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Could be worse. Could be raining.

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Author's Notes: I'm not a native speaker, but I keep my grammar book and vocabulary close while writing.
This story is divided in two different parts. OFCs, mild drug and alcohol consumption and mentions of sex.


Rhonda wiped away her tears with a paper towel. She was still sobbing a little, but slowly calming herself down.
“Bill Presby is an asshole. You shouldn't care about anything he says.” Rhonda was hiding in the girls' restroom with her friend Zoe, where she had run after Presby had humiliated her in front of the entire cafeteria.
“I know, I know, he just... he just had to do it in public! And I cried like a child in front of everyone!” The tall girl breathed in and out slowly to collect herself. “Thanks for defending me.”
“He had no right to call you a slut, you didn't do anything wrong. And what the hell was that insane talking about marketing sex? He just made a fool of himself like always.”
“Yeah, what was that? Sex is a limited resource controlled by women and blah blah blah.” Rhonda laughed.
“He's just sour because he's been subject to a lifelong embargo.” Zoe replied with a grin.
“God, I wish I could cut off people when they start talking shit the way you do. Instead, I just cry and run away.” The other girl said in a mock self-deprecatingly tone.
“You get too riled up about stuff that doesn't matter; I've always told you that, but you never listen.”
“Hey, I'm a teenager, I'm supposed to get caught up in stupid drama.”
“Why do I avoid it like plague, then?”
“Because you live in your own little world. And you're too lazy to care about ours.”
“Hey, I only have a limited amount of energy, ok? If I wasted it in useless fights about non issues, I would accomplish absolutely nothing in life.”
“God, my eyes are so red and puffy.” Rhonda examined herself in the mirror. “How much time do we have before next class?”
“Three minutes, more or less. I can go and ask for some make up.”
“No, it doesn't matter; I'll just keep my chin high and pretend nothing's wrong. Are you coming?”
“In a minute. I need to use the toilet.”

Dave Mustaine paced frantically down the school hallways, trying to think fast what to do. Nobody had made his name, thankfully, they all were too afraid to confess. “I wasn't me, sir, I don't know who smokes that stuff. No, no one I know, I swear. I think it's a senior that sells it, sir. No, I don't know his name, I never talk to him, I just see him passing by sometimes. I'm not even sure that's him. Tall guy, blond. That's all I know, really.” He couldn't be discovered. He mustn't be discovered. Fuck the morons who left the stubs of their joints around the yard. How many times must they be told to be discreet?
The school personnel was now on alert, looking for every suspect, going through every bag and locker and Dave knew he was on the list. He had to find a good place for that pound of weed he was carrying, and do it quickly.

A scrawny kid came out of the bathroom with his hair completely wet and quickly headed to his class, followed by three laughing guys.
Dave had an idea. He waited for a minute, then, when he was sure nobody was watching, he entered the bathroom. He went to the first free stall and lifted the toilet tank. Dave smiled to himself; that was the perfect place where to hide the stash and calmly come back to retrieve it later.
“Oh my God!” Dave turned around and saw a girl staring at him in shock. He hadn't closed the door, so she could see him trafficking with the toilet and a bag of weed.
“What the hell are you doing here?” He asked.
“What the hell are you doing here? This is the girls' bathroom. Are you trying to pull some kind of prank?”
“Is everything all right in there? I heard someone screaming.” A female adult voice brought Dave back to his task. He put the bag in the tank and closed it.
“Do I need to come in?” the same voice asked.
Dave grabbed Zoe by the shoulders and looked at her in the eyes. “You can keep a secret, right?” the girl just gazed at him without answering. “Please, don't tell on me, ok?
The door was flung open and the assistant principal came in. She looked at Zoe and Dave and narrowed her eyes. “Young man, this is the female restroom, what are you doing here?”
“Oh, I was just comforting my friend.” He answered, glancing at Zoe. “Who's very, very upset because her boyfriend left her for her best friend.”
Zoe pursed her lips, not sure whether she wanted to help the unknown drug dealer or leave him to his fate. As she was busy thinking to herself, Dave took the decision from her.
“Really? And how exactly were you offering her solace?”
Dave opened his mouth to answer, but couldn't help but scoff and smirk at the possible implications.
“That's it, both of you come with me!”

Dave and Zoe were searched and asked questions. He was a consummate liar and she grudgingly went along with it. She was tempted to tell the truth, but didn't know if it was too late and ultimately didn't want to be a telltale.
“You can go back to your classes.” The vice principal finally told them. “But you have to bring me a one thousand words essay on the importance of decorum for next Monday.”

“It didn't go too bad, did it?” said Dave, walking away with Zoe.
“Writing an essay is not exactly how I hoped to spend this weekend.”
“I'm sure you'll manage. You look like a smart, diligent student.” He said, patting her shoulder. “Well, see ya.”
“Wait a second!” Zoe exclaimed, stepping in front of Dave. “What do you mean “you'll manage”? We both have to do it. First.” She continued, preventing Dave from interrupting her. “Second, this is all your fault, so you should be the one writing it. Third, I saved your sorry ass and you don't even thank me? Really?”
“If you hadn't screeched...”
“Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Fourth, why the fuck didn't you go to the boys' restroom?”
“All right, all right, thank you for your help and sorry for getting you in trouble.” said Dave raising his hands.
Zoe stared at him a little longer, only a bit placated by his excuses. “Ok, well, when and where do you want to meet? We could go to the library this afternoon...”
“Can't do that, I have shit to do this afternoon.”
“The sooner we start, the sooner we finish.”
“You can start by yourself, if you want, because I really have no time today.”
“Fine, what about tomorrow then? We'll meet at the library at nine.”
“At nine? In the morning?” asked a baffled Dave.
“Yes, of course it's in the morning!”
“Where's the library?”
“You've never been to the library?”
“I've never been to any library.”
Zoe pinched her nose and groaned. “Give me your phone number and address, I'll come to you.”

“Remember when you took pride in your ability of skirting around drama?” Asked Rhonda.
Zoe grumbled loudly, kicking a can on her way to the bus stop. “I hoped for a little more solidarity from you.”
“Well, as far as I know, he's kind of a thug.”
“No shit, he traffics drugs!”
“Ok, but, you see...” continued Rhonda. “He's not, like, a dangerous warlord. I've seen you handle worse people. Just write this dumb essay and you'll be fine.”

“A doll face with big eyes, heart shaped lips and a button nose, framed by a cascade of black waves.” Seth observed. “She's pretty enough, you can do it with ease.”
“How lyrical.”
“Yeah, but she's pudgy. And not like those pin ups in my father's old Playboys, more like... the Michelin Man.” retorted Zach.
“Don't be a jerk!” Kelly exclaimed.
“Hey, it's not my blame if she has the curves of a night table.”
Dave was talking with the only three people at school he could tolerate enough to consider as friends. They were watching Zoe from a distance, pondering what Dave could do to avoid his assignment; the main idea was for Dave to seduce the girl and convince her to write the paper all by herself. It wouldn't be the first time that Dave used his charm to get favours from chicks; a little flirting, maybe some fondling, and they became more yielding to his will.
“I wouldn't mind making out with her; I've never had the occasion to lay my hands on a pair of double D's.” he said. “But I have the feeling that she's not that gullible.”
“Probably not.” replied Kelly. “I have a couple of classes with her, and I can say she's not the type to swoon over anyone.”
Dave sighed in defeat. “So, there goes my weekend. I hope at least she's not a drag.”
“If you rub her up the right way, she can be very funny and pleasant.” Kelly slapped her friend's back. “So don't you be a jerk.”
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