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The Castle of Ice

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Apprehension, vexation, approbation, friendship; I tasted all of these as I started my first year at Beauxbatons Academy of Magic.

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Apprehension seized my heart as I peer into the great unknown– apprehension vexed my very soul as my eyes take in the new climate.

I thought I had understood what a world of magic would be like when a middle-aged witch turned into a cat before my very eyes– I thought I had understood what a world of magic would be like when I got my first wand after my parents and I moved to France so that I could attend the all-girls school: Beauxbatons– I thought I understood what a world of magic would be like when I rode to school in a carriage pulled by flying horses.

My understanding was less than complete. Beauxbatons castle, a magical ice sculpture that made Elsa's ice palace look less than impressive, was the most beautiful thing that I had laid eyes upon! and the most terrifying.

Terrifying because of the sheer cliffs of ice that surrounded it– terrifying due to the sheer power that it must have taken to build and maintain such a structure– terrifying, because it completely obliterated my understanding on what is possible, and what is not possible.

Then my new friend turned and gave me a most reassuring smile. I hugged her as gratitude welled up in my heart. At least someone was there for me.

As she hugged me back, apprehension was replaced by approbation– approbation of the castle that would now be my second home– approbation of spending nine months away from everyone I knew before, approbation because I had a true friend.

Author's note:
Bonjour, Monsieur's and Mademoiselle's. This is my take on a Muggleborn girl's apprehension at the sight of a place as amazing as Beauxbatons coupled with her lingering apprehension of being away from what she knows. The apprehension turning into approbation due to something as simple as a smile from a friend.

Of course, there's going to be more apprehension as time goes on, and smiles cannot solve everything.

Chapter one will be completed faster– chapter one will be of higher quality– chapter one will be of greater length; the more feedback I get.

Lire et revoir, mes amours!
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