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A random Chat.... What Children Do Sometimes

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SK: Lol Hey. CARAMELLDANSEN! breakdances so sugoi sugoi SUGOI!!
Me: XD starts singing
SK: grabs the mic form you and sings into it
SK: from*
Me: another one materializes out of nowhere Yesh! starts singing 'again' by YUI
(gasp OMFG Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Ref....)
SK: discinagrates the one you just got and contunues to sing
Me:sings anyways because I'm just that loud
(reference to 5th grade musical.... when the mic died on me and I had to do my part anyways XP)
SK: *sews your mouth shut and laughs,still singing(
Me: sews yours tighter and uses a seam ripper to unsew my mouth, burns seam ripper, then ties your hands and legs up and sings louder
SK: uses eye lasers to burn off sewed lip,then sings to the point the rope on my hands break. then takes a knife and cuts the rope off my legs. Shoves you in a box and throws u in a river XD
Me: is still singing, but suddenly flies out of the box and next to you Oh no you don't!!!! is holding pocky I shall eat it all if you don't stop! I will eat all of the pocky in the world! evil laughter
SK: Not da pocky! whines
Me:Then let's sing a duet! is drunk TO SAN KAAAA SAN, IMA MATE GONENNNNN... HISHA WHOA FUR
Me: passes out
SK: (laughs and continues singing)
Me:falls into an open grave, still unconsciously singing
Me:pulls you in
Me: haha I just posted that all publicly
SK: I diddddd......nice :3 continues to jump on da dirt
Me:dude you're in with me Like it? taps dirt under self, then falls into a big cavern... looks like a palace Welcome to my humble abode! shot
SK: looks confused Hey...lightly kicks u
Me:lightly pushes you Wut?
SK:smiles this is amazing,thats wut
Me:Then here! floor falls out, we fall into a giant dessert land that looks like mario brothers Yesh! dives into a brownie mountain
SK:gets luigi cap its a-me, luigi! headdives into a green tube WOOHOOO!
Me:NU YOU'RE STEPHI NOT LUIGI- (Bear Cub says hi) Bryan won't use his laptop XP becomes Bonnie.... becomes elsa instead.... randomly jumps up and down
SK: Okay,HI BEARCUB! pouts and grabs princesss peach YES I Am-a!
Me: -.-' I prefer BowserxPeach over LuigixPeach. Please, no. Just no. Daisy would kick his **s...
Me: I just updated the story XDXD
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