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Pokemon Voring XY

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Bonnie Goes Looking The Others But Finds Serena Having A Meal In The Forest.

Category: Pokemon - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Erotica,Romance - Warnings: [R] [?] [Y] - Published: 2015-01-23 - Updated: 2019-11-23 - 710 words

It was a bright sunny day in Calios Region and 14 year old Bonnie was out in the woods looking for her 20 year old friend Serena who had gone out early that morning to train for her upcoming Pokémon Showcase along with looking for her brother Clement and friend Ash who had left her at the Pokémon Center with Nurse Joy. As she worked her way thru some very thick brush she heard a loud (GULP GULP GULP) deciding to see what Pokémon was making such a loud noise as that had to be what it was Bonnie headed in the direction the sound was coming from. Soon Bonnie could see a little light thru the thick brush and heard the (GULP GULP GULP) a little louder as she got to where the sound was coming from Bonnie saw a sight that almost made her gasp.
It was Serena she was sitting in a huge clearing up against a huge tree her mouth was stretched open incredibly wide and sticking out of it was Ash’s naked butt and legs. Bonnie eyes then moved down Serena’s body she was fully clothed save for her black slip-on shoes Bonnie saw that Serena’s black sleeveless skin tight shirt had been pushed up by a smooth round shiny white enormous belly and was clinging to Serena’s enormous round shiny double SS cup breast and had her thick fat saucer sized nipples poking thru the tight fabric. As Bonnie watched Serena gave another huge (GULP GULP) sending Ash butt and huge thick 12in long 8in thick white shiny penis down into her throat causing the skin to stretch even more. It was as Serena’s black thigh high sock clad feet wiggled from the pleasure her meal was giving her that Bonnie noticed a second completely naked body it was her bother Clement he seemed asleep on the grass Bonnie figured that Serena must have used one of her new Pokémon Puffpuff the powder Pokémon it could create many types of gasses even those that could make people have sex this she found out about after the Puffpuff had made her and Serena have some very hot passionate sex in an old mansion weeks earlier a night she wasn’t going to forget as it had been the night she found out she was a lesbian and wanted Serena to be her full time lover the only problem was that idiot Ash who got in the way of her alone time with Serena and her big brother Clement who was always watch her. But now it looked like Serena was taking care of the Ash problem that just left her brother Clement but with him began naked Bonnie guessed he would be a problem for not much longer. Bonnie then decided to help Serena out so pushing the brush aside Bonnie called “Hey Serena need some help with that baby” Serena gave a huge (GULP) and waved her over with her left hand.
Bonnie smiled as she walked over to her so to be again lover. She could feel her huge pussy quickly getting wet as she got closer to Serena. Once she reached Serena the girl reached out and grab her right hand and pulled her down onto the ground next to her before placing it on her bare bloated swollen round smooth tight belly while taking a deep (gulp) sending Ash down to his knees. As Bonnie rubbing the tight white skin of Serena's belly she looked over at her naked brother and for the first time felt herself get really hungry so deciding she wanted a massive belly like the one Serena was slowly growing Bonnie leaned into Serena's ear and whispered "Hey baby how about I eat Clement over there myself and get a massive smooth tight round belly like you have here then we can have some real fun". Bonnie watched as Serena gave a huge gulp to pull in Ash's calves causing her slender throat to stretch before she gulped down the huge barefeet and slowly sending it all down her stretched passage and into her now massive round belly that swelled up into a tight shiny white orb of flesh.
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