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The story of a proud Dark Ranger on her first mission against the Scarlet Crusade.

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Very first lemon. Please don't flame me if you don't like it.

Dark Ranger Clea snuck through the quiet halls of the Scarlet Monastery. The moon was hidden behind a cloud and all the guards she had come across so far were bleeding out on the floor. Her doing of course. She had been sent to free a Forsaken general from the jail cells. As she neared the prisons a cloud moved and the moonlight shone upon her. Next thing she knew, guards were shouting as soldiers ran into the room she was in.

"Shit." She muttered as she turned and ran for the door. She was skilled, trained by Lady Sylvanas herself, but she knew she couldn't take the whole Scarlet Crusade. Suddenly, a door to the side of her burst open and she heard someone yell "Frost Nova!" Ice materialized around her feet, freezing her in place. A tall, muscular man with long, blonde hair emerged from the open doors. "What have we here?" asked the man in a Scarlet General's uniform with a staff in hand. "A Dark Ranger? What would she be doing here I wonder?" Clea spat at him. "Let me go you righteous ass!"

The Commander wiped her spit off his face with an angry look. "Guards! Take her to the prison, and see how long she can stay defiant!" He canceled the spell and motioned to some nearby guards. They grabbed her and started dragging her to the dungeons


Clea sat in her cell. They had revoked all her gear except her shirt and pants. She was currently contemplating escape routes. Unfortunately, the jail cells were very well built and escape was practically impossible. As she thought, the jail cell door slid open. Three men walked in. All nude and erect. The first was a chubby bald man, a mage, who had a 5 inch dick. The second was an ogre warrior with long, greasy hair and a 13 1/2 inch dick. The third was a rogue who had a swimmers build of muscles with curly red hair and a 7 inch dick. She crawled backwards until she hit a wall. "What do you pigs want? Come to brag? Gloat?"

The mage grabbed her hair and threw her to the center of the cell. "We didn't come to gloat or brag, but that sure sounds fun, right boys?"

The rogue leered at her and shadow stepped behind her. Before she could react, he had forced her arms behind her and tied her wrists together with a length of rope. The warrior pulled out a knife and walked towards her. "I think she needs to be shown what happens to those who appose the crusade."

He took the knife to Clea's chest level and started slicing the fabric. As he cut, the rogue started groping her ass. Her shirt and bra were sliced off, relieving her nude D cup breasts. The mage started poking at them, causing them to jiggle and bounce. The warrior moved on to her pants and made short work of them. The warrior proceed to rip off her panties and gaze at her pussy. "Would you look at that boys. She's a virgin!"

The mage grinned cruelly. "Not for long." He grabbed her and pushed her roughly into doggy style position. As he was doing this, the rogue inserted a metal ring into her mouth, forcing her to keep her mouth open in a wide o shape. She gazed at the men around her wide eyed in fear. The rogue grabbed her head and forced her to deep throat his dick, making her choke. The mage laughed and jammed his cock into her virgin pussy, splitting it open. She screamed in pain around the rogue's dick her face turning red from a lack of oxygen. The two men pulled out and proceeded to double penetrate her while the warrior jerked off above her. After a few minutes, the mage couldn't take it any more. He pulled out and came all over her ass. The rogue came a few minutes later. He pushed his dick as far as he could down her throat and came hard. She choked and slid off their dicks onto the floor.

The warrior laid down on the floor while the other two dragged her up and forced her to kneel above the warrior's gigantic dick. Her eyes were filled with tears. The warrior grabbed her thighs and forced his length into her, filling her up and bottoming out in her womb. A large bulge could be seen protruding from her stomach. The rogue grinned and jammed his dick into her ass, taking her anal virginity. The mage slid his dick into her mouth. Clea could taste her virgin blood on his cock. She felt stomach would explode as the warrior's large dick pushed roughly at the back of her womb. The Rogue kept pushing into her ass. She moaned in pain, pleasure, and fear as she was triple fucked.This kept up for a whole thirty minutes until the mage and rogue came, coating her ass and mouth in white cum. They pulled their dicks out as cum dribbled out of her mouth and ass. The warrior came a few seconds later with a load that would make an orc jealous. She gasped as the cum rushed straight for her very fertile eggs. Her pussy quickly filled up and the cum started flooding out by the gallons. She tumbled backwards off the dick and fell to the ground. Panting heavily. The mage grinned down at her. "Well well, I do believe we have a newly pregnant Forsaken on out hands. Surely the rest of the troops need a turn, don't you think?"

(TIME SKIP) Clea lay on the rough floor of her cell, feeling very sore. She was covered from head to toe in so much cum, you could hardly see any of her skin. Her hair was soaked in cum. After the trio had left, she had been dragged out to the Scarlet courtyard and fucked by almost every Crusader in the monastery, almost 200. The leader of the monastery gazed down at her. Welcome to your new life, beautiful. Now I suggest you get some rest. You have a long day 'relieving' the men tomorrow. He laughed cruelly and walked out the cell, shutting and locking the door behind her. As she lay there, half conscious, a baby had started growing in her womb.
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