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I'm here

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Shawn is the new guy in WWE Someone attacked him and bret helps him I don't own these guys

Category: WWE - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Published: 2014-11-30 - 446 words

As I walked down the long hall way to my dressing room as crew zipped by for tonight's show I tapped one on the crew on the solder and he looks at me in a angered glare. "What the hell you want kid?" He snapped I was taken aback by his tone
"I-I was l-l-looking for my-" I began to say
"I ain't got time for your stammers stupid kid! Go ask someone else!" He barked and walked away. I hurt sighed and then felt a rough hand shove me up against the wall "watch it idiot!" A gruff voice snaps "sorry" I mumbled then the guy grabs me by my shirt slamming me face first against the wall bringing a sick snap to my nose
"Get the fuck away from me!" I said holding my hand over my surely broken nose

I turned and tried look to at my attacker I I tried to yell for help but as I opened my mouth the attacker returns and hits me right in the forehead pain overcoming me as I crumbled to the floor hands covering my face
Then all I heard was the pounding feet as my unseen attacker flees leaving me bleeding
Pain sneers through my head sure my head has been cracked before but I still felt the hot tears trickle down my cheeks my face buried in my hands rocking softly back and forth sick of being called a idiot and a stupid kid by greats and newcomers too
I heard footsteps approach me
"Shawn?" A voice asked concerned
"G-g-go away" I whimpered
"Shawn it's me bret what happened to you?"
I uncovered my face to hear him gasp
"Shawn your bleeding!" He said in shock
Then I slowly tried to pick myself up off the floor my head swam and I felt myself
falling back to the floor but warm hands caught me "easy there shawn" bret said in a comforting tone as I felt myself be gathered in his arms steadied by his soft grasp
"Hurts like hell" I moaned as we began to walk to staff doctor "I know shawn just relax" he soothes rubbing soft circles on my back as we walk my eyes dropping softly
"Stay awake shawn talk to me" he said tapping my cheek
Soon we made it to the doctor and I got stitched up as the source of the pain was a strip of glass and as we walked to his dressing room I stop him
"Thank you bret for helping me"
I said with a warm smile
"Not a problem shawny." He smiles
Then soon we both were called to the ring

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