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Harry Potter-New Arival

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My OC attends Hogwarts at a much older age than normally accepted for students.

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Sophie wandered the loud and noisy train station holding her ticket out in front of her to glance at while looking up at the large pillars that stood just to the right of her. On her left were the cold steel tracks. She hugged to the right side avoiding unpleasant confrontations with on coming Muggles. She knows of their hostilities all to well as a Muggle her self. Sophie’s long fluffy hair swayed as she walked still looking quiet lost trying her best to find platform nine and three quarters. It was her first time at Hogwarts. She received her letter by post in the Muggle world, she remembers quite clearly the sound of it hitting the floor once through the scatter box. “Oh where is this dreadful platform!” Sophie shouted to her self as she continued walking for what felt like miles. One foot in front of the other, calming her self feeling the motion of her body as it stepped slowly with sturdy footing. “Ah!” she said aloud upon seeing the sign indicating she was on platform nine.

Just a few steps ahead, she saw a small group of people, wizards and witches no doubt, run towards a grey wall and disappear inside it. Certain of it now Sophie carried her backpack over one shoulder and held a small cage in the opposite hand. Her grip tightened on both as she began to get nervous. “Okay Sophie.” she dashed in between some other people who were also in line to enter the wall as she was worried that the magic portal might shut her out and shed miss the train, the Hogwarts Express would surely leave her behind! Once through the wall a delayed thought occurred of how rude that must have been, but she had good reason., though for a split second regretted having cut off those people wanting to board. Casting the thought aside Sophie looked around the new part of the train station. It looked absolutely enchanting! The narrow platform was quite crowded, filled with the bells and whistles of bustling magic-folk as all passengers hurried aboard the stationed train.

Sophie stepped a bit too quickly and missed the steps to board, catching her self quickly by grabbing the railing she found her footing and continued. Now on the train she scanned for a place to sit. Somewhere alone preferably. She much liked the quiet where she could hear her own thoughts rather than chatty birds.

Chapter 2

Standing in Dumbledore’s chambers Sophie stood in silence starring in astonishment at the Sorting Hat which sat on a shelf. It was brown & tattered. The cloth had seen better days being so worn & frayed. It looked like it was a sleep. Still & unmoving. “I have never seen anything… talk… before. How does it do that?” “It is a spell.” Dumbledore told her. “Do you question magic?” “Yes.” she very cautiously raised a finger to poke at the hat her hand moving slowly toward it as Dumbledore spoke. “Who made the spell? Where does it come from & how does it do that? Did the hat used to be a regular hat?” He smiled at such a curious creature. “What should I do with this one?” the hat said as her finger finally landed on it. “I would place her in Ravenclaw but of course it is completely your decision.” “Hey! Will you be friends with me?” Both the hat & Dumbledore laughed. “You want me to be friends with you? That would be difficult since I am just a hat. Hmm… loyalty to a hat. Loyalty like no other. No I don’t think Ravenclaw will be the correct house. She is curious person. It could lead her down the wrong path. Perhaps Slythern? ” “Curiosity killed the cat.” Dumbledore refered to the old saying. “However there is strength in loyalty & I have never in all my years been asked to befriend anyone. Thank you.” Sophie smiled at the hat. “We must put her somewhere she can’t sleep in the halls.” Dumbledore rushed. “I really can not decide this is the most perplexed choice I have ever had to make. She is not as easy as the others. She is much older than they are.” “How old are you?” he asked. “I’m fourteen & my birthday is in two months so I will be fifteen soon.”

“I will hold a meeting with the other Professors to see what I can arrange for you since you are too old to be invited to Hogwarts, you should not be here. But you did get invited none the less. As Head of Hogwarts I will let you stay here as a student but you must complete year one & year two, both within your first year at Hogwarts. I expect you to receive outstanding grades in all subjects. Next year I expect you to do the same with years three & four. That should work to put you in classes with students of your age group. Also you can not be a Muggle like your self & take Muggle Studies. Instead you will have a different class in it’s place. That is what I will discuss with the other professors.” Suddenly there was a knock on the chamber door & a dark haired boy entered the room. Sophie eyed him over. He was the weirdest, most strangest looking boy she had ever seen. His teeth were gangly, he was short & his facial features were downright bizarre. Then again everything she had seen so far was rather bizarre. “Longbottom. This is Sophie Lovelle. Miss Lovelle meet Nevil Longbottom.” Even his name was weird. “Hello.” Nevil chimed with a smile. “You wanted to see me Dumbledore?” “Yes I want you to guide Sophie Lovelle around Hogwarts so she doesn’t accidentally end up down a hall that could be dangerous to her.” “It would be an honor.” Sophie brightened at his enthusiasim. He seemed nice enough maybe it wont be so bad.
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