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the strike drags on

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this is a very unusual kinda story for the newsies and I'm bored so please no rude reviews.

Category: Newsies - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Crutchy,Jack Kelly - Published: 2014-10-19 - 165 words

one cold morning the newsboys of manhattan where all bunched up in their blankets trying to stay warm but unfortnatley they didn't have enough blankets too so they where freezing cold, crutchys leg couldn't take the cold and froze up on him, leaving him in severe pain, although he loved winter he also in someway disliked it as well because of his leg, so he thought of an idea, "what if we try and make a fire guys?"
jack sighed at that "crutchy we don't have enough things to burn for a fire for one and two where are we gonna get the money to buy a fire pit? we barely make a leaving selling papes and we sell quite a bit" jack explained it was crutchys turn to sigh "ya youse right jack but how are we gonna stay warm? My leg is already frozen over and it's killin me he smiled at jack and poked right in the belly after telling him that
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