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There's a bug inside my brain

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2015-01-04 - 236 words

There’s a little bug nibbling away at my brain.

I can feel it sometimes. Crawling, chewing, resting in the grooves of my tissue.

I think… it’s really small. --It must be, for-if it were any larger, surely, I would have felt it intrude.

I think I would have.

It probably crawled through one of my ear canals, harry, filthy little feet that would have to scrape away at my ear wax to get in.

I think I would have felt that, if it were any bigger of course.

It nibbles away at my brain, terribly slow, perhaps hoping that I would feel the inevitable decay of my organ.
The little guy is a bit malicious, sometimes he devours the parts I enjoy the most. It drains away my creativity. I don’t think he wants me to create things.

I try to protect what little motivation the bug has left me with. But, it’s a bit hard you see, because he’s eaten away at my energy too.

This tiny bug, I think, is probably starving.

I hope he finishes eating soon, so I could rest for a while.

Sorry I haven't been writing anything, it's a bit difficult. I wrote this so you could perhaps understand this. I'm not quitting, this is just a short hiatus. Sorry. If you want to reach me I have a tumblr and email. Just tell me.
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