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Not Quite Like The Others

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On paper, Eric Anderson appears to be perfect. Everybody loves him and he's the definition of perfect on the outside. If only the ones who love him knew his secret...

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Hey guys! Here's a story I've been writing for quite a while. This first chapter sets it up to be a happy story, but by the middle, it will be the furthest thing from it. The main parts of this story takes place when the main character is between the ages of 13 and 18, so there will be a lot of discussion of things teens struggle with, like the concepts of drug and alcohol use, sex, sexuality, friendships and family life, body image, self-harm all that sort of stuff. I therefore advise you to click off of this is you're offended, easily upset, or simply not into any of those things. I will also point out that overall this story is PG-13, however some chapters may be rated higher or lower based on the content. If you decided to stay, read on!

December 30th, 1997. It’s roughly 9:00 PM in central USA, and everyone’s preparing for New Year’s Eve. Except for 30-something husband and wife, James and Maria Anderson. Why are they not preparing to celebrate? Do they simply not celebrate the New Year? No, the reason they are not preparing for basically the one night of the year they have an excuse to get totally drunk (not they would anyway-they have two young children after all), is because Maria is in the closest hospital, giving birth to their third child.

If you asked James and Maria, they weren’t surprised really-Maria was over a week past her estimated due date. But for their other kids, five-year-old Gilbert and three-year-old Camille, it was freaky, but fascinating. Gilbert, not knowing any better, even had the audacity to loudly yell out ‘Mom just peed herself!’ when her water broke. Camille was more of a silent observer. However, they were both scared when the contractions started-no child wants to see their mother in pain, after all. Currently, the two were fast asleep in the spare room of their uncle’s house, sleeping peacefully, blissfully unaware of the little brother or sister joining their family by the time they woke.

Back at the hospital, Maria was…well, admittedly a lot better than one would expect. Having done this twice before, she was prepared for the undeniable pain that would come with childbirth, so she was not screaming as loudly and irrationally as one would think. Instead, it was more like little whimpers and groans every now and again. However, none of this changed the fact that she had a vice grip on her husband’s hand, squeezing it in time with the contractions. Well, at least it wouldn’t break this time…he hopes.

Fast forward a few hours. At a mere four minutes past midnight on December 31st, 1997, all the pain finally pays off as Maria finally gets to hold her new baby boy in her arms. A second son for her and James. A little brother for Gilbert and Camille. A new boy in their town, in their state, in the country, in the entire world (not that anyone aside from the family cares). Unlike in the cases of their other children, where they literally chose their names after seeing them for the first time, they already had names picked out. Had they had another daughter, she would’ve been named Madelyn Elise. However, the baby is a boy, so the name they give him? Eric James Anderson, after his uncle and father.

Over the course of the next two days, family and friends drift in and out, visiting little Eric. The hospital room is a constant string of congratulations to the parents and coos of how adorable the little boy is. At only a few days old, baby Eric is already loved and adored by so many people, from his mother and father and brother and sister who he’ll constantly be around for most of his life, to the relatives who flew in from all over the world to meet him, who he may never see again. Everyone who knows his parents or siblings love him. To someone like you or me, this seems like heaven. To be loved by everyone who knows you sounds like a dream come true.

When he’s taken home on January 2nd, 1998, even more relatives and friends visit the Anderson household to fawn over the little boy. At three days old, he’s already developing a personality accustomed to his surroundings. Little Eric is a social, happy little baby who (so far) only fears the unknown. He rarely ever cries if it isn’t because he’s hungry. He’s only a few days old and already living the perfect life.

It’s a shame that all good things must come to an end eventually.

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Lady Otaku
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