned on? But what if this chick is a hermaphrodite?

My panicked thinking was interrupted by her mumbling “I can’t stand the smell of blood…”
What? Blood doesn’t give off a smell THAT strong.

“Especially from someone like you…” She murmured as her lips hovered over mine. She tilted to the other side of my neck and whispered “I’m sorry for this.” Before I felt my neck lightly sucked on. Oh God .Don’t be sorry, this feels sooo good. I tried to open my eyes slightly but instead I started feeling dizzy and collapsed.

When I managed to regain consciousness, I heard the girl blabbering to herself about how she ‘took too much blood’ and that she ‘probably killed him’ with frantic hands fanning me. I fluttered my eyes open to see the girl give a huge sigh of relief “Good, you’re awake.” She stood and extended her hand,which I took as I struggled to stand up. For a petite girl she’s pretty strong.

When I could stand properly, I caught a glimpse of her bike parked nearby with a small suitcase and a backpack tied over it.

“ Walk with me?” I suggested, as I went to grab my luggage.

As I slung my duffel bag over my shoulder I heard her reply, “Sure.”

We walked slowly down the dirt path and I introduced myself “I’m Aaron, by the way”

“Hollie Nicole, but call me Hoz or Hozzie if you’d like”

Interesting first morning here; I can already feel this’ll be quite an interesting year. But at least I’ll have Hollie to help me.

Yes,hi.I hope you guys liked the first chapter of the not-so-awaited fic.

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