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Two members of the BAU family have secretly been together for awhile, but things are getting more complicated as time goes by.

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Author's Note: Hello, everyone! This is my second ever fic on here, so please tell me what you think. I heard that the romance genre gets a lot of publicity, so I thought I'd write one of those. Enjoy!...unless you just came here because you want to be bored or something. Makes no sense to me, but it might to you.

"Fuck me harder. Harder!" Reid demanded, groaning as Morgan picked up speed and strength. "Yes, yes! Further, get it further..."

Morgan forced his dick further into Reid's anus upon his request. I can't believe that I finally get to mess around with him.

Reid inhaled deeply. "Please get it deeper!"

Morgan tried, but couldn't. "I...I can't..."

"Yes, you can! Please! For me, please!"

Morgan shoved his cock just a little farther. "That's the best I can do, Spence. I'm sorry."

Reid gasped and lifted his rear up towards his partner, forcing the black snake deeper. It was actually a little painful, but he didn't care. He then pulled away.

"What are you—" Morgan started, but was cut off in mid-sentence by Reid pushing himself back up.

Down. Up. Down. Up. He repeated that about four of five times before stopping, pulling himself away, sweat running off of him like Niagara Falls.

Morgan was just as sweaty. "When do I get my turn on the bottom?"

Reid sighed. "I pant don't pant know."

"Please let it be tonight."

Reid turned over to look the black man in his perfect, symmetrical face. He was pregnant just thinking about him, and they were both men! "I'm really tired, though, Derek. Maybe tomorrow?"

"How are you tired? I did all the work!" Morgan snapped, getting off the bed. He began pulling his underwear back on.

Reid was crestfallen; he wanted Morgan to sleep naked with him. He stood and said, "If you want your turn tonight, we can do it tonight."

Morgan perked up. "Really?" When Reid nodded, he wrapped his arms around him and kissed his neck. "Thank you." he whispered.

Reid dove right in for the lips, his hands on either side of his face. His and Morgan's tongues intertwined, their lips crashing together repeatedly, their eyes closed. Reid pressed his dick against Morgan's, hoping to get himself more aroused.

Morgan stopped momentarily to pull his underwear off. He then grabbed Reid and together they fell onto the bed.

Reid started rubbing his shaft to try and get some sort of erection, but Morgan pushed his hands away so he could get it going. Reid moaned.

Morgan used one hand to rub along the shaft and the other to rub the tip. In no time Reid had a boner going on. It was sticking out awkwardly, but it was something.

"Flip over."

Morgan did as he was told. He felt Reid's dick being inserted into his arse. He groaned. "Deeper, Spence, deeper. I did more than this for you."

Knowing how true that was, Reid pressed down harder. As he slowly pulled himself in and out, he kissed Morgan all over the neck and back.

"Oh, Spencer!"

Reid then ejaculated. "Shit, Derek! I'm sorry."

Morgan shifted so he could kind of look at his partner's face. "Don't be; that was the best sex I've ever had with you."

"Wow, thanks." Reid said sarcastically, but he smiled and leaned into Morgan's lips once again.
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