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Strawberry’s Hot Night In Berry Bity City

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It's Right After Strawberry Shortcake's Birthday Party And Her New Friend Apple Cider Needs Her Berry Best Help.

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It was quiet night in Berry Bity City the day had been long as the citizens had been having a party for Strawberry Shortcakes birthday. But as everyone from the girls to the berrykins not all were asleep for over in the farmers market in the home of Strawberry Shortcake there was a light on in her bedroom window and moaning coming from the window four female voices one belonged to Strawberry Shortcake who was moaning the loudest the other three belonged to her friends the book loving Blueberry Muffin, the berry bitty rock star Cherry Jam and her newest friend the cider mill owner Apple Cider who had moved into Berry Bitty City over two months ago to open a cider mill outside of town from Big Berry Bitty City.
It was inside this bedroom that something no one else would believe was happening the four girls were having a stranger kind of sex with. It had started the moment the last party guest had left for their comfy homes. Strawberry had locked the door to her café an was heading home over at the market place where she had a nice big bed wanting for her when a pair of hands grabbed her around the waist from a huge bush by the red walkway and not just any hands berry big hands at first she had screamed as she had no idea what had grabbed her as no one had hands the size of huge strawberries but then a voice whispered in her ear “Calm down Strawberry it’s only me Apple Cider, Though I am a little bit bigger than I was a few hours ago, I need your help”.
Hearing Apple Ciders words quickly calmed Strawberry down but then she remembered what Apple had said bigger that plus the huge hands on her waist caused Strawberry to turn and look at the bush and nearly gasped at what she saw standing there. It was a completely naked Apple Cider and she was berry berry big no she was huge standing nearly a story high the bush only coming to her clean shaven fat pink pussy how she had not seen this behemoth standing naked by the road she didn’t know but here she was.
Looking Apple Cider over Strawberry marveled at what she saw Apple was not only tall she had grown in other places the first was her breast were they had once been a huge heavy round caramel double GG they had swollen up to massive heavy round caramel Triple GGG topped with enormous fat amber colored nipples that seemed to be leaking a dark brown sustains that was dripping down to Apples next swollen body part her once six pack flat stomach that she had worked out hard to get was now a round swollen smooth caramel belly that made her look over six months pregnant with twins and had a popped out belly button in the front, Strawberry took in Apples arms and legs or what she could see of Apples legs it amazed her that Apples arms had gone from huge muscler caramel sticks to a pair of enormous thick berry muscler arms covered in thick veins. As for Apples legs the thighs were just as enormous as her arms and sat under a massive jiggly round bubble butt that had to be to berry yards wide. But it wasn’t til Strawberry took a good look at Apples crouch that she did let out a loud gasp for she had thought on her first look of Apple that something was off but had thought it was just the bush Apple was standing in but on close examination of Apples crouch Strawberry saw something that made her pussy berry berry wet what she saw was a massive caramel colored thick mid-calf length penis under which hung a pair of beachball sized veiny hairless testicles.
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