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Victim of a Foolish Heart

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Relationships normally take hard work but when someone's heart still belongs to their ex it can only make it harder. Is Andrea willing to fight for Joel?

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This really couldn't be happening. I didn't know if I was more upset for myself, or for him. Yes, I loved him and I didn't want to get hurt but I was more concerned about him getting hurt. I've spent the past seven months showing him that he was amazing and that any great woman would appreciate who he was. Just like I did. Putting the letter down, I bit the side of my mouth. What was I supposed to do? Fight for him? I knew he still thought about her. Especially on certain days or as simple as some movie playing on television but I didn't let it effect how I felt about him and call me crazy, but how he felt about me.

"hey, You're home early.." he walked into the kitchen where I was. "I had wanted to surprise you tonight."

Turning I smiled brightly, keeping the letter behind me. "and I wanted to surprise you now" he handed me the flowers that I guess he had planned on giving me that night. "thank you" leaning forward and pressing my lips to his letting them linger on. I had hoped that witch hadn't touched his lips while I was away. Well, really I just hoped it didn't make a difference about how he felt about me.

After kissing me once more he pulled back and smiled "You're welcome"

"So what was this surprise you wanted to give me tonight..?" I moved the flowers in my other hand hoping to hide the fact that the letter was in it, as I placed them both on the counter behind me. It isn't that I was lying to him or going to hide it from him. Honestly, I had no problem asking him straight out why was that lying abusive bitch doing not only with you but in my house. But, knowing Joel as I do that aggressive, push him in a corner personality does not fly well if anything it makes him shut down and pull away.

"was?" he laughed and that made me fall for him again. I love when he laughs, when he smiles. It brings such happiness to anyone around him. "I can still give it to you. I'll just lock you in your room till I'm done"

"You're going to lock me in my room, and not join me?" Wrapping my arms around his neck I pulled him closer to me "that sounds more like torture than a surprise Mr. Madden. And I bet you.." a smirk formed on my face as I kissed his top lip pulling it, and allowed my tongue to slide across his bottom lip, just teasing him "we would have a lot more fun"

"Andrea..." he whined and I couldn't help but chuckle. It was amazing how everyday I spent with him actually made me a happier person. "I wanted to have a romantic evening..."

Reluctantly I agreed. "then I will be a good girlfriend, and hide in my room till you come get me. Promise" I swore with a pinky promise. It was something stupid that we had done once, and just ever since then it stuck, so it was no more stupid but rather cute and our thing.
"and sealed with a kiss" he laughed after he kissed me one last time before sending me up to my room.

Joel and I had this, I guess still pretty new and tender relationship. We've only been together seven months but like other relationships would be really strong by now, ours well.. I guess you need a little bit of a history lesson huh? Okay... lets start from the beginning. HI! I'm Andrea Adler and well I am a restaurateur. Currently, I own three. Two in new York where I live, and one in California. Each has a different vibe, so it is very cool and I love what I do. About eight months ago maybe eight and half I was approached by my best friend if I could hold an event in my California restaurant which has become a very trendy 'celebrity' hot spot. That was no problem, but apparently this event was going to be a book release party for her boyfriend of a popular rock band.. I did what every loving and amazing friend would do in that situation, close her restaurant for the night and have the best event imaginable. Unknowingly though I found probably the most sweetest, sincere, but emotionally scarred man alive who apparently was in another popular rock band. Yes, the infamous Joel Madden. Don't let the tattoos fool you, I have never met a man so genuine and up front with who he was. So honest and caring. I fell as quickly as you probably shouldn't, but it wasn't the easiest. Joel had just broken up with a girlfriend he was with for five years. Dana. A controlling,lying two faced, backstabbing whore. Oh, and trust me I am just being nice. She tortured him. She broke him down to such a point that no person should be at. He was hurt, confused, locked up within himself unwilling to believe and trust. His own demons killing him more because of that bitch. okay, enough with that rant. I think you get the idea. So, after talking and getting to know each other I somehow convinced him to give us a try and that was the beginning of something that's unexplainable in words. I have never felt so happy. Which is hard, because its been eight months and a lot of work. Distance can only apply more pressure to the relationship and while I spent most of my time in New York, Joel lived in California plus he had his band and at anytime they could be on tour, or writing/recording. Our relationship had a few emotional bumps which usually involved Joel not trusting himself, or our relationship. Fortunately, I believed in the idea of slow and steady and it worked. We were really good. Finally after not really seeing him in a month , he flew to new York to spend about three weeks with me. Thirteen days in, and there was an emergency in California and Joel had a few appearances to make so couldn't join me. I thankfully took care of it in three days and quickly made my way back home. Just to find out that the past sixteen days Dana has been making her presence known in his life. Something I wasn't the happiest about. It wasn't that I was jealous, I was angry. Joel and I were happy, he was good. HE was good without her, and I was not going to allow her to destroy him again. Is it pathetic that I care more about his happiness than my own? Oh well.

After two hours of allowing Joel to create his surprise, I became annoyed and bored. I didn't care what we did. I just wanted to be with him. In his arms, touching his lips or staring into his eyes. That is what would make me happy, not any surprise he would have for me. So cautiously and quietly I descended down.

"day it isn't like that..." I heard him explain "I know you miss me, I've heard you say it a million times already. You cant just.." he was cut off. I stood outside of my living room, listening in. I could hear the crackling of the fireplace, so I guess he wanted to make it romantic. "Don't cry... please Dana I don't want you to cry" Ugh my detest for this woman was growing by the minute "Yes you're right I am the best thing you ever had. I loved you, I was with you for five years. What do you want me to do day? Forget about it all and come back to you? It isn't that easy." well duh? I shook my head. hello? Girlfriend, yeah umm Joel, sweetie you kind of have one. "NO.. Dana you cannot come here again... Yes, Andrea is home. Don't even get say that, she isn't like you." Eww, you better believe I'm not like her. "Dana, we;re going in circles. When we were great, we were amazing yes. I will totally agree with that, and I loved you with all of my heart.." Can we stop with this proclaiming of your love for her? You were stupid back then "but Dana.. DANA" Joel raised his voice. I couldn't take this. Was this me getting disrespected in my own house, with my boyfriend. yeah Joel, let the bitch come over, ill be happy to give her a black eye to match her black heart.

Walking out, Joel looked at me.. kind of like how a deer looks when you are about five feet in front of him on a freeway. HE just became very nervous. Placing my hands on my hips and stared down at him. I guess he figured out I wasn't happy because he hung up on her. "Drea, let me isn't like.. "
Shaking my head I started to open my mouth,which made him instantly get quiet. I guess Dana taught him that good thing, you stop and be quiet when I am going to say something "Joel, I don't care what its like. I know what it is. And you're so much better" I sighed looking at him. "She only wants you because you've finally moved on and aren't pining over her. She didn't change."
"No, Drea she seemed genuine.."
"She isn't! Its a game to her, don't you get it? You are the best thing she will ever have in her entire life and she never cared about you. She lied, cheated, used you. Put you down, didn't love you. I love you Joel. I show you love. A person likes her cannot change. She wants to prance around you and rekindle and kind of flame you have for her."
"I don't have the anything for her. I promise I love you.."
Nodding I agreed with him. I knew he loved me ,yes. We had just said it recently and I knew he loved me because I loved him but he still cared about Dana. "Joel, Dana is still a very much apart of who you are now. I know you still think about her sometimes and that's okay. Eventually she will become just memories. But do not let your heart play you for a fool again. Think. This is a game. She wants Joel madden, the lead singer of good Charlotte. Not you. She wants everything associated with what you are. Knowing the girl in your songs is her, or the heartbreak during an interview is her." Looking at him I could see how he seemed out of it. Slightly torn with what he knew was right but still giving her the benefit of the doubt, he had a past with her. So walking towards him I took his hands in mine holding them tightly "Look how happy we are, I love you and every moment, every day we're still together it gets so much better. I want to be with you. I do. But more than that I just want you to be happy because of how much I love you. So if you want her than go, but you are so much better than her and her games now." my hand reached for his face caressing it softly. "she hates that I have the best of you, and appreciate it. That I am someone who truly cares about you and I guess that eats away at her and she wants to hurt me, but hurting you, hurting us. So if you want her okay, I will let you go, But don't let her make a fool out of you. but I will also fight hard for you because I want you because I love you."

He smiled and at that moment I think he finally realized that maybe, Dana wasn't worth it. He would no longer become a fool to her games. I was willing to fight for him because I loved him not because he was a prize. Joel had not instantly become immune to her. I wish! But no,and time did continue on where she pestered our lives like a cockroach that wouldn't die. But, as time went on Joel realized how insane her games were. He understood where I stood, how I loved him, why I wanted him and thanks to him trusting me neither one of us became a victim of a scarred, foolish, painful first love.
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