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Chapter Four: A darker dream. A second name. Assurance.

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Second dream and name revealed.

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“You’re gonna fit in great here!” Kana reassured eagerly. There’s so much to do. We could go to town and shop, go to the Hill of Winds, go treasure hunting in the bottom of the east wing, you could even come visit me and watch me work at the clock tower, and I could teach you all I know—””
“Settled down, Kana, we’re not quite there yet. We still need another name,” Hikari reminded her, and Kana sat down, but kept the excitement burning in her eyes.
I’m beginning to act like Kuu, too, she realized, and fell silent.
“What do you say?” Rakka smiled at the girl. “Would you try telling us about your dream again?” The girl still looked insecure, and Rakka felt bad for pressuring her. “I’m sorry. Was it a bad dream?”
The girl opened her mouth, but all that came out was a thin whistling sound.
Hikari got up from the chair and disappeared into the kitchen, and a second later came out with a glass of water. “Here, drink this. You’ll feel better.”
Nemu had also given Kin a glass, which he gulped down in very few turns.
“I … don’t remember much…” the girl started. “There was a very dark room… I was in it… And a snake – it…” Her voice cracked as she hid in Rakka’s embrace again while Rakka stroked her gently down the back.
“It’s ok, take your time,” she hushed, and her eyes widened in horror as the girl whispered through tear-wet eyes the rest of the dream. She slowly pulled the crying Haibane an arm’s length away and started into her glazed eyes. “Are you sure?”
The girl sobbed and nodded several times, then went back to crying in Rakka’s lap. Rakka looked concernedly at the rest, even Kin, who had gotten halfway out of bed and was now sitting in fetal position. Half his face was hid behind his knees and he was staring at something Rakka couldn’t quite grasp. Maybe it was just an insomniac’s stare, she figured.
“I’ll tell you later. It was certainly nothing important regarding her name.”
She could see that even though curiosity sparkled in their eyes they had enough respect for both her decision and the girl’s fragile condition to leave the matter be for now.
“Your name will be Kira, which means dark,” Rakka stated, as her fingers slowly plowed through thick, long hair as black as the midnight sky. She helped the girl up again, and looked into her eyes once more. “Welcome to Old Home, Kira.” She hugged her, and added in a whisper she knew only the two of them could make out: “Don’t worry, Kira, I will be by your side. I will always be by your side.”
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