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The Ones You Share Life With

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Prom night means different things to different people. To some, it means good bye. But, it's only the start for others.

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The Ones You Share Life With - Short Story

Prom night is the one night of the year where the school royalty could show off their endless wealth and style without being called a snob, or being put down in some way. It's also the one night when the peasants could try and fill the shoes of the upper class, despite how much they may hate them. Prom night is a night of glitz and glamour, no matter who you are. If you attend, that is. Some students opt out, saying that the prom just isn't their scene or they don't like how material it is.

Havyn and her friends were not among those people. Havyn and her best friend, Andrea, far from owned the school. But, they knew enough people for prom to be an experience to remember. She had her boyfriend and her best friends in the world with her. Nothing could go wrong. She could only think of a few people who harbored dislike for her group. They weren't the richest or the most popular, but it was apparent to everyone exactly how happy and comfortable they were.

Havyn and Pete were the perfect couple, it seemed. They rarely shared a harsh word and could usually be found in each others' arms at any given time. They were sweet, is what they were. It was obvious to everyone that it was going to last. Andrea always said that she had to move in with them when she got old and got fired from her job. Nothing seemed to be a sure thing, except for them always being a 'them'.

Andrea belonged to Andy, but no one could really tell. They were Andy and Andy, best friends. The two of them had the title of boyfriend and girlfriend, and they shared the regular 'I love you', but they really were horrible to each other. It wasn't a complete day unless one called the other a loser or something of equal value. Not to say they didn't really love each other. They just had an interesting way of showing it.

Most of the girls took the day of prom off from school, to spend their endless hours in the salon. They needed everything set, from their hair to their toes. Some girls even needed help getting into their dresses. Could you imagine that? Their dresses were either too tight or too intricate for them to physically get themselves into it. Havyn and Andrea didn't go for that. Their prom prep consisted of them sitting around Andrea's house, painting each other's nails and helping each other with their shoes. Dresses are one thing but, really, who can get those damn shoe buckles done?

They weren't into the super tight dress thing. Although Havyn's dress was form fitting, she still had the circulation in her all of her limbs. It was tasteful, though. She wore a simple pink dress, with ruffles in all the right places. It cut off just below her knees, so it was long enough, but not a granny dress. Andrea, never one to follow the pack, decided on the sort of gown you'd most likely find on a faerie of some kind. She played it up, buying a silver and sequined wand. She was going to buy a set of faerie wings, as well, but thought better against it. Those wouldn't be fun to dance in.

Their arrival of choice was also not the norm. While most liked to make a grand entrance in a limousine, they chose to drive Andrea's Grandfather's van. It got them all there alright and they didn't have to pay ridiculous amounts of money an hour for something to drive them there. They weren't there to impress anyone, after all. They wanted to have a good time, and it's much more comical to arrive in a van than a limousine. Talk about an entrance.

The five of them, including their other friend Patrick, sat down at a table and took in the room. It was beautifully decorated, with pinks and purples. With the lights set low, everything had a sort of glow to it. It really was a gorgeous sight to be seen and they had to sit in awe of it for a moment. Music came on and ruined the mood for most of them, although Patrick couldn't help but be stupefied by it. He loved his friends like nothing else, but he did wish he had someone to share it with. It'd make the whole thing just that much more special.

After the first song came to a close, the principal of their school made his way to the front of the hall. He greeted all of them and thanked them for joining them that evening. The standard welcome speech. Some people snickered because anything the principal said was funny, but most listened intently. They were starting to grow up and realize that their principal was a man and a human being like anyone else.

The DJ played a few more dance songs before it wound down and they served the food. The Andy's had and eating contest, seeing who could eat more faster. Andy beat Andrea by a dinner roll, that he snatched out of her hand. It was no matter. She would have projectile vomited the whole mess if she had indeed tried to eat it and he would have won. Pete and Havyn sat close, enjoying the dinner and the time together. They spoke lightly about how they spent their days, not having spoken to each other much before then. Patrick sat next to Andy, drifting in and out of his conversations with Andrea, but only absorbing so much. His eyes scanned the room, taking in the occupants.

The girls and guys there did not portray their royalty status in this environment. Their motions did not have the right finesse, nor did they speak with their usual drawl. They spoke loudly, making the same vulgar comments that would be expected of any teenager. It was amazing what it took for people to show their true colors. The self proclaimed 'sophisticated' upper class were nothing more than the same old teenagers they thought they were above. Figures.

When the plates were taken away, it was time for a slow dance. Everyone got up from the table, with the exception of Patrick. He continued looking over the crowd. Most of them had gotten up, leaving the lonely behind. Patrick blushed slightly, realizing he was the only guy who was left. There were three other girls; all of whom were looking at him. He shifted his attention, but had to look back when he realized someone was standing in front of him. She offered him her hand, silently asking him for a dance. He smiled and obliged, standing up and walking to the dance floor with her.

Pete and Havyn danced close and she had her head resting on his shoulder. It was the first time either one of them had really given thought to the future. Would they live together? There was no doubt in either one of their minds that this would extend out of high school, but how long? Pete wanted it to go on forever, but the thought almost scared Havyn. It was corny to say that she'd never felt for anyone else what she felt for Pete, but it was the truth. She meant every syllable when she said she loved him, just as he meant it. They decided not to talk about it, anymore, and quieted down, letting the music wash over them.

Andrea danced with Andy, content. On the outside, they looked like any of the other couples. They held onto each other and danced close. But, to listen in on their conversation would remind someone less of a couple talking while sharing a dance, but more of two kids talking while playing video games. They were never very serious and this was no exception. Knowing the song, Andrea knew when it would come to an end. A moment before, she quickly tried to pants him. She failed, forgetting he was wearing a belt, but ran off giggling, anyway. She was glad she opted for a pair of flats instead of heels, as it wouldn't have been long before she fell flat on her face. Andy chased after her, catching her and tickling her until she gave in.

The rest of the evening went like that. All they wanted was a night of fun and carefree happiness, and that was what they got. Patrick even got himself a girlfriend. Graduation was in only a few days, and it all just seemed like a perfect way to end the year. After a long year of drama and stress, for them to end it so well gave hope for the rest of their lives. If they could live a whole year on their terms, imagine how amazing the end would be? Their futures were bright and they couldn't have picked better people to share it with.
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