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Black Wolf

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Four friends in 1960s California are paired together for a class project. After completing the project they don't speak for a few months. Unexpectedly one day one of the children from the group sin...

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"1967 was a year to remember for several reasons. First we harmonized beautifully in January. We had written new material and sang some old stuff as too. I told Kimberly and Deena that when we became famous we we'd record Psychedelic Firefly and Flying Nightingale. Those songs sounded timeless and refreshing. Besides the psychedelic craze was in full swing at that time. My friends celebrated my thirteenth birthday with me. I was never good with expressing myself so all I could manage to do was crack a smile. Deena baked a cake, Kimberly cooked dinner and Alvin went home to get my presents. When he returned we ate dinner. During dinner we discussed new material we wanted to write for later on in the year. We all seemed to be on the same page."

"After dinner I opened my presents. Kimberly bought me a teddy bear and a watch. Deena bought me some clothes and Alvin bought me a new guitar. I thanked them for the gifts. We stayed together until eight o'clock and they went home.That particular night it was slow. I just had a feeling I wouldn't have been able to make rent and it scared the shit out of me. I needed my house at all costs. I didn' t want to ask my friends for money so I continued to prostitute myself. Prostitution seemed like the fastest way for me to make money. I got home around twelve and took a shower. I came out an hour later and went to bed. I had four customers that night and it was more than enough for rent, food, lights and water.I got up at seven and wrote a check for fifteen hundred dollars and went to the bank and paid my rent. Afterward I went to the water and light company and paid my water and light bill."

"I felt good because I survived another month. Later on in February things started happening. I was still dating Lucille but I knew she was a whore. I don't know why I stayed with her. I preferred loneliness than being around others. I remember Kimberly and I were standing in the hallway at my locker. We were talking about what had come on television the previous night. Out of nowhere I kissed her. I don't what had come over me but I just kissed her. She pushed me away. The next thing I knew there was Deena standing there shaking and tears flowing down her face. She took off down the hall with Kimberly on her trail. Alvin had come a few moments later and asked me what happened. I told him I kissed Kimberly and he looked at me shocked but didn't say anything."
"I couldn't see what was coming next. Kimberly punched me across my face. I looked at her not saying a word. She said thanks to me she lost her best friend and walked off. I proceeded to class with what had just happened on my mind."

"I knew I deserved because we weren't dating but more importantly I hurt one of my best friends. Deena was so sweet and kind and she didn't deserve to see what she saw. She probably thought I was the biggest asshole in the world and I couldn't blame She saw the guy she liked and her best friend kissing. I didn't know she liked me, she never gave any indication. She was one of those girls who knew how to hide her emotions like how I did. As I sat in science I couldn't help but think what to do. I was acting off instinct so I didn't feel I had to apologize to Kimberly nor Deena. Boy was I stupid for thinking that way. We were given a project the second week of February and had gotten an a plus on it. After the kiss went down I didn't talk to either Kimberly nor Deena. I still talked to Alvin because he had nothing to do with what was going on. He hated that we weren't all together talking but things needed to calm down. Every time Kimberly saw me she would glare a deathly stare. I would sigh heavily and Lucille would cover me in kisses. I didn't feel anything when we kissed but it took my mind off Kimberly and Deena. I looked at Kimberly with a blank expression but she was looking down at a book she was reading."

Lucille brought me out of my thoughts and told me to forget about them and focus on her. That evening Lucille came to my house. We went for a swim in my recent chlorine rinsed pool. She chased me and landed lustful kisses on my lips. I returned her with empty ones. She must've been dumb as hell because she didn't once ask why I was hesitant about kissing her. I knew she was cheating on me, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. I didn't cheat on her but I did by kissing Kimberly. I we were were both even without each others knowledge. After I came to the surface I just floated in the water. She asked me if everything was okay and I told her I was fine. I didn't need or want her in my business so I kept my distance. After we swam we went inside and dried off and changed back into our clothes. Lucille and I lounged around in the livingroom looking at television. Lucille then got up and told me she was leaving. I wasn't looking for a kiss from her, which was honestly something I was excited about. I knew she was a whore and that she was sleeping around with grown men and boys our age."

"When I got to school the next day things were pretty much the same. Kimberly, Deena and I still weren't talking. I went to my usual table and sat down. It wasn't long before Lucille joined me. One of the jocks next to me was doing LSD. It was anybody's guess how he got through the front door but then again Kingsley Middle School was loose on security. He asked me I wanted any and I told him yes. He gave me some and I sniffed it. It didn't do much for me like the first psychedelic drug did two years ago. It made me calmer and mellow. When the bell rang I headed to class. I sat down and Valeria Terrell walked up to my desk. She leaned on my desk blowing a bubble with her gum. Her cleavage was exposed and I could see her breasts hanging out. She asked me if I could eat her out. I told her it would cost her sixty dollars. She smiled and said okay. I told her to meet at the gate after school.

"I had work that night but I ended up making an extra sixty dollars. Our teacher came in and placed his suitcase on the desk. He looked annoyed but i didn't care, whatever happened to you before you come here wasn't our problem point, blank period. He began talking about ACE method. I found English as a mental release. I was allowed to express myself in anyway I wanted without judgment. He then gave us a packet and told us we had to turn it in by the end of the period. I looked at the paper and read the directions. It was pretty cut and dry. I felt there was no I could mess up on the assignment. I finished the packet in twenty-five minutes and I went and handed it in. My teacher looked at me with a distant expression. He usually was happy and up for teaching but that particular day he was in a real funk. I then walked back to my seat and sat down. I was wondering if I wanted to add some new clientele to my list. I had been in the prostitution business for seven years by 1967 and it was the only thing I could pick up to survive until my friends and I reached our dream."

"I looked out the window until the bell rang for second period. I headed to my next class in a tuned out fashion. When I got there I sat down and put my head down on the desk. I thought about Kimberly and Deena. I missed talking with both of them. I needed to make things right, but right now they wanted to chop my head off so I decided against talking to them. I lifted my head when I head students come in. They were discussing their plans for the weekend. I didn't care what their plans because they were sexually explicit. They could talk about that outside of school but for some reason they just wanted people to hear them. I just sat in annoyance as the teacher came in and started class. We went over several math problems and he administered a quiz over what we learned through the week. I was good at math so I executed every problem just as he had taught us. When I finished I turned in my quiz and returned to my seat. At lunch Lucille sat next to me. She kissed me and it was just like blah to me."

"She stared discussing how her day was going. I was half listening. I saw Kimberly and Deena in the distance. I sent them both a glimmer of apology in my eyes and Kimberly ignored me. Deena averted her eyes back to a book she was reading. I then left the table and sat by myself. Alvin then joined me and asked how things were going with the queen bitch. I told him it was the same old thing. Alvin chuckled and asked if I had talked to Deena and Kimberly. I told him I really wanted to talk to them but I wanted things to calm down before we talked. Alvin looked at both girls and said not wait to long. I told him I didn't plan to. The school lunch was the same healthy and delightful. Our school had a nice budget and we were able to have some nice accouterments and things. After lunch I headed to my last class of the day. It was science which I hated. I listened to my teacher stress the importance of precipitation."

"When school ended I met Valeria at the school gates. We walked to my house. During the walk home Valeria didn't speak which I savored. When we got to my house I asked her if she was thirsty and she said no. I then led her to my bedroom. She laid down on my bed and removed her panties and spread her legs. I saw her vagina and it was lubricated. I knelt down between her legs and inserted my tongue in her valvula. It tasted of cinnamon. She seemed like a clean girl but you could never be too safe. Valeria then started moaning as I worked my tongue like a tornado. I felt her dig her hands into my scalp. I kissed her clitoris and it sent her over the edge. I felt her toes curl into my back. She moaned my name and told me to work my magic. I continued licking her clitoris. I didn't have a tongue ring but I felt I didn't need that. A persons tongue could suffice and please a partner."

"I squeezed her thighs tightly. I was so used to giving sexual pleasures I didn't aroused by it. I then felt her clitoris clench around my tongue and I pulled my tongue out. She orgasmed and grabbed several tissues before she started running. She grabbed her panties and put them back on. She then got of my bed and walked to my bathroom and she washed her hands. Afterward she opened her purse and placed ninety dollars on my dresser and thanked me for a good time. I nodded my head and walked her to the front door. She then told me she wouldn't tell anyone. I smirked and she walked downstairs. I shut the door and walked to the kitchen and washed my hands. I didn't care if she told anyone or not. I mean we weren't dating and she knew that. After I washed my hands I grabbed some cash and headed to the clinic to get tested. When the doctor told me I was clear of diseases I was internally relieved. I returned and got ready for work. I walked to the corner. Soon a car pulled up in front of me. It was one of the jocks from Alvin's brother Jason's school. I got in his car and he drove down the street. He told me not to tell anyone. I ignored him and had my arms folded. When we got to his house he laid down on his bed and took his lettermen jack and jeans and underwear."

"He told me he wanted me to deflower him. I told him it would cost him two hundred and fifty. He told me fine and I undid my pants and underwear. I climbed into bed and before I penetrated I put on a condom. I then coated my fingers with lotion and placed one at his entrance. The boy grunted at the foreign invasion. I then added a second finger and began scissoring his hole. After I felt he was adjusted I added a third finger and began probing his hole a little faster stretching him out. After doing that several times I removed my fingers and aligned myself at his entrance. I placed my penis at his entrance and slowly pushed in. The boy bit his bottom lip in pleasure and I began to thrust inside of him. I could tell he had been with a boy before. He told me to go faster and tried to kiss me. I avoided his mouth and continued thrusting. When I found his prostate I sent him into overdrive and he gripped my back. I was sure there were scratch marks back there. I could feel the blood running down."

"After several thrusts I pulled out and removed my condom and we both got dressed. He put on his lettermen jacket and drove me back to my neighborhood. He gave me my payment and I got out of the car. Then I stood there in the night awaiting my next customer. A white car approached. I walked to the car and saw it was a woman. She looked about nineteen. She asked me if I would show her a good time. I smirked flirtatiously and got in the car. She didn't ask me how old I was and told me she would pay three hundred dollars for a quick missionary. I told her that was fine. When we got to her apartment I noticed we were in an expensive neighborhood. We walked to her apartment and went inside. I walked straight to her bedroom and she undressed. I left the room and walked down to the hallway bathroom and undressed. When I came back I saw her laying down on the bed with her legs spread. I walked over to the bed and put on a condom. I slowly penetrated her."

"She then told me my size felt good. I didn't say anything and began to slowly thrust in her vagina. We didn't have any eye contact with each other. After doing missionary with her I knelt down between her legs and started giving her oral. She screamed in joy as my tongue made contact with her clitoris. Hers tasted of lavender body wash. I twirled my tongue in a circular motion like a buffering machine. I then went from up and down like a Popsicle. She was ecstatic and moaned in pleasure. When I felt her valvula clench around my tongue I pulled out and she orgasmed on her bedsheets. She then winked at me and placed the three hundred dollars on the nightstand. We then got dressed and she drove me back to Amory Vineyard. She thanked me for a good time and I smiled at her and got out of the car. I then saw it was around nine o'clock and walked inside. I took a shower and ate dinner. I climbed in bed and went to sleep. I made six hundred and forty dollars in one night and that was going into my savings lockbox."

"The next morning I arrived school and was pretty relaxed. I headed to the cafeteria and sat alone. Lucille told me good morning and gave me a kiss. After that I put my head on the table and waited for the bell to ring. It went on like that for the entire month of April. In May I at lunch I apologized to Kimberly and Deena for my actions and they accepted it. We were finally back together and I was happy, although I would never admit it. There was an end of the year dance and it was the most important dance of the year. I didn't care for dances. I preferred to be home alone, but since I was with Lucille I was going to the dance. It was whatever to me but to Lucille it was everything. A week before the dance Lucille and Kimberly fought across the street in the convenient store parking lot. Kimberly landed some really good blows on her but Lucille won the fight because Kimberly got tired.,"

"That last Saturday of May the dance came. I wore a suit jacket, jeans, a wallet chain and jeans. Carol gave us a ride to the dance. When we got there Lucille took my hand we walked to the auditorium. When we got inside and the dance had started Lucille was kissing me and grabbing my lower body. I removed her hands and placed them around my neck. She got pissed and walked off. We hadn't been dating all that long and she wanted to go to bed with me. While I was standing along the wall I saw Kimberly talking to Gary Rathbone. I was completely jealous, but we were friends and that's how things were going to stay. I don't think I was good enough for her, plus we both had tempers, so I don't think we would've worked out. Alvin and Deena danced with each other. I thought it was cute because they made it fun for themselves despite being dateless, especially Alvin."

"When the dance ended Lucille went home and I rode home with Carol. On June eleventh we went to Ella Mona, Maryland to visit Mama Valery. She looked terrible than the last time we saw her. Her dementia had worsened. She didn't even know who of any of us were. All she did was smile when she heard us sing. That Friday she died in the livingroom with Carol, Albert, La'Donna and were at her side. Her last request was that my friends and I sing at her funeral. With that she took her last breath and closed her eyes. We returned to Kingsley a few days later. We lost our number one fan and she wouldn't live to see us or her granddaughter sharing her gift with the world. The following Saturday we gathered at Grey Forest Nondenominational Church for Mama Valery's funeral. As she requested we sang at her funeral."

"Everybody wanted Deena to sing lead because she had the most emotional voice in the group. After we sang Carol, La'Donna and Albert eulogized her. It was sad through the entire service. At the end of the service Carol and Albert helped carry her glass coffin to the hearse. We then went to the cemetery. It was a really quick burial. After Mama Valery's burial we returned to Kingsley and was depressed for two weeks. After we broke out of our depression we began writing new material. I wrote The Mother I Thought I Had, I Hurt You and Black Wolf. Alvin wrote Groovy Days, All Smiles and Feeling Flirty. Kimberly wrote Peach Bauer, Ella Mona Cristal and a revamped version of Psychedelic Firefly. Deena wrote Speaking Up, Rising High and Ill Fated Love. We rehearsed all of our songs acoustically and the harmonies were blissful. In the beginning of July Kimberly had spent time with Gary, so in the meantime we harmonized with Alvin on lead."

"Upon her return we were back at full force. We sang I Hurt You with Deena singing lead. She sang with overwhelming emotion and sadness. That's when it hit me that Deena was the key to our harmony. Each of us brought our own uniqueness to the group. Alvin had a flirtatious air, Kimberly was outspoken, Deena was our group mother and I was the bad boy leader. August arrived and we were back in school. I was still dating Lucille who still was as scandalous as she was when I met her. It was the second to last week of August when the principal announced a back to school dance that would take place the following month. I knew she was up to no good so the last day of August I went to tell her I was through. Kimberly and Deena came with me to tell her. When we arrived I saw her kissing on another guy. It didn't bother me any because I knew she was a whore."

"I approached her and bluntly told her we were done. She looked hysterical and tried to hit me. Kimberly pushed me out of the way and she punched her into the lockers. Lucille hit them so hard they shook. Kimberly then began beating her up. Five minutes later Kimberly told her that she won that fight and to stay away from all of us especially Danny. At that moment Kimberly was branded a heroine for students everywhere which she brushed off. We walked to my house that afternoon. I thanked her for sticking up for me. She told me it was in her contract as my best friend. When we got to my house we began vocal warm ups by drinking water. We started by singing Alvin's song All Smiles. Around that time Alvin's mother had a benign tumor and was hospitalized. As her son Alvin felt it was his duty to be there for her. That made me smile because Jason was such an asshole to her."

"We rehearsed until five and everyone went home. I had more than enough money so I didn't have to work that night. I felt that fame was so close to us I could taste it. I detested what I did to survive and fame meant I could do something I loved to do. But more importantly I was living my dreams with my best friends. I went to the den and sat down on the couch and began writing a song called Internal Battle. It entailed all the demons I was dealing with like with my mother. I hadn't seen her in almost ten years and I didn't want to see her. I guess you could say I held a grudge against her. She traded me for fixes and when she dated her boyfriends they sexually assaulted me. I didn't want to return to that life. I was satisfied where I was despite what I had to do to sustain it. I wrote Internal Battle in fifteen minutes. Next I wrote Best Thing That Ever. It described how meeting my friends changed me."

"I wrote that one in thirty minutes and went to my room. September had rolled around and I had found out Deena was taking Connor Phillips to the dance. I felt bad because she probably wished it was someone like me going with her. But I was happy that she found someone who accepted her for her. I really wasn't into clothes like that but I also made sure I looked presentable. On the seventeenth of September I showered and got dressed the dance. I wasn't going with Lucille which made her furious and me happy. When we got there I stood on the wall with my arms folded. I didn't want to fool with anyone. I looked out onto the auditorium floor where I saw Kimberly and Deena dancing with their dates. I know this may sound stupid but I felt like a dog jealous of a newborn baby. We were friends but as I said before I was in love with Kimberly."

"One of my favorite songs by Cass Mareen started playing and I started singing to myself. I loved the sound of his voice. He had a graceful tenor voice. I was envious of Alvin's voice because he was a tenor and I was nothing but a common baritone. People were more attracted to tenors. Well if anything I felt like I was appreciated more for my rearranging abilities than my vocal range. When the song ended I walked to the refreshment table and grabbed some things. I then walked to an empty table and sat down. I watched everyone dance with their significant other or dates. I was glad I was alone but I was a little depressed that I wasn't with Kimberly. But deep down I knew we wouldn't work. So I was satisfied with liking her from a distance. When the dance ended Carol gave us all a ride home. Deena was so ecstatic about the dance and told her about what the great time she had with Connor."

"The following Sunday I checked the mail and saw my water and gas bill was due. I went back inside and grabbed some cash and went down to the offices and paid both. When I returned home my telephone rang. I went to the livingroom and answered it. It was Alvin, he told me that his mothers tumor was removed successfully. I told him I was happy for them and he almost sounded as if he were crying. I decided not to ask him if he was and he told me he'd talk to me later. After I hung the phone I went upstairs and started setting up the bedrooms. After knowing my friends for nine months I gave each of them a bedroom upstairs. I set up the beds and placed fresh linen on them. I put posters of each of their favorite artist in their respective rooms and went to the hallway bathrooms. I cleaned them up and put some new shower curtains on the rod. Afterward I headed back downstairs and went for a swim."

"As the water hit my face I thought about everything I had experienced as a child up until that moment. It made me sick just thinking about my mother. I was shocked I wasn't hooked on any drugs. I have Deena to thank for that. She kept a watchful eye on me when I was deeply depressed. After swimming for an hour I got out and laid in the pool chair. I had on sunscreen so I just laid there for a while. When I felt good enough to walk I grabbed my towel and walked back inside. I walked to my bedroom and hung my towel on the rack and walked back into my bedroom and laid down on my bed. I laid there for twenty minutes staring blankly at the ceiling fan. I then picked up the phone and dialed Deena's number. After two rings she picked up. She asked who was calling and I told her it was Danny. She grew silenced. We had been friends for four years and so I guess the pressure of liking me must've gotten to her. I said her name and she nervously said yes. I asked her how her day was going and she said it was fine."

"I told her I was glad to hear it and asked if she had wrote any new material. She said no and that she was about to start when I called. I asked her what she was going to write about. She said she was going to write about how Connor made her feel when he asked her to the dance. It blew my mind how Deena could write three songs off from eight words. She said would name the songs A Gentlemen, Sweet Words and Kindness. I told her I liked all three song titles. We weren't signed to any labels so we didn't have a set genre for our group. I spent that time writing dark songs about how I felt. Everyone else wrote songs about their personal struggles and feelings. I was the dark wolf in our group. Alvin was the flirty rascal, Deena was the heart warmer and Kimberly was our ingenue hippie. I think I our individual styles fit our group name and they felt the same way too. A week later Alvin had called me distraught. I didn't know how to deal with emotions so I winged it. In December tragedy took another person from the world. Deena's aunt Victoria died. Deena was completely depressed. I took the initiative to comfort her following the memorial service. I felt really good because I knew as a friend I was doing the right thing. I'm sure Deena felt the same way. Christmas was pretty quiet and uneventful. Deena had recovered from her depression but she was still emotional about her aunts death. Only time could mend her broken heart."
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