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Some people work very hard/but still they never get it right/Well, I'm beginning to see the light.

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Zoe looked at the scruffy building in front of her and checked the address once more; she was halfway convinced that Dave had tricked her to get rid of her. On the other hand, it wasn't all that impossible for an underage drug dealer to inhabit a place like that. She wondered what his family was like. Perhaps (most likely) he was emancipated and lived by himself. She wondered if she should have called before coming.
Zoe hesitated for a few minutes looking at the doorbell; there were very few names on the tags and most of them were faded. Should she risk ringing someone at random, asking about Dave? Who knew what kind of people lived in that building.
The dark-haired girl tentatively pushed the front door and realized that it was open. She stepped in and checked the mailboxes without luck, cursing Dave, who had forgotten to tell her his apartment number.

A loud bark made Zoe jump. A woman around thirty who looked like fifty came down the stairs with a flea-bitten dog on lash. “Ma'am! Excuse me!” Zoe called her. “Good morning, sorry to bother you, but I'm here to see Dave. Dave Mustaine. He didn't tell me his apartment number. Can you... can you help me?”
The woman glowered at Zoe for a good minute without talking, making the teenage girl very uncomfortable. When she was about to excuse herself and rush up the stairs, the woman finally spoke. “Are you a whore?” she asked to a shocked Zoe.
“No! Do I look like... No!”
The woman turned up her nose. “The little faggot always has lots of people coming in and out of his apartment. They listen to ugly loud music and make way too much noise. They unsettle my dog, those punks.”
“Well, I'm just here for a school assignment.” Zoe defended herself, making the woman snort. “We were punished for misbehavior.” She specified.
“That, I can believe.” The woman grumbled. “Third floor, apartment five.”
As the woman left the building, Zoe sighed and took the stairs, minding the uneven steps. The vomit-coloured paint was peeling off the walls where old, random posters were hanging loosely; cigarette butts, plastic straws and other garbage were piled in the corners.

When Zoe reached Dave's door, she heard frantic sounds coming from the flat; she rang the bell, not knowing what to expect anymore. The noises stopped abruptly and for a few seconds everything was quiet.
Zoe knocked on the door. “Dave, it's me, Zoe.” She said loudly. “We have to write that stupid paper, remember?”
The door opened and a dishevelled Dave came out of it. “Hey, what are you doing here? I wasn't expecting you this early.”
“We had to meet at nine o'clock and it's one quarter past nine. Don't tell me you've forgotten about it.”
“I'm sorry sweetheart, I cannot do this now.”
Zoe took a look at him and saw that he was ready to go out. “Oh my God, you were planning to leave before I would come! How dare you!”
“No, listen, it's a huge mess.” Dave said. “I need to go right now.”
“No, you need to explain me what's going on.”
Dave sighed in frustration,”Fine, I'll tell you.” He said, dragging the girl into his apartment. “Remember yesterday, when I told you I had things to do?” She nodded. “Well, I was supposed to meet with Arnold, a... guy I know.”
“Did something bad happen?”
Dave hesitated, pondering carefully on the right words to use. “He didn't come. I didn't think much of it at first, but later that afternoon his girlfriend called me and asked me if I knew where Arnold was. She hadn't seen him in days and she had been calling whoever knows him, but nobody had any idea where to find him.”
“So you are going to look for this guy?”
“Yes, I have something that belongs to him and it's really, really important that I give it back to him.”
“Well, why didn't you call me? What am I supposed to do now?”
“First of all, thanks for your consideration.” Dave said, making Zoe raise her eyes. “I couldn't call you because you didn't give me your number and, frankly, I don't care about what you do. Stay here 'till I come back, leave, whatever.”
“I'm coming with you.” she said sternly.
“Say what?!”
“I want to be sure you're not trying to ditch me and make me do all the work for you.”
“Are you fucking crazy? Of course I'm telling the truth. This whole situation is pretty dicey. ”
“Is this guy dangerous?”
“Well, no, but I'm gonna...”
“Then it's settled. Let's see how much of this story is actually true.”
“Fine! You want to tag along? Be my guest, but don't complain if things get rough.”

“Ok, just to be sure, is this thing street legal?” Zoe asked, staring at Dave's car. The sad thing looked used and abused, dirty and tied together by tape. Looking through the window, she could see cans of beers, various bottles (Whisky, Vodka, Tequila and others she didn't recognize) and food wrappings.
“Hey, don't knock it until you've tried it. This baby has never let me down.” Dave replied, patting the car.
“Dude, all I ask from a car is to bring me safely from point A to point B, which isn't something your 'baby' seems able to do.” said Zoe. “Let's make a deal: you don't take me into a shoot-out, I'll let you drive my car. My parents' car, actually, so treat it well.”
“All right, let's take your fancy ride.” Dave said. “But I'm not sharing the fuel costs.”

“Do you have any idea where to find this guy?” Zoe asked, keeping her eyes on the road. Dave's driving style was quite... hasty, but she herself hated backseat drivers, so she tried to keep her comments at minimum. “You said that his girlfriend has already tried everywhere. Do you know something she doesn't?”
“Yes, but that doesn't really help. Arnold and I aren't exactly friends and we mostly don't hang around the same places and people.”
“You are his dealer, right?”
“Yeah, but that's no secret; he even has my name on his phone book.”
“Isn't it strange that nobody knows where he is?”
“I think that most people really have no idea, but some may be lying.”
“So, how are we going to find him, exactly?”
“That's the easy part, actually.” Dave answered enigmatically.

They stopped in front of a little shop, located in a nice and quiet district. It took only a quick glance at the storefront to convince Zoe that the place must be a shelter for old hippies. On the wooden sign above the door there was the name on the shop, 'Beyond the Doors of Perception', carved in fancy swirly letters.
“Are we going to give a good pounding to some flower children?” the girl asked, throwing a couple of punches in the air. “Make them confess the abduction?”
Dave raised an eyebrow. “The owners of this store are a slap-happy hippie and his stoner daughter, they are the most inoffensive people you could meet in your life. We're just here to borrow a couple of things.”
The bell on the door jingled as they entered the shop and a young woman in her early twenties with a flower in her hair greeted them with a big smile.
“Dave!” she exclaimed. “I wasn't expecting you today.”
“Do I need a reason to see you, Harmony?”
“Well, no.” She giggled. “But usually you come when you need something. Or I need something.”
Zoe watched the scene from the back. She couldn't tell whether flower girl was stoned or just dizzy.
“All right, I need something right now, but I can't pay you.” Dave lowered his voice to a warmer tone.
“Silly boy, you never pay.” She chuckled again. Zoe asked herself how much pot one had to smoke to become like that.
“I know, I know, but I need you to lend me a couple of things, and I have nothing to give you.” He said, leaning on the table to get closer to Harmony. “I can repay you later. You know I will, right?”
Dave stroke the girl's cheek and slowly descended to her neck, caressing it with his fingertips.
“Tell me what you need.” She sighed, succumbing to Dave's light touch. He sealed the promise with a kiss behind her ear.

“What the hell was that?” Zoe asked Dave once they were back in the car. “Did you just... whore yourself?”
“Hey, Harmony is a friend, ok? Sometimes we scratch each other's back.”
“Which means you have sex with her and she gives things to you?”
“In case you're wondering, yes, I'm really that good.” He grinned.
“Whatever. What's this stuff you got from her, anyway? How is it going to help you?”
“Since Arnold is nowhere to be found, I'm going to do a tracking spell.”
Zoe looked stunned at the guy next to her, not sure what to make of his words. “Are you kidding me?”
“No. And you didn't hear it wrong either. One of my sisters was into magic and I myself know a trick or two. You can believe what you want, but I know how these things work.”
Zoe kept glazing at Dave. “And I even let you drive my car. Good god.”

Once they got back at Dave's, the boy closed the curtains and instructed Zoe to be quiet. He put a map of the city area on the floor and placed four blue candles around it, lighting them as he recited a spell. He poured some scented salts in a goblet full of water and dropped into it a piece of paper with the name of the person he wanted to find written on it. Zoe was about to laugh when Dave closed his eyes and swung a crystal pendant over the map. When the spell was completed, Dave let the pendant touch the paper and opened his eyes.
“This is where we have to go.” He declared, looking at the location indicated on the map.
“What if he had been out of town? Would you have tried with every city? What if he had flown to France?” Zoe asked, finding it hard to believe the boy was serious about the whole thing.
“Since he didn't, we won't have to worry about that.” Dave glared at her. “And since we're going to the seedy area of the city, we'd better take my car.”
Dave grabbed a package from the table and put it into a backpack. “Is that Arnold's?” Zoe asked.
“Yep. We find him, we give it to him, we're done.”

“Can you take a look in the backseats and find some leftovers? I'm fucking starving.” Dave asked.
“Seriously? I don't think there's anything edible here.”
“As long as it doesn't have mold or smell rancid, it's fine to me.”
“As you wish. Ugh!” Zoe grimaced. “There's half a burrito here.”
“Great, give it to me.” Dave grabbed the wrap and took a bite. “Do you want something too?”
“No thanks, I'll pass.” She replied. “Mind if I listen to some music?” Dave nodded her to go ahead and Zoe turned on the radio, searching for something she would like.
“Oh, I love this one!” she exclaimed. “Lookin' for some hot stuff, baby, this evenin'/I need some hot stuff, baby, tonight/I want some hot stuff, baby, this evenin'/Gotta have some hot stuff/Gotta have some love tonight.”
Dave scrunched up his face as Zoe sang along with the radio. “What the fuck is this shit?”
“It's Donna Summer's new single. Don't you like it? She's the queen. Well, after Grace Jones, that's it. ”
“Jesus Christ, you like disco? You literally have no taste at all.” Dave sounded genuinely appalled and aghast that someone could be a fan of disco music. “Disco sucks.”
“Wait, let me guess, you're one of those snob rock fans who enjoy bashing disco music.”
“All you need to loathe this shit is a pair of functioning ears.”
“Oh, fuck off, disco is fun, happy music that celebrates life.”
“Why the hell would you want to celebrate life? Life is harsh and tough. Where's the bite, where's the power, where's the edge in your music?”
“Puh-lease, rock music is neither as controversial nor as rebellious as you like to think.”
“Let's make a bet: by next year, nobody will be listening to disco music anymore. Hell, people are already getting tired of this shit now.”

The two teenagers bickered all the way to the place where Arnold was supposed to be, neither of them willing to cave in.
“Ok, this is the zone we have to search. I think we, uh, ring a few bells and ask for Arnold.”
“I love a well-laid plan, let's get started.”
“Just one thing: let me do the talking. I'm serious about it.” Dave said.
Zoe nodded, a little baffled by the resolute tone in the boy's voice.
At the fifth try, an old man in a flannel gown answered the door and a whiff of cat pee hit Zoe and Dave straight in the nose.
“Good afternoon, sir.” said the boy. “We're here for Arnold Curtin.”
The man made them sign to come in and go to the living room. “Sit down, sit down. Would you like something to drink? Some citron juice, some barley water?”
“No, thank you, we...”
“Straight to business, right? Well, there's no reason you can't enjoy a good tamarind drink.” He said, going to the kitchen.
Dave and Zoe looked around the room, breathing with their mouths. There were cats everywhere; cats on the floor, cats on the sofa, cats on every single piece of furniture.
“Christ, these cats are scary.” Zoe whispered. “They have no fur! Is it normal?”
“I don't know, maybe the old man shaves them.”
“They must be the ugliest cats ever.”
Dave shrugged. “All cats are ugly. And insufferable.”
“You don't like cats? But they're gorgeous. Well, most of them.” Zoe added, pushing away an hairless cat that was rubbing against her leg.
“There's only one kind of pussy I like.” Said Dave, as the girl rolled her eyes.

The old man came back from the kitchen, carrying three drinks on a silver tray. “Take a seat, don't be shy.” he insisted. “So, how's Arnold? He never delegates his work.”
Dave pulled a face. Clearly, the man didn't know about Arnold's disappearance. He mentioned a work, though, so maybe he was the consignee of the package. Better play it cool.
“Arnold is momentarily unable, so he sent us. I hope it's not a problem.”
“Not at all, Arnold never gave me a reason not to trust him.” The elderly said; stretching his wrinkly mouth to show his teeth in something that was supposed to resemble a smile but made a shiver run down Dave's back. He realized there was something unsettling in the old man, something that his fur slippers and droopy eyes couldn't quite conceal.
Zoe, sitting next to him, was too busy trying to hide her disgust for the cat that had jumped on her lap to take notice. Zoe passed her hand on it, almost gagging for disgust. The animal was meowing for a petting and was clearly refusing to leave until she would administer a satisfactory one.

Dave gulped down half of his beverage; the sweetish taste dried out his mouth. “Right. Well, not to be rude, but we are quite in a hurry.”
“Oh, I understand perfectly. Let me take your money.” The old man said, as he stood up and went to open a drawer of his old cabinet. He pulled out a wad of bills and counted them. “Here you go. Is it the right amount?”
Dave nodded and took the money, despite having no idea. He went to his backpack, sure that the man had just paid for his package, when elderly spoke again.
“Are you going to give the money to Arnold or directly to Spade?” he asked.
“Uh, we... we are going to meet with Arnold first, then he'll tell us what to do.” Dave improvised.
“I understand. Well, if you meet Spade, give him the money and tell him to choke on that.” the man drawled. Then he roared with laughter. “No, of course you won't. You can't.” He grinned again. “Go now, this old man needs to take his afternoon nap.”
Dave and Zoe quickly took their leave, driving away as fast as they could.

Zoe kept her eyes fixed on the dashboard, her brows furrowed in a worried expression. “Why did you lie to that man? Why did you avoid telling him that Arnold is missing?”
“Things are a bit more complicated than what you think.”
“This Arnold, is he... is he a delinquent like you?”
“I'm not a fucking delinquent.” Dave said. Zoe answered with a snicker. “Really, I count for shit.”
“What about him?” She demanded. “Lay your cards on the table, I deserve to know the truth.”
“You see, Arnold is... a runner, let's put it this way. He's a small fish, but embroiled in various deals. He has a finger in different pies, so to speak.” Dave explained. “Arnold and I have never worked together; I don't even know exactly how he operates. He never shared the details.”
Zoe shuddered. “What about the package, instead? What's so special about it?”
“I don't know; Arnold told me not to open it or talk about it with anyone. I don't know what's inside of it and it's better left that way.”
“So, now you are left with a mysterious package and don't know what to do about it.”
“I'm pretty sure it has to be delivered to someone. Someone who might be dangerous and come after me, if they were to discover that I have their stuff.”
“Why don't you throw it away? Put it in a dumpster and forget about this whole story.”
“Great idea, so when they come to me, I can tell them I flushed their shit down the toilet.” Dave scowled. “No, those people know how to find what they want, and make you pay if you try to fool them.”

Dave stopped in front of an old pub. “This is where I always meet Arnold to sell him his pills.” he said. “Lots of criminals gather here; we can try and ask about Spade.”
“Should we mention the package?”
“No, we don't know if it's safe, or who we can trust.”
“Don't you know about this Spade guy? Or any other people in the business who could help you?”
Dave shook his head. “No, I don't have as many contacts as Arnold does. I'm on the bottom rung of the ladder with no intention to climb it.”
“What about his girlfriend?”
“He always lies about his job to people who aren't part of the underworld, even his friends and family are kept in the dark.”
They entered the pub and walked up to the bar to ask the bartender a few questions.
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