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Da awesome truth

by wakawakakindabro 1 review

This is just a short funny story that a made, enjoy!

Category: Dragon Ball Z - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Gohan,Goku,Piccolo,Vegeta - Published: 2014-11-06 - 279 words

Vegeta and Goku were having a debate. Now this is not your ordinary 'vote for Barack Obama' debate.No,no,no!They were having a SERIOUS debate.

"I Obviously have the the lead as the WORST dad ever!Come on, I had a chance to come back to life for seven years, but stayed away from my life,my family,and everything i cared about.On top of all, that I made my son fight cell,I didn't meet my second son until he was seven,and I pretty much showed no affection tomy family at all!I think i win,and not to mention.." Goku started smiling.
" You wish!" Vegeta butted in,"I have the upper hand in this one Kakarrot!I didn't know my son was my son until my son from the future traveled back in time!I treated my son like garbage, and pretty much didn't care for him.The only hug a gave to my son was right before I blew myself up and went to hell. On top of that.."
"You didn't let me finish!!!!Anyway. were was i? Oh yeah, and not to mention the time i let my son think he was the only hope or whatever and fight YOU of all people. I was a totally jerk when my son helped stale frieza, and then.."
Vegeta frowned,"My turn you idiot, OK anyway when Trunks was a baby i payed no attention to him and barely touched him.i Didn't care about my wife my kid or anyone else but me, still do."
Vegeta and Goku looked at each other and they both exclaimed at the same time,"totally swag"
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