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Don't worry

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American badass taker/Kane During their feud with triple h) Kane fears for his love after a threat is made but as always taker is there to soothe his fears *slash no incest*

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Kane walks into his and mark's locker room
Everything looked normal to him until he looked at the tall mirror in the corner
It was busted up and a note was written in
A red paint or what he'd hoped to god was paint
The note read,
"To the "deadman" I hope you know what you got into
Starting this feud with me I'm a very Important man
And I know about Kane and you
and if you don't stop messing up my matches
I ll tell the whole world about your little love story
And make your life's hell"
Kane stared at the note fearfully
it was no lie that him and mark
Are very much in love
but both men hadn't
felt like it was right to tell the world
Kane felt like he had been kicked in the gut
Remembering the fight his love and triple h
Got into where mark got crushed under his beloved motorcycle and himself crashed through a table by big show
but now all that seemed small
He felt his breath hitch in a full blown panic attack he curled in the corner like a scared child on the ground rocking softly back and forth wishing for mark's return as his body shook and he felt his lungs burning for air and looking at the broken glass around him he felt scared for his mark the only person he ever met that calmed his wild pain and panic with a caring embrace
With him whispering calm sweet nothings in ear something no one before him had done
To his shock the locker door opened to his mark who stares at him with a concerned look before kneeling down
taking the shaking man into his arms
"What's wrong baby What happened to the mirror? " Mark asked him gently growing concerned for his lover who shook in his arms "Th-there-" Kane gasped unable to Finnish
"Shh kane breathe Darlin'" mark soothes
Kane takes a deep breath but is unable to calm his raging fear mark starts rubbing small circles on his back gently
"Relax sweetheart calm down and
take a deep breath" mark said his tone calm
Kane dose as told and soon is calm
Mark pulls him into a loving sweet kiss
Kane pulls away and looks down
"What is it baby?" Mark asked
his eye full of concern
"He was here" kane sighs
"Who was?" Mark asked
"Triple h he smashed up the mirror
And left this" kane said Handing mark the note watch his lover eyes dart to the mirror
And grow intense with rage
"That son of a bitch wants to out us?" Mark said "well I got news for him"
Kane looked at him with a confused look
Grabbing his hand he was lead by mark to
The ramp that lead to the ring
"What is undertaker doing out here?" Paul heyman asked on commentary as kane and mark made there way in the ring Kane stood by mark as he grabbed a mic and said"So triple h thinks he can come waltzing into my yard mess with my things and threaten the love of my life?" Kane's mouth hidden under the mask
Fell open in shock mark stared at him then said "Now I haven't been honest with y'all
Lately I never loved Sara for my heart beats for one person"
"WHAT?!!" Jerry lawler shrieked in shock
Kane felt a hand slip the mask off his face
To meet mark's loving stare who smiled and
Leaned in and kissed him tenderly wrapping his arms around him the crowd cheers while some booed as he pulled away he took Kane's hand in his taking to the mic again
"Now if triple h tries to hurt my family again I ll personally drag him to hell" he snarled as they walked back to the locker room vince stops them opens his mouth to scream but is met with a close door
Mark holds Kane close whom curls embracing the other mans warm and mark kisses his forehead gently
"I love you mark" Kane said meaning it with all his heart
One of mark's rare smile appears cross his face "I love you too Darlin' so much"
The end
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