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The World Is Ending...Now What?

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They plan.

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"Oh my god!" I squealed "Joe! You're alive!"

"Um why wouldn't I be?"

"You were dead!" Travis said stunned "I saw you; you were stone cold dead!"

Joe blinked a few times, taking it in. "Where are the guys?"

"They were um-arrested," I said quietly

"How long have I been out?"

"A few hours," I said "How did this happen?"

"We are vampire hunters," He sighed "We hunt and kill vampires,"

At word of this Travis backed off slightly.

"Don't worry," Joe said holding up his hands "I don't have a weapon even if I wanted to kill you,"

"So what are we gonna do?" I asked

"We have to break them out," Joe said "You still need help defeating Beckett,"

"So we have a plan," I stated "But you can't possibly think that three people can break into a maximum security prison successfully,"

"That is true," Travis nodded "I know a few people that could help,"

"Oh, who?" Joe asked

"The other statics, a few vampires, some close friends," Travis said

"So we have a plan and people," I said "But when, it'd be to obvious if we broke then out tonight,"

"You're right, there have to vampires swarming around the bunker," Joe said shaking his head

"Shit!" I gasped "Joe, the girls are still in there!"

"Dammit, Alex!" Joe yelled "I thought you knew better than to leave your friends alone and defenseless,"

"Hey! She did all she could," Travis said standing up "And you should be lucky we found you,"

Joe backed off and sighed. I turned away, why did shit keep happening to me? What did I do to deserve it? Oh yeah, I was born to defeat the lead vampire and rule an empire of a dieing breed. Lovely.

"But they're gonna need proof that you're serious," I interjected "Take me with you when you go to get the help,"

"I really don't think that's suck a good idea," Travis warned "What if we get jumped or something like that?"

"I'm willing to take those chances," I said firmly

"Okay," Travis said "But where do we go?"

"I know just who can help," Joe smirked happily
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