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The Dying Game

by ArsenicAutumn 1 review

Something inspired by the lead singer of our band on the night of the last gig we ever did.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2015-01-31 - 125 words - Complete

Strum the last chord, now pause...

The cheers scream
they want you
until they find out
there's no promise here. Nu-uh.

Go back to the coffee shop.
Grunge oozes from cheap speakers,
You wanna be just like them.

You aren't, you can't be.
Your daddy said you can't
as he blackened your eyes
kissed your lips

never forget

every song, every scream
every moan
Just fall.

It's the dying game you're playing now
They've seen it before, they'll see it again
this husky-voiced tragedy.
Not tonight. Not now.

Encore! Encore!

They'll love you yet
it only takes a drink,
a pill,
a needle,
and they'll truly love you.

But we all know better.

the cheers worship
your face in a photograph fading to dust.
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