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Nostalgia Can Be A Problem

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This is a poem about how nostalgia can keep you from moving on in life.

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2015-01-11 - 337 words

What is nostalgia you ask?

Nostalgia can be a good thing, but too much of it could be bad.

Looking back at a year where things were magical.

However, things may not have been as I thought.

Looking at the empty house that use to have such joy,

and looking at pictures in your room from holidays and fun outings.

You begin to dwell on the past, and want that time back,

that time when you were young and innocent;

and that time where things seemed more care free.

However, you sit in your room, looking through the window,

and you are seeing how your neighborhood has changed,

For both good and bad, but you see others having fun and enjoying their life.

You then look at how beautiful the weather is,

as well, as the trees and the lovely plants.

After I think about how the years have gone by why looking out the window,

I then began to realize, maybe things still are amazing;

what I need to do is stop living in the past, and move on,

so I then can create more memories.

As I walk throughout the neighborhood,

I realize how much I missed out on,

and I now realized things are still good now as they were back then,

it's just nostalgia that made me see things from a different point of view.

Oh, how I will miss the days of playing with my old dog who passed away,

as well as my old friends who moved away,

also, friends who have moved on and forgot me.

I will also miss my older siblings who I now live apart from,

as I now live in my family's old house by myself.

The house where I held on to the past for a very long time.

I will have a nice day of meeting new friends,

and maybe we will find new things to do together.

Before I know it, my nostalgia will no longer keep me from living a happy life.
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