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I Love You, I Miss You

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Held against their will, for what seems like an eternity. Blind, deaf, dead, and dieing.

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I Love You, I Miss You

*12:13 A.M
January 13th, 2003*



"Are we going to die?"


*6:45 P.M.
January 13th, 2003*



"Why haven't the killed us yet?"

".... I don't know, baby."

*7:15 A.M.
January 17th, 2003*

"I'm cold, Gerard."

"I know, baby. I know."

"I feel as though I'm blind."

"Me too baby."

"Why isn't there any light, Gerard?"

"Because there isn't."

"But why?"

"I don't know. Go to sleep."

*8:17 P.M.
January 17th, 2003*

"I love you, Gerard."

"I love you, too."

*3:14 P.M
January 20th, 2003*

"Hold me, Gerard."

"Gerard, hold me!"

"It's scary, Gerard. I'm cold."

"I'll find you. It's not that big in here. I'll hold you."

"Your so cold. I'll make you warm. I promise."

*5:42 P.M.
January 20th, 2003*

"I know your dead, Gerard. You don't have to prove it any more."

"Please talk to me, Gerard."

"Tell me I'm O.K."

"Protect me."

"Who'll protect me from the vampires?"

"Not you anymore."

"You're not very nice Gerard."

*5:44 P.M.
January 20th, 2003*

"I love you, Gerard. I do."

*7:18 A.M.
January 21st, 2003*

"I'm not gonna talk anymore."

"I'll say one thing once a week. Okay?"

"I'm sorry I called you mean."

"I love you, Gerard."

*2:31 P.M.
February 21st, 2003*

"Once a month, instead. I'm sorry."

"I love you Gerard."

March 24th, 2003*

"I love you, Gerard."

*7:46 A.M.
Unknown, 2003*

"I love you, Gerard."

Unknown, 2003*

Light bursts in. He can feel it. How long has it been? How many rats has he eaten? Is it time for him to die? Please, God. Let him die. Let him be with Gerard. Again. Why did this happen? Why did he lose Gerard? How could he lose track of date, then time? Why was there light now? Or was is a trick?

Death. Death was on it's way, he was aware as he was picked up from the floor. The hands were gentle, though,

He couldn't hear, he couldn't see.

'This is what is left of me.'

*Still Unknown
Still Unknown, 2003*

Raised letters, not brail, touch his fingertips.

'Answer the following with your voice.'

'When were you taken?'

"In December. A-after a show.'

'When did your partner die?'

"I-I-in Jan-u-u-ary."

And it went on, as painful as can be. He can't hear. He can't see.

'What the fuck is left of me?'

June 30th, 2003

He places a hand on the cool wood and leans down. He places a cheek on hard surface. A tear hugs the corner of his eye.

"I love you Gerard."

"I miss you." A hand slips into his and they lean close, brushing his shoulder.

"I love you, Gerard." A smile curves in his ear, it's sad.

"He loves you, too, Bob."
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