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Penina looked up when she heard the sound of a car outside the motel room and her hand tightened on the knife she kept in her belt. Bobby had made it for her a while ago with the help of Ruby (a demon it turned out they definitely couldn’t trust) and it killed demons. There were footsteps outside and Penina’s heart thumped louder.

The key sounded in the lock and the door swung open. Her eldest brother Dean walked in first, covered in grime, dirt and blood. He was followed by Sam, the middle brother, who was notably cleaner and holding a bag of groceries “It’s okay Penina,” Sam said, seeing Penina’s panicked expression “It’s just us.”

“I can see that.” Penina said grumpily “You guys were gone ages. I was starting to worry you wouldn’t come back.”

“Oh don’t say that, we always come back, don’t we?” Dean said, heading towards the bathroom to clean off “Even when we die... We end up coming back.”

“It doesn’t stop me worrying.” Penina sighed “And what if demons came in here or something?”

“You’ve got the knife.”

“Yeah but you guys haven’t let me use it yet. I don’t know anything about hunting because you guys won’t let me help out.” Penina paused for a moment “I wanna go with you guys on your next hunt.”

“No way,” Dean said straightaway “Absolutely not.”

“Come on, Dad had you hunting when you were way younger than me.” Penina whined “I’m seventeen, nearly eighteen. You were like, what, fourteen when you started? How old were you Sam?”

“Don’t drag me into this.” Sam said, unpacking the groceries he’d brought back to the motel for them “It’s Dean’s decision.”

“And you know my answer already. Absolutely not.”

“God, you said it yourself, we always come back! So it’s not like there’s any real danger-”

“Penina, I said no.” Dean said, turning to look at her “That’s the end of the story.”

Penina groaned and flopped back onto the bed she’d been sitting on. This was probably the third time she’d attempted to have this conversation with Dean and she was met with this every time. Dean had been hunting since he was fourteen and Dad had started training him long before that. Sam had been fifteen when he’d officially started. It wasn’t fair that Penina had to wait longer than her brothers.

“If Dad was here then he’d let me hunt.” Penina said. It was a petty point to make but she couldn’t help it. She wanted to hunt so badly.

“Well Dad’s not here and I’m in charge.” Dean said “Besides, you’re wrong. He wouldn’t want you hunting. He didn’t want me and Sam hunting but he didn’t have a choice.”

“You don’t have a choice with me; I’m essentially in danger-”

“Penina, this conversation is over.” Dean said more firmly than was strictly necessary.

Penina groaned again and scrambled under the duvet, then closed her eyes shut pretending to be asleep. Dean rolled his eyes and went back to cleaning himself off. Sam sighed. He knew Penina was right but neither of the brothers wanted to risk her getting hurt. He finished unpacking the groceries and got into his own bed.

The next morning Dean was the first to wake up... So he thought. He glanced over at Sam and saw he was still fast asleep. When he looked over at Penina’s bed he saw it was empty. The door to the bathroom was closed so he assumed she was in there. He hoped she didn’t take long because he was desperate for a pee. He sat on the edge of his bed going through his phone for about twenty minutes before finally getting up and hammering so loudly on the bathroom door that it woke up Sam “Penina, come on, this is getting ridiculous. What are you doing in there?”

There was no response so Dean tried the door. It was unlocked. He pushed it open and found an empty room “Goddammit.” Dean muttered.

“Dean, what’s wrong?” Sam asked sleepily.

Dean turned to look at him “Penina’s gone.”

Penina had left about three hours ago while her brothers were still sleeping. She’d packed a bag, taken a few of her brother’s supplies and set off into the night. With what little money she had she bought a bus ticket. For a couple of months now she’d been gathering research on a case. They’d always been too far away for her to make a move but Sam and Dean had completed a case only two hours away from where she needed to be. It was the perfect time to finally prove to her older brothers that she could hunt.

As she flopped down into her seat she heard the fluttering of wings and nearly jumped out of her skin when Castiel suddenly appeared next to her “Your brothers will be looking for you.” He said in a flat voice.

“What makes you think they don’t know where I am?” Penina asked, raising her eye-brows.

“Why would you be getting a bus at five in the morning alone?” Castiel asked “It would be cheaper and more convenient for Dean to drive you.”

Penina sighed heavily “Look... Just don’t tell them, okay?”

“I don’t like the idea of keeping a secret from your brothers.” Castiel said “That can only lead to trouble.”

“I’m not going to get into trouble; I know exactly what I’m doing.” Penina said “If you don’t want to lie to my brothers then just hang out with me if you have to. Nothing that bad can happen while you’re around.”

“Thank you.” Castiel said “Do you mind me asking what we’re going to do?”

“I’ve been researching a case for a while,” Penina said, reaching into her bag and pulling out a small notebook “It’s simple really. Girl died in this house and now she preys on unsuspecting teenagers who go inside for a dare. I found out where she’s buried and she’s still pissed off because her Mum murdered her. All we need to do is quickly go to the house, check it out for EMF and stuff. If it shows up positive we burn the body then we go back to the house to make sure the presence is definitely gone.”

“If she preys on teenagers then surely you-”

“They sneak in at night for dares. I’ll go in during the day.” Penina said, trying to reassure herself as much as Castiel “We’re only checking for EMF. It’s not like we’re spending the night there.”

“I will take your word for it then.” Castiel said.

Sam had stayed behind at the motel looking for clues as to where Penina would’ve gone while Dean had gone out to ask anyone if they’d seen her. He came back about an hour later “The guy at the bus station said he’d seen her. She got on a bus to a town about two hours away from here.”

“Why? Is she running away or something?” Sam grabbed his bag and the two of them left the motel room “Why would she take some of our supplies with her?”

“It’s obvious. I wouldn’t let her hunt and now she’s gone off to prove a point or something like that.” Dean said angrily, getting into the driver’s seat “She’ll end up getting herself killed if we don’t catch her up.”

“You don’t have much faith in her.” Sam said “She’s right, you know. We started learning to hunt long before she did. If we’d just started teaching her the basics then she probably wouldn’t be in this mess right now.”

“Seriously? You’re gonna try and blame me for not wanting to drag Penina into this shitty life that neither of us ever wanted.”

“Well, like it or not Dean, she’s a Winchester. You can try and keep her locked away from all this for as long you want but the demons or worse will find her one day and she needs to be prepared.” Sam said, glancing at his older brother “We won’t be around forever. You know that the life of a hunter isn’t that long.”

Dean sighed “Okay... Fine. Once she’s not grounded anymore we can train her to hunt.”

“... Seriously? You’re grounding her?”

“Damn straight.”

Penina walked around the back of the abandoned house trying to find a way in “This is pointless.” Castiel said “I could just zap us into the house.”

“Your angel powers have been running lower. You need to save your strength for something important.” Penina replied “Besides, I need to practice everything if I’m gonna hunt by myself one day.”

“I don’t think Dean will allow that.”

“Well Dean can stick it. I’m eighteen soon. Then I can do whatever the fuck I want.”

Although the windows around the front of the house had been well boarded up they hadn’t bothered as much with the ones at the back. Penina clambered up and pulled herself through. She found herself standing in a dusty kitchen with sheets thrown over the majority of the furniture. Castiel stood outside awkwardly until Penina gestured for him to come inside. With difficulty Castiel pulled himself through the window and fell to the floor with a crash.

“Jeez Cas, are you alright?” Penina asked, rushing to check if he was okay.

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me.” Castiel said, standing up “Just do your EMF check so we can leave. I want to get you back to your brothers as soon as possible.”

“Stop acting like my Dad.” Penina said, getting the EMF reader out of her bag “You’re just like Dean. You don’t believe I can do this either. Not without you or someone else here to look after me.”

“It’s not like that.” Castiel said “I believe you could if you truly wanted to. But I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if something did happen you. Neither would Sam or Dean. You worry about them when they’re away.”

“That doesn’t stop them going away though, does it?” Penina snapped as she started walking around the house, watching the EMF meter get increasingly higher “So why should it stop me from doing what I want to do?”

Castiel sighed but didn’t say anything in defence.

Sam and Dean pulled up into the town Penina was hunting in. Dean found them a parking space and the two of them jumped out of the car. Dean immediately started asking people if they’d seen Penina, describing her and when he believed she’d arrived in the town. Everyone he met said they hadn’t seen her.

“Dude, I think it’d be faster if we just searched for her ourselves instead of asking people.” Sam said “This town isn’t that big. I bet it wouldn’t take that long.”

“Yeah, whatever.” Dean said, walking away. He didn’t want Sam to see how worried he was.

“I didn’t realise grave digging was this hard.” Penina said when she was about halfway to the coffin. She looked up at Castiel and glared “Are you going to help me or what?”

“I thought you wanted to prove you could this yourself.” Castiel said, looking confused.

“Well... I could always get a partner. Someone like Jo.” Penina said, turning back towards the hole and continuing to dig “There’s gotta be other people out there about my age, you know. That wanna hunt as well.”

“If you say so.” Castiel said, looking down at her “At least you won’t get lonely. But you’ll miss your brothers.”

Penina shrugged her shoulders “If they’d just accept that I want to hunt then I wouldn’t have to miss them.”

“We have looked literally everywhere that I can think of!” Dean snapped “Maybe the bus guy lied to us. We’ve got the wrong town. Oh shit! What if he was a demon? And they’ve got Penina locked up somewhere and now they’re-”

“Hey, that looks like... Castiel?” Sam said, looking over Dean’s shoulder “And Penina! Dean, look, we found them!”

Castiel and Penina were walking back towards the house to check the EMF meter to make sure the spirit was definitely gone. Penina hoped that she was because her body ached and her body was covered in dirt. All she wanted to do was have a shower and then get into bed.

“Penina!” Dean yelled and the two brothers ran over to her.

Penina jumped and then started to get nervous when she saw her brothers approaching her. She knew she was in trouble. Much to her surprise, Dean threw his arms around her and hugged her tightly “Don’t you ever scare me like that again.”

“Cas, why didn’t you tell us where Penina was?” Sam asked “We were worried sick.”

Poor Castiel looked between Penina and Sam before blurting “I didn’t lie.”

“Whatever, forget about that.” Dean said, letting go of Penina “What are you doing here anyway?”

Penina paused before explaining about the case she’d been working “You worked this case by yourself?” Dean asked.

“Well, I was here-” Castiel started.

“Please, you didn’t do anything.” Penina said “Yeah. I dug up the grave and burned the bones by myself and everything.”

Penina waited to see Dean’s reaction and she was surprised again when he grinned “I’ve never been so proud of you.”

“You’re not mad?”

“Mad? I’m furious! You are grounded for like the next month but I’m still proud.” He hugged her again “You really wanna hunt?”

“More than anything!”

“Alright, fine. I guess it’s about time you learnt. Me and Sam will teach you everything you need to know.”

Penina smiled “Thanks Dean.”

Dean smiled back and ruffled her hair “No problem Kiddo. Now we’ll let you finish this case... But we’re coming with you.”

Penina laughed “Deal!”

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