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Dulited: Chapter one

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(Not a very good writer, I do have some mistakes, but I'm learning.) Slipknot head back to the home town in Iowa for a day while passing through, Corey decides to go to the old bar Shawn used to ...

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It was a long hard concert for the night. All the guys wanted to do was just go out to a bar somewhere and just relax, have a few drinks and just cool off for the night. Not have no distractions. Being in a 7 big band was actually hard. Having to share a bus with each other. It gets really cramped, and having to listen to each other bitch, complaining all the time about space, could get so annoying. Sometimes they all wished each other could just have their own tour bus, but being alone on a tour bus for a whole ride, with no one to talk to, could get little lonely.

Slipknot loved being on tour though. They just put out their first album Iowa. It was selling like mad-crazy. The fans was loving it. Their concerts was doing great, selling out, every show. They just wished they could get bigger, so they could get better stuff. A bigger stage to. Because seven guys on a little stage, it's too crowded. But the good thing about being in Slipknot is. They all wear mask, so when they still go out in public, no one really knows who they are just yet.

The bar they was at was packed full tonight. It was Iowa though. No one really had anything to do in Iowa, so mainly on the weekends all the grown-ups come to the bars. Iowa was not a very good place to be if you wanted to go or move somewhere. Slipknot usually came here when they played shows, so they was failure with the bars. And growing up in Iowa, they basically knew every spot to go.

"Some young people in here tonight." Shawn said, coming over, taking a sip of his beer. Talking to Corey, who was sat on a bar stool.

"Yeah. Doesn't mean you have to sleep with all of them." Corey's humor filled the room for the night.

A smile broke across Shawn's face.

"So does that mean you're going to steal them all before any of us have a chance?"

"I am only a man Shawn. I can't force the lovely ladies. If they want a piece of me. That's up to them. I can't help that I'm just so utterly delicious!" Corey teased.

Shawn raised his eyebrows, shaking his his head. He has known Corey since the starting of the recoding album. And he loved Corey's humor.

"Defiantly a lot of young faces here tonight. I really don't recognize any of them." Shawn said, searching the crowd.

"I know, me to. I'm even surprised with how old they are or even how they even got in. Stupid teens. Using fake ID's. They're going to get caught anyways, either by the law, or their parents. Might not be tonight, but it'll happen someday."

"Infamous Corey Taylor, always has a way with words."

"What, you know it's true!"

Shawn and Corey didn't say anymore after that, they just stayed quiet for a period of time. They seen their other friends in the crowd talking to chicks or trying to get their numbers. Typical Slipknot style.

They saw Paul leaving to go outside with one girl. Corey shook his head. Just another day in the life of Slipknot.

Another hour rolled around and they were all still at the bar, but this time all with each other. They decided to sit at the bar 'cause Jim hated booth tables, he always felt so closed in, they had so many people in the band to be sitting in a booth table.

They turned their head to a guy shouting at someone in a distance. It was a guy, standing up to a bigger guy that was twice his size. The band just stood there watching. The bigger mussel arm dude, shoved the littler dude across the floor, he fell into a crowed of people that was looking at the two of them.

"That bigger dude is going to tear that little one apart."

"Holly fuck! This is going to be interesting." Corey said, and everyone turned their head in direction of the two guys scrapping.

The littler dude stood back up and knocked the mussel dude down on the floor and started beating his face in. When he stopped the man had a bloody nose. He stood and looked around.

"Always remember when you're trying to fight a person, always make that first punch make it, cause once they get back up, you're done for!” The smaller guy explained.

The taller guy stood up, holding his bleeding nose, walking away with his friends helping him.

"Alright that's enough! Take it some place else if you're going to fight, just not here!" The bar tender shouted.

Everyone went back to their drinks. The whole band was shocked at what they had just witnessed, but it was Iowa, you didn't know what you were going to witness.

"Did any of you know who that kid was?" Corey asked, suspiciously.

Everyone shook their head no.

"He was young, he couldn't but had to be seventeen, eighteen. He's in a bar. Twenty? But to fight like that. That's insane!" Paul said, having to take a drink of his liquor.

Corey got up, everyone looked at him questioning, Mick asked where he was going, but Corey waved him off, not even to bother answering him back. Mick just flicked him off.

Corey caught sight of the young guy that took down the big mussel man. For some reason he was very drawn to him. The way he took that guy down, was crazy for the size he is. He walked over approaching him. Which this was strange to both of them. Corey actually wanting to talk to 'someone' he shook his head, getting that thought out away.

"Corey Taylor."

"I know who you are. Slipknot's lead singer."

Corey was shocked, that he would even know that without even having his mask on. He hoped this kid wasn't no crazy stalker.

"How do you know that?"

"Past girlfriend, she used to be this big huge fan. I know a lot about your band. Like... They're all here right now. Hiding in the shadows. But don't worry, I wont say anything to no one.  Our little secret." He said, smiling.

Corey was starting to like this kid. He seemed sweet and charming.

"Well thanks. We try our best when we go out. And to not make a huge scene."

"Like I did just a while ago?" He said, walking over and grabbing two beers. Offering one to Corey.

"Thank you. Yeah, I guess you can say that. Anger is a bad thing in our band. It's hard to keep them tame. Especially at a bar."

"So I gotta question, Why is the lead singer of the biggest, hottest band talking to me right now?" He questioned.

"Seen what you did back there. You took down that big mussel man. You must be super strong or something dude." Corey said, laughing a little.

Sid grinned, looking away from Corey.

"Yeah, well it's not easy growing up in Iowa lets just say. Hard times comes with a price."

Corey shook his head. He knew what that was like. Moving around from place to place, his moms past boyfriends. He hated even thinking about them bad thoughts.

"Iowa is a hard place to live. I wouldn't recommend anyone to live here."

He looked at him in the eyes.

"But you guys got out!"

Corey shrugged.

"Making a band doesn't get you out of Iowa. Being who you want to truly be does."

He smiled as he saw his friends coming back too him. He knew his time with Corey was up and he couldn't spend no more time with him, but he really wish he could. That right there just felt like the best time of his life.

"It was very nice meeting you Corey! I hope everything works out for you. But I must be off now. By the way. The name is Sid!"

Corey gave him a nod as Sid walked away. Corey liked him. He enjoyed the little chat he had with him. IBut the stuff he was saying about himself, he couldn't get past the feeling like something just didn't seem right with the kid.

Corey walked back over to his friends. He smiled at them, but he still thought about Sid, he couldn't get him off his mind and this strange feeling.

"So how was the chat with the kid?" Paul asked.

Corey didn't say anything. Just let it go. They left the bar heading back to the bus for sleep.

The next day had come so early for the band, it was hot for some reason, so hot it had woken the whole bus. It felt like a damn oven had exploded. They nearly had to almost strip naked, just so they wouldn't die of a heat stroke.

"Who the fuck turned the fucking heat on!" Paul shouted, getting angry.

Coming out of the back room, walking into the front, looking at his band mates and the guy that was working on the air conditioner.

"The Air conditioner broke last night, remember? You and Jim was messing with it!" Shawn explained.

"I swear, how many more things are you guys going to break on this bus!" A tech guy asked, walking into the bus.

All the band did was turn and look at the guy.

"What you talking about?" Corey asked, trying to defend himself.

"You broke the door the first day."

"That door was awesome. You press a button and it slid open, come on. You never see that shit in real life. Little kids would kill to see something like that!" Corey protested.

"Shut up Mouth!" The tech said, calling Corey by his nickname that everyone uses for him.

Which never really stopped Corey he loved the nickname.

"You guys wrote on the windows. You broke the kitchen sink. Anything else I need to know about?"

They thought for a minute, but couldn't come up with nothing. Leaving a bunch of rowdy people to a little tiny space was a bad idea. Things would get broken eventually.

"Just be more careful, please." He said, hearing Corey bust out in laughter.

"Well this is useless. I can't fix this today. You're either going to have to stay on the bus, or get you all hotel rooms till it's fixed."

"SON OF A BITCH! So we're stuck in Iowa till the bus is fixed, that's just great!" Jim yelled.

No one was thrilled about it. Tours had to be pushed back, because no one wanted to ride on a sweaty hot bus. And they didn't have that much money right now to get a new bus.

Corey was actually being quite calm about it. Maybe he could find Sid again, maybe he could talk to him a little bit more. And introduce him to the band. Sid did say he liked Slipknot so there would be no reason why it would be a problem!

Corey went back to the bar again tonight, hoping he'd find Sid again. He brought Paul along with him this time. None of the others didn't want to come, they had to much of the bar last night, so they was just going to stay back at the hotel.

Paul didn't understand why Corey even came here. He wasn't even drinking that much, or even paying that much attention to him at all. Seemed like all he did was just search the crowed. Paul was actually getting annoyed and bored by this, he should have just stayed back at the hotel with the guys.

"Dude, are you here for someone?" Paul just straight up asked.

Corey came out of his thoughts and looked at him.

"Hmm....Oh, well. I didn't really wanna say anything. But That kid that took down that big mussel dude last night. We talked, he's actually a very sweet kid."

"So... What's this got to do with anything?"

"I was hoping he'd be here. I wanted to see him,talk to him. He knows about us. About Slipknot."

Paul dropped his hand off his beer by put it up to his face. He didn't like the sound of this. Corey brought him here to met some strange kid, and now he has to met some weird kid he don't even know, that is a fan of the band? Great, here comes the autographs signing.

"Corey, are you serious. I don't want to do this tonight."

"Do what Paul?" Corey asked confused.

"Met fans. Don't we get enough of that doing the week?"

"Trust me Paul, he's not like that, at all! He was like so different. That's why I wanted you to met him. You'll like him." Corey explained.

Paul sighed. He loved the fans, he really did. Paul actually did have a great heart, but sometimes you just had to put that all that aside for a while.

Corey spotted Sid while Sid spotted Corey, he walked over too him, telling his friends he'd be right back. He approached over carefully as he saw Paul sitting there.

"Oh, I didn't know Paul was going to be there." He said.

"Yeah. I thought maybe you two could met."

Paul smiled up at him, and Sid did the same. He put his hand out seeing if Paul would take it, surprisingly he did.

"I thought you guys were leaving today, I had no idea you was staying again?"

"Our bus broke down. So we can't leave until it's fix."

"That sucks. Stuck in Iowa? That really sucks. Only thing to do around here is hang out with friends, family, or party your ass off." Sid announced.

"Seems like you know the drill already!"

"It's not that bad, even though I'm seventeen and done more things than anyone ever should have!"

Paul chocked on his beer and Corey looked at him shocked.

"Wow you're only seventeen, and you're in a bar right now?" Paul asked, still trying to get all the beer out of his mouth.

Sid only laughed.

"Oh yeah. My friends and I do it all the time. We never get busted. Although cops try and scare you, tell you they're cracking down, doing this and that. But they're not doing shit, because they're fucked up as well!"

Corey couldn't help but smile at him. He looked over at Paul and noticed he was smiling too. That made Corey even more happier.

"You're funny Sid. I like that." Paul said.

"Hey I only know what I know."

Sid's phone started ringing, he took it out of his pocket, he looked down at it. His face turned from happy, to worry in an instant.

"Hey, you alright?" Paul asked.

"Yeah. I just really have to take this." He said, walking not even two feet away from them.

"Well you got me. He is a nice kid." Paul told Corey.

They sat in silence drinking their beers when they heard Sid talking.

"Calm down, you'll be alright. I know- I know. But........ Don't worry. Just don't worry about it. Everything will be alright....I know...But...."

Paul and Corey both showed a look of concern of what or who Sid was talking to or what about. Corey wanted to go over and see, but when he stood up. Paul grabbed his arm. Corey got out of his reach, and walked away.

"Mom, don't! You're going to be fine. Look I'll be home soon...Please." Sid turned around and saw Corey beside him. He shut the phone off, turning around to him.

"I- uh- gotta go home, but I'll see you tomorrow." Sid told him.

"Sid, what's going on. That didn't sound too good from what I heard." Corey asked, following Sid out of the bar.

"It's nothing. My mom. She just needs me right now."

Paul was now standing by Corey's side as they watched him get into his car.

"Dude you look like you're in no condition to drive right now. Please tell us. Is someone hurt." Corey pleaded.

Sid shut the car door, all he wanted to do was get home to his mom.

"You know Corey, you may be in a big bad ass band and all. I know what you guys do, I know what your lyrics talk about. But I don't need your help! Fuck I barely even know you, are your wanting to help me out right now? Why?

"Fuck you dude! Don't you ever talk to Corey like that!" Paul shouted at him.

Sid took a step back, he'd never seen Paul get angry, he knew Paul's angry from hearing about it, but this was right in front of him. Last thing he wanted to do was fight Slipnot.

"He came to you, he wanted to be friends with you and you should actually be thankful for that, because that is a once in a life time chance, that would never happen to someone else. But if you want to act like a asshole and not want help, then be that way. Come on Corey. Lets get out of here. It's Iowa remember, people handle their problems on their own." Paul explained, walking away.

Corey stood there for a minute. Just looking at Sid, he couldn't believe Sid would turn him away like that. After all the nice chats they had together. He thought they had became good friends. He took something out of his pocket and placed it in Sid's hand.

"If you ever need help, you give me a call." He told him, walking away with Paul.

Sid sighed, turning around getting in his car, driving away. He stayed silent the whole way home, he really didn't want to deal with this right now, this was the whole reason why he never stayed home! Why he 'avoided' his own house. He couldn't believe he had to go there tonight.

When he pulled up, he noticed it was quite. The lights were still on. Sid got a sickening feeling in his stomach. This was not going to be good. He looked down at the phone in his hands, then the paper Corey had given him in the bar. He flipped his phone open and texted something. Then got out of the car, heading towards the house.

He entered the house and found really quiet. This was strange, he's never seen the house like this. It was usually chaos all the time. He walked into the kitchen and still found no one. It was strange, his mom begged him on the phone to come home, but when he did. It was like, no one was here. He heard the upstairs bedroom door open and someone coming down the stairs. He seen his moms walking down in nothing but a flannel shirt pasted her waist. Sid lowed his eyes.

"Hey baby, happy to see you back home." She said, going over to the refrigerator.

"You called me mom, you was crying. You wanted me to come back home-." But he stopped.

"No Baby, I didn't call you. That must have been a mistake." She said. Sid just stared at her blankly, he knew she was lying to cover her tracks, because her husband walked into the room.

"What's going on here? Oh, you're finally home for once and not out partying it up with your friends?" He said, wrapping his arms around her.

Sid wanted to say something, but he didn't want to start nothing. But sometimes, all the lies, and all the hold backs, just had to come out sometime.

"I can't take it no more! Mom you called me crying! Why? Was he being abusive again, is that why you came down here almost half naked right now? Did he force you to have sex with him to get you to shut up to not press charges? Why don't you just throw his ass in jail so we can just move on and live a more safer happier life!" Sid screamed in anger, hoping to get some sense into his moms head.

But with all the madness that had came out of it. Only got him a smack in the mouth from his father. He fell too the floor and wasn't getting back up. The only person Sid back down from 'was' his father.

What Sid saw next was his father grabbing his mother by the hair, dragging her on the floor too the bed room, he knew he at least had to do something. He couldn't let him get away with this! Not again.

He got up and ran to the bed room where his dad dragged his mother, where he could hear her screaming to stop! Beating on the door trying to break it open, he heard his mother and father scream at him to go away. He heard his mother tell him to leave because she didn't want a 'child' to see something so brutal. But Sid couldn't just leave, he needed to do something.

He did the only thing he could think of. Running into the study,grabbing the hand gun, running back up stairs, he kicked the door in. This time he actually got it open. He pointed it at his dad.

His dad stood there looking at him, while a smile formed across his face.

"What you going to do boy, shoot me? You're not strong enough! He laughed.

"Just please, leave her alone!" Cried Sid.

"Ha, put down the gun, I'll fucking kill her! I swear to fucking God I will!"

Sid shook, hearing what his father just told him, he took the safety off the gun. Sid didn't know what to do. He looked at his mom who was petrified.

"Just remember, this was on you!" His father said. The next thing you could hear was Sid screaming for his mother, falling to the floor, laying beside her, seeing his dad walking out the door, but turning around to see Sid.

“She never wanted you anyways. You was a mistake!” He heard his dad say one last time, before walking out of the house.

Sid cried, he didn't know what to do, he looked up at his mother whom was now lying on the floor with a broken neck, tears spilling out his eyes. Everything was happening in slow motion. Taking out his phone he dialed 911, then dropping the phone, laying down beside his mom as the tears would not stop spilling out. All he wanted right now was to be dead!
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