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In Loving Memory Of Jessie

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My sister's dog died and I wrote a poem to them.

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2014-12-29 - 157 words


In loving memory of Jessie

Today you took me to the vet
Because I'm more than just your pet
I am your best friend
With you to the very end

Thank you for loving me
For giving me everything I need
All your love came with me
So please do not grieve

Celebrate my life, my memory
It's only my physical body your buried
I know you're sad
I know you're mad

I'm sorry I can't stay
I'm sorry I have to go away
But thanks to your selflessness I am no longer sore
I'm in pain no more

Remember I only left my shell
My body was not well

So thank you for being a dog's best friend

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