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Darth Odious Exiled

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Darth Odious is exiled because the assassination of Darth Vulva was not approved by the council. Meanwhile, Darth Nympho takes over the position that was held by Darth Vulva. Now that Darth Nympho ...

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Darth Odious was surprised when he was met by armed guards holding weapons at his throat, the day after Darth Vulva was killed. He thought that he would be treated like a hero, because he killed Darth Vulva, but instead, he was led into a cell just like a common criminal. He wanted to know why he was being arrested, and he begged the guards for information, but they only told him, "You will hear everything you need to know when you are brought before the council". After spending the night in jail, he was brought into the council chambers. When he was brought before the council, they accused him of insubordination and unauthorized use of council resources. Darth Odious asked what resources they were talking about. A council member replied, "The class nine space cruiser that Darth Macho gave you, he was actually not authorized to give it to you. Another instance of unauthorized use of system resources was your use of a robot, the robot was given to you by Darth Macho, and I would like to point out that the robot did not return, the robot was apparently destroyed on the planet Vulvatarkus".

Darth Odious said that Darth Macho had approved the mission, Darth Odious said he was only trying to avenge the death of Darth Brutus. Another council member spoke, and said, "It is well-known that you didn't like Darth Macho. You told one of your friends that you had two teachers, one you loved and one you hated. You hated Darth Macho because he was always really hard on you, he was always pushing you too hard, too fast. You loved Darth Brutus because he took you on hunting and fishing trips to distant planets, but you must understand, Odious, your standing in this cult is not based on your personality and it is not based on how you relate to your teachers. Is is based on discipline, your standing in this cult is based on how well you obey your orders, and how well you interpret the meaning of our traditions and doctrine."

Another council member spoke and said, "You killed Darth Vulva, without getting permission from the council first. That is a very grave transgression. Because of this, you will be banished. You will go into exile, and you will never be permitted to approach the council again". Darth Odious was stripped of his rank, and he was taken by armed guards to a ship. He was put on board, and the ship took off immediately. He asked the pilot of the ship where they were going. The pilot said, "Nerotarkus. The planet Nerotarkus is where many of the high-level political prisoners and misfits are exiled. I think you'll like it there". Darth Odious asked, "Why do you think I'll like Nerotarkus?" The pilot said, "Because all the people there have an arrogant attitude, just like you do. They are all a bunch of misfits, crackpots, and lunatics." Darth Odious said, "Thanks".

Meanwhile, there were political tremors rumbling through the feminist movement. The death of Darth Vulva had sent shock waves through the movement, and feminists all over the galaxy mourned the death of Darth Vulva, they hailed her as a great leader. Women were already asking who would replace Darth Vulva. Soon, they were talking about Darth Nympho. She was a little-known warrior, who had been trained by Darth Vulva, and others. Certainly, Darth Nympho was going to be the successor to Darth Vulva. She made no secret of this. "I intend to carry on where Darth Vulva left off", she said in a speech. "I intend to honor her legacy, and I intend to continue her work. It is time for feminist groups to quit hiding in the shadows. It is time for all the feminist groups in the universe to unite, and to create the first feminist empire!" The women listening to her speech stood up and cheered, and shouted "Hail, Nympho! Hail Nympho!" It was the beginning of the Intergalactic Feminist Empire.
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