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The Real Story of Dracula

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Set in 1801. As Christina and her fiancee are on their way to the harbour to return to England (from Transilvania) what happens when the their carriage breaks due to the terrible storm their in? Th...

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An. Hi, this is my first story on this. This is my version of Dracula. I've never read the book just watch bits of movies and read some short stories so names will be different etc. I hope you like it. :)

Christina's POV

I shiver as the carriage wobbles due to the strong winds. There is a terrible storm outside and I can only hope and pray that my fiancee Victor and I will arrive at the harbour safely. We are now on our way to the harbour to return to England. We have spent a wonderful week here in Transilvania after getting a letter from distant relatives of mine, asking me to come and visit and get aquainted with them. I fell someone take hold of my hand and look over to Victor who is smiling reasuringly, "Don't worry my love, we shall be there soon. I'm sure of it." Despite how dark it is his forest green eyes and golden hair are still very noticeable. I just smile back and look back out the window. Suddenly the carriage knocks around and i I hear a crash and the carriage stops and tilts to one side. I let out a yelp as I fall against the carriage door. Luckily the carriage did not fall over completely onto it's side. Victor moves to sit beside me, "Are you alright my love? What the devil was that?"

I shrug and before I can respond the carriage door opens and the coach man looks in at us. His hair and hat are stook to his forhead from the heavy rain and his clothes looks like a second skin. The poor man. He shouts in to us as the storm makes it hard to hear him, "Are you both alright? I'm dreadfully sorry, the winds blew the carriage to the side and one of the wheels came off! The storm is getting worse!"

"Do you have a spare wheel?" Victor shouts back.

The man shakes his head, "No! I'm sorry but we cannot go on any further! We must find shelter! There is a castle not far from here! If we hurry we may get there in 5 maybe 10 minutes!"

As Victor is about to protest I cut in, "I think we should go! We cannot stay here over night! We will go now and come back for our belongings tomorrow!"

Victor sighs, taking my hand and nods, "Very well! Lead the way good man!"

15 minures later...

We finally arrive at the huge castle. We are now soaked and our clothes are like second skins on us. I am shivering as is Victor and my hair hangs around my face. I look up at the castle as we make our way up to the huge wooden doors. Despite at how dark and gloomy it is, it's still beautiful. It's gothic style and has gargoyles over the doors. The land however could do with some life as there are quite a lot of weeds and the grass, flowers and trees are all dead apart from one spot not too far away. By a pond there is a live weeping willow with a stone bench under it, it is the only part in the garden with any life in it. I cannot help the strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. This place looks so familiar, as if I've been here before. But that is impossible, isn't it?

We arrive at the large wooden door and Victor knocks twice casing a deafening boom sound.

Dracula's POV

I sit in the armchair in my chambers with a glass of whiskey in my hand gazing at the portrait of my love. I do this every night and have done it for centuries. I would give up everything and anything to have her back. I do hope she comes back to me soon. Five centuries is a long time to wait but I will wait forever if that's what it takes.

Suddenly I hear someone knocking on the door. Who could that possibly be? Albert, who is polishing my book case turns to me and bows, "Excuse me master, I shall get that." With that he leaves. Not long later he returns with a look of awe and excitment on his old rinkled face, "M-master... it is her. She has returned to us." I am standing in a flash and he quickly explains to me what happened to her and her carriage and when he finishes I rush to the stairs and I look down and see her. Yes it her. My love, my mate, my wife...


Christina's POV

As I look around at the hall the butler asked us to wait in my eyes land on a ver attractive and oddly familiar looking man at the top of the stair case. I know I have seen him before. My blue eyes meet his black eyes and I cannot look away. I feel a pull towards him. I feel something in my heart which I cannot explain. I feel a hand on my shoulder, Victor's, and I am knocked out of my trance and look away blushing. I sneek a peek at the man to see him smirking, still looking at me. He begins making his way down the stairs and when he is in front if us he speaks. His silk voice and Romanian accent are hypnitic. I could listen to him speak forever. "Hello. I am Count Vlad Dracula. I am aware that you need a place to stay?"

"Yes please if it is not an inconvenience?" Victor replies.

The Count shakes his head, "Of course not! You are both welcome!"

Both Victor and I smile. Victor shakes the Counts hand, " I am Victor Maloney ," he then gestures to me, "And this is my fiancee Christina Drake." Dracula and I once again look into each others eyes. He gently holds my hand to his lips and kisses my knuckles softly.

"Ravishing," Dracula whispers and smirks. I blush and smile nervously. He then slowly let's go of my hand and smiles at both of us, "It is an honour to meet you both. I will show you to your rooms, where you can have a bath and change your clothes before you catch your deaths."

We follow behind him nodding. While we're here I am determind to find out why this place is so familiar.

Dracula's POV

I will have her back. Her fiancee will be a problem but I will not let him get in the way. I will have my mate back if it's the last thing I do. No matter what I have to do to get her. No matter what the cost.

An. So there we go! I hope you liked it. Please review and if theres favourite and if theres any kind of follow (im new to this) then please follow. Until next time! :)

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