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I'm Just Your Problem.

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Loosely based off the Adventure Time song. Frank loves Gerard so much it kills him. Literally.

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“I’m just your problem.” Gerard moaned into a pretty brunettes’ ear as he bit into her neck, legitimately warning her. Right into the jugular, like hot knife to butter.

“Mmm… kinky.” The woman said breathlessly, giving herself to the moment. They were in a public park, at midnight, her straddling him on the bench. She couldn’t quite conjure up how she’d gotten to this point, but she didn’t really care. All she knew is that she was here with a mysterious man with absolutely flaming red hair, who wore tight pants, combat boots, and a loose black shirt. That was it; no name, no nothing. He could have AIDS for all she knew… Again, she couldn’t find a way to make herself care. And holy hell did she try.

“I’m serious… Just your problem…” Gerard replied (She didn't appear to be listening) between slow mouthfuls of blood. Her blood was bitter, with an odd sweet aftertaste. She’d been drinking, but not enough to get Gerard himself drunk. Slightly tipsy at most. Lightweight.

“W-whatever you… whatever you want..., baby…” She was fading, and fading fast. Running out of blood in her petite body, her heart realizing this, but it being too late.

“Bye, bye, Sugar.” He made complete eye contact with her before she passed out. “If you somehow survive this, an animal did this. You have no idea who I am.”

“I have no idea who…” She started, before passing out, all of her weight falling onto him. He laid her gently onto the bench to finish dying, and went on his merry way. Already he felt much better. He licked the remaining blood from his full bottom lip as he headed home to his no doubt eagerly (Worriedly? Pissedly?) waiting “other half.” His latest experiment: Frank. They’d been together for almost 7 months now. Frank desperately thought he could change Gerard, and every time he voiced this, Gerard would just laugh it off. Silly human. Naïve as all fucking get-out. In the stage Gerard was in (The 30-60 year old vamps) there was nothing but blood, booze, and sex. They called it the Blackout Decades, and for good reason. Gerard really was fond of Frank, but it didn’t progress past that. Gerard wasn’t gay, but Frank was fully convinced otherwise, and why wouldn’t he be? He and Gerard had a very healthy sex life. It wasn’t gay for Gerard to fuck a guy was it? An asshole is an asshole. Whatever, Gerard might be a little gay.

He opened the door to their cozy apartment, and sure enough, Frank was asleep on the couch in an upward position. He’d been waiting. He kissed Frank’s lips, and the smaller man stirred. “Hey baby.” Gerard cooed.

“Don’t you fucking ‘Hey baby’ me, Gee.” Frank said, starting off slow, but his voice getting sharper as he became more alert and awake. “Where in the hell were you?” He demanded, pushing the vampire off of him. Gerard smirked at him, his hazel eyes challenging Frank for a fight. Gerard loved it when they fought.

“I was out drinking. You would’ve love her, small, and delicious and absolutely all over me” Gerard bit his fist, and closed his eyes in appreciation for a moment. “And she was right about to suck me off, but I kille-“ Gerard was silenced with a sharp blow to his face by Frank’s hand.

“Don’t you ever fucking say that to me again, you piece of shit.” Frank’s voice absolutely dripped acid. “I thought you were over this! This… trashy ass lifestyle your leading. And here I am, completely fucking stupid, always hoping it’ll get better, but it never does. Tell me, Gerard, why the fuck do you keep me around?” Frank asked, nothing but rage and hurt in his eyes.

“Because you stay.” Gerard said simply, turning toward the kitchen. “And, to be fair, I thought I was being polite! I saved myself for you. And you know why? I knew you'd get angry that I let her blow me, so I saved myself for you. Look at how happy I am to see you!" The bugle in his pants was obvious. "What’d you make for dinner?”

“Don’t walk away from me, we are not done talking about this! I need you to give me a valid reason not to walk out that door right now!” Frank grabbed Gerard’s shoulder, and spun him around to face the younger man.

“Want a fucking reason? Because you don’t want to leave. How’s that? Because, no matter how fucking completely and utterly pathetic you look staying, you won’t go.” Gerard spat. “You wanna leave me? I fucking dare you. Try to leave me, please do! I’ll see you as you drag your sorry ass back, trying to change me yet again!”

Frank saw red. He grabbed the knife he’d forgotten to put away after making a special veggie salad for the two of them, and stabbed Gerard in the shoulder. Gerard cried out in pain, and snatched the weapon from Frank’s grasp, tossing it across the room. “What the hell?” He asked, though it really only aroused him further. The pain was already gone.

“Oh, shut up. You’re already healing, you’ll be fine in half an hour, like it never happened! Poof! I oughta stab you again for good fucking measure, you asshole!”

“Why? Because you know I’m right?” Gerard challenged.

“Yes!” Frank yelled, admitting defeat, as he always did. There was no winning with Gerard. Like, ever. “Yes! Do you know how much it fucking hurts me that you do these things to me? I’ve given up everything for you!” Now tears spilled down his cheeks. “And the worst part is that I can’t even get myself to leave you when you are the shittiest person I know! How could I possibly love you? I’m so fucking stupid!” Frank shouted through his hurt, walking into their bedroom, and grabbing his suitcase.

“What the fuck are you doing, Frank?” Gerard asked, following him.

“I’m finally showing some respect for myself.” He said as he tossed various shirts and jeans into the case.

“You’re not leaving me, Frank. Period. End of discussion.” Gerard was getting legitimately angry now. “You’re not funny.” Gerard said, grabbing Frank’s forearms. The small boy melted into the vampire’s arms, and sobbed, getting mucus and tears on Gerard’s shirt.

“Why do you treat me like this?” Frank asked brokenly. “All I’ve ever done is love you, and you don’t fucking deserve it.” Frank found his resolve, and pushed away from Gerard to finish packing. “You don’t deserve me.”

“You’re right, baby. Of course you are.” Gerard cooed softly, stroking Frank’s face. Frank’s eyes were extremely easy to read. He was leaving Gerard tonight, but didn’t know how to tell him. “You leaving me?” Voice still as soft as a feather.

Frank nodded. “I’m sorry, Gee. I’m not doing this anymore.” That’s what Gerard needed to hear. The last nail in the coffin.

“Oh, Pumpkin, that’s fine, but no one who leaves me, leaves me alive.” And just as Frank started to process what that might mean, Gerard snapped his neck, and let his body fall to the floor. Shame. And Frank was just so damn pretty. He looked so peaceful in death. Too bad. Gerard poured anything flammable he could find over Frank’s body and lit a match, then left the apartment without a second glance. Stupid fucking humans. You can’t fix something that isn’t broken.
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