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bye takuya have a nice trip

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something happens after the warrior chosen defeat lucemon. takuya gets turned into a digimon, again. along with kouji (and maybe a few others) they try to find out what the heckie is even goin...

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It had been a few minutes after the Chosen Warriors had defeated Lucemon, they had already finished their tearful goodbyes to their spirits, but not one month later Takuya collapsed and was bathed in a bright light. In his place laid one unconscious Flamon, thinking quickly they rushed him to Izumi's house and that is where our story begins.


Kouji walked into Izumi`s room as she watched the still-unconscious Flamon.

"How is he?" Kouji asked.

"Not yet no" Izumi said solemnly "What should we do Kouji? I can't keep him here and his parents will freak if we bring Takuya home like this"

Kouji leaned against the wall "He could stay with me until we figure out how to fix this" he said.

"I don't think he'll like being mother henned like that" Izumi rolled her eyes "You know that"

"We don't really have a choice" He huffed "My parent's aren't home very often, and we live in the same neighbourhood"

The blonde haired girl sighed. Boy, Kouji could be stubborn when he wanted to be "Alright then, just get him out of here before my parents get home"

Just as he picked the small digimon up, he began to stir.

"Kouji? What's going on, where are we? Did we win???" he asked frantically, flailing around in the dark haired boy's arms.

"Calm down and breathe, you're going to pass out again" Kouji sighed as he flicked the digital boy on the forehead.

Takuya stopped and took a deep breath "Sorry, 'm just a little discombobulated"

Izumi giggled "Just a little?"

"Okay fine really discombobulated" takuya said defensively as he squirmed uncomfortably in Kouji's arms "And put me down, I'm not a doll"

The bandana wearing teen just rolled his eyes as he put his friend down.

"Okay so what happened after we defeated Lucemon?" Takuya asked, still unaware of his current situation.

"Take a look" Izumi said and guided the green-eyed digimon towards her full-body mirror.

He was quiet for a moment before he finally spoke up "I'm Flamon again..."

"You know this Digimon?" Kouji asked curiously.

"I told you didn't I?" Takuya's eyebrow rose "Before we ended up inside Sephirotmon I went back to the real world like you told me to, and when I got back I was Flamon" the goggle boy was purposefully withholding certain parts of his story, he didn't want to remember the terror he caused trying to stop his past self.

"You told me you went back, you just didn't mention being a Digimon during it" Kouji sighed

"I didn't know you came back to the real world" Izumi interjected "What happened?"

"I don't want to talk about it" he replied as he went to hide behind Kouji.

"Kojji was going to take you to his house until we figure out how to turn you back to normal" Izumi said, changing the subject.

"Alright" Takuya muttered and grabbed onto Kouji's sleeve before quietly asking "Can we go now?"

Kouji smiled slightly and nodded "We'll see you later Izumi"


"Are you alright?" Kouji asked after some time.

"Not really" Takuya replied quietly "No"

"Do you want to talk about it?" the elder boy said.

"I just want to go to bed" the shorter murmured, motioning for the taller to pick him up again.

The dark haired boy smiled slightly and picked the green-eyed boy up, the two of them had gotten a little too close over the past few weeks and Takuya had gotten into the habit of letting Kouji carry him around, much to their friends confusion.

"Let's go home then" the blue-eyed boy said.

Neither of them said anything else during the walk home.
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