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The Time To Be A Man

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This is a poem about being strong for your loved ones in your darkest situations.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Published: 2015-01-14 - 321 words

There comes a time in life.

A time where you're in your worst situation,

and you are living your worst nightmare.

You're being chased in the streets by a gunman.

Your life is flashing before your eyes.

You think there is no hope left, and you're ready to go.

However, that is the time when you think about your family.

Your wife and kids would be heartbroken at your loss.

That is the time where it's time to stop running,

and time to be a man.

When you're stuck in a dark alley,

in which you are in your darkest hour.

You think there is nothing left to look forwarded to.

Next thing you know the gunman is coming at you.

You're about to be shot. Is it time to give up hope?

Or is it time to grab that gun and shoot,

and time to be a man.

A maniac has broke in your house,

and he is threatening to shoot your wife;

as well as your children unless you help him in homicide.

You think there is no way out,

but there is.

You give your own life to save your family,

because that is what it takes to be a man.

Be a man when you're in your darkest times,

and when you need to save the ones who love you.

Those who said you were never strong would see you as a hero,

even if you didn't survive the experience.

Your loved ones will forever appreciate what you did for them,

as you showed them and the world what it takes to be brave.

You also showed the world what it takes to be a man.

Be a man, and you will have the strength to survive,

and if you live to tell the tail, you will be forever remembered as a hero,

and your family will appreciate and love you like they never realized they did.
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