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The Road from Hell

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Challenge fic. Trish drabble. The genre for this is actually general, but they don't have that one so I had to pick something at random.

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One shot challenge fic, as set on the Devil Tears Message Board.

Conditions of challenge.

1. Must be written about one of the DMC women.
2.Cannot include Dante and Vergil, or any other character from DMC, except demons for fights.
3.Can be AU, and/or set in the past or present.
4.Must include some sort of brief (or not so brief) reference to Dante's The Divine Comedy.
5. Make it first person POV.

Any of you who know anything about me at all, will have guessed that my first choice would be Trish, and you guessed right . Any reference to the names Dante and Virgil in this, are references to the books Dante and Virgil (hence I spell the name differently) and have no connection to the games characters. Don't expect any sensible accuracy XD.

Disclaimer: I own nothing to do with Devil May Cry and even less of The Divine Comedy.

The Road from Hell.

I hold the book in my hands, toying with the pages and feeling their smooth dryness tickle my fingertips as I gently brush them across the page edges. To be honest I hadn't known what had possessed me to read it, not really. I suppose the idea of Hell from the point of view of one who had no true comprehension of of what Hell is really like, is fascinating to read.

The Divine Comedy. I enjoy reading 'Inferno'. As someone who truly knows Hell and all it contains, I wonder why I like it. Is it for its inaccuracy, or for its occasional coincidental accuracies.

The truth though, is so different from the musings of any human mind, certainly ones still living. The ones no longer so, there's nothing left of their humanity to be recognisable as human anymore.

Humanity is a strange concept, as it appears you do not need to be human to possess it. It is a strange condition. Like the contents of this book, it is not something you can truly fathom until you become a part of it, or more accurately, it becomes a part of you.

I think it is an amazing testament to that 'strange condition' that someone like me, created to be devoid of any shred of humanity, can have my existence touched by it so it becomes a part of me. I find myself with emotions and expressing actions that I don't understand.

It confuses me sometimes, but I'm adapting. Dante has his guide through Hell in Virgil. I need a guide in Dante's world.

I think, had I been in the right century, I could have been Virgil, been Dante's guide through Hell. Then to change the story, Dante could have been my guide through this world.

Sometimes I want to go home. The Underworld is all I've ever known.

I love the human world and everything in it. The feel of the sun on my face, wind moving my hair against the skin of my arm. I found out that I'm ticklish. Odd sensation, but pleasant.

But I am not human and I still feel out of place. Everything is so new and different. Regardless of anything, I can't help but miss what was once my home. I miss the feeling of familiarity.

Dante was exiled from his home too, and he created The Divine Comedy, a great masterpiece of it's time. I wonder what I will create?
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