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Skating in a winter wonderland

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Shawn goes ice skating with bret But shawn is acting stubborn Cute fic for the upcoming holiday season Note:*i don't own these guys*

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"Come on shawny it's not that hard"
Bret said as he laced up his skates as Christmas music played over the loudspeakers
After all It had been Shawn's idea to go skating as a second date when they had time he looks at shawn with a small smile
Shawn Whose is nervously looking at the ice rink swallowing his fears but a concerned look from bret cracked all the walls of fear he had up and he looks at him
"I know but what if I fall? Or break" something" shawn said with a frown
Bret walks over to him taking him in his arms "now would I let you fall?" Bret asks
Stroking down his back in soft circles
Shawn smiles and places a sweet kiss to Bret's lips then much to shawn dismay as he is pulled onto the ice by bret shawn began to quake softly as bret skated by with ease
"Show off" he huffed as he took small steps
"Come on babe, it's easy" bret said pulling him closer and away from the side of the rink soon "easy my ass you've been skating forever I'm a southern boy we don't skate!" Shawn said his Texas drawl makings his words seem more extreme then he sighs in a pout bret smiles kissing him sweetly and looks at him hands holding the shaking boy close
"well what do say to breaking that myth?" Bret asked taking his hands from Shawn's sides and soon shawn is skating pretty well
And they basically have the rink to themselves but soon as shawn turns to catch up with bret, falls harshly his jacket is soaking wet from the ice but that's it
in no time bret was by his side
"Shawn honey are you okay?" Bret panics
His eyes look over him for signs of injury
"I'm fine sweetheart just cold" shawn said as bret pulls him to his feet and kisses him softly
"You scared me babe" bret sighs and skates to the exit holding Shawn's hand
"Come on I'll buy the hot chocolate" bret said
the happy couple soon spends the rest of their date in each others arms watching the people skate and listening to the music play

It was a winter wonderland
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