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Tsunade Teaches Hinata A New Move

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Tsunade Decides To Teach Hinata A Secret Justu.

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(Tsunade Teaches Hinata A New Move)
It was bright sunny day in the hidden leaf village and Lady Tsunade was sitting at her desk doing paper work while waiting for her new student to arrive so she could teach a very rare new move to the girl. As Tsunade sat in her seat her stomach gave a massive growl she had skipped breakfast so her stomach would be empty for the lesson. As Tsunade was rubbing her stomach thru her long sleeve green shirt there was a soft knock on the door. Looking up Tsunade yelled “Come in Hinata and bring Shizune with you "the door opened slowly and a female adult ninja entered followed by a second adult female ninja. The first ninja had short dark purple strait hair that reached her shoulders, pale white skin, pupil less eyes, a thick tan jacket that hide her upper body well, light grey pants with a small pack on the left thigh and bandage like wrapping around her right thigh, her feet were bare but held in a pair of black ankle sandals. The second ninja had long strait black hair that reached down to her shoulder-blades, huge round white breast that were held in a black mesh t-shirt that was covered in a long sleeves ankle length kimono with a dark red sash, her feet were bare but held in a pair of black ankle sandals. As Tsunade looked at them she quickly licked her ruby red lips before her stomach gave a loud growling this cause Shizune to look at her boss before walking to a special cabinet over on the wall behind the Hokage's desk opening the cabinet Shizune took out a small green bottle that matched the color of Tsunade's eyes. Looking back at the Hokage she knew she was going to play a important part in the teaching of this special move so popping the cork she gulped down a little of the liquid before turning back to the teacher and her new student.
As Shizune was getting ready Tsunade tells Hinata "To start I need you to take off your thick grey coat". Hinata blushed her whole face turning light red but she slowly reached up and began to unzip her coat. As the thick garment was beginning undone Tsunade could see a black mesh tanktop that came down to Hinata's huge potbelly with it's popped out belly button and only covers her enormous pale white double HH cup breast. Hinata then let her coat slid down her pale arm which were thick with huge muscles covered in thick veins.
The sight of Hinata’s thick muscler arms surprised Tsunade she had not guessed the young shinobi to be so buff. Tsunade then spoke “Now take off your tanktop, we need your upper body completely naked for this justu”. This caused Hinata’s already light pink face to turn a crimson red it was one thing to have her jacket off in front of the Hokage but to be bare breasted was just scary. Seeing her new students look Tsunade decided to help the young woman feel more comfortable “Hinata-san would you like it if both Shizune and I take our tops off, it is part of the justu I’m going to be teaching you”. Hinata looked at her teacher and Shizune before quickly nodding her head yes.
Licking her dark red lips Tsunade turned to her assistant and spoke Shizune “Come here and take off my shirt so Hinata will be comfortable”. Shizune nodded and walked over to her mentor and lover before grabbing first the sage green thigh length open outer robe Tsunade wore and began to pull it off. As she did Hinata almost gasp as her Hokages bare naked arms were revealed and they were enormous each was the size of a beachball with thick pulsing veins running all over them. Lady Tsunade then smiled at her before the outer robe was thrown on to the Hokages huge desk. Shizune then reached around Lady Tsunade from behind and began to untie the wide dark grey sash that wrapped around the Hokages waist as Shizune putted it off Hinata’s eyes widened as Tsunade’s flat toned stomach started to slowly rise like bread in an oven.
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