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Our fight

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Frank's P.O.V and he wants answers

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Frank's P.O.V

I let myself into her room a while later to find her fast asleep in her underwear on the bed. I noticed her check shirt resting between her neck and the pillow as she lay on her left side, facing towards the door. Her jeans had been folded and was being held against the wound on the other side of her neck. Her other hand dangling off the bed. She looked so innocent and peaceful whilst in this state, it made me wonder how she got herself into this life. She couldn't have been that old, I mean she looked about twenty two at the most, her status wasn't known within our world and there was no scent of her being a true blood. I walked over ever so slowly, careful not to alert her into a frenzied attack. One thing about a sleeping weak vampire is if they are awaken they will attack. I looked over her body, quickly noticing the bruises and the scars that littered up and down her sides. Her right cheek was glowing red and there was a thin trickle of bright red blood from where the wound on her neck still hadn't began to heal. I sat on the chair just staring at her back, puzzled by how these injuries could be so...human like. One thing about vampires is when we "bleed" its dead blood, black and tar like, that escapes before our healing agent kicks in but when Gerard bit her that wasn't the case. Her blood was bright, fresh, with the delicious smell that only humans can offer. Also, our perfectly white skin doesn't redden so why the hell was her cheek so damn red?! I got lost in the thoughts of the reasons behind her mystery. She was definitely one of us, she had the fangs and not to mention her ability in the bar, but yet she was so human like. I walked round the other side of her slowly and that was when I noticed the scars on her wrists. The familiar look of someone who got away quick enough to escape the deadly consequence of silver on our delicate skin. There was three thin lines that graced her wrists as though someone had uses a necklace and wrapped it round and round to cause maximum pain. But how did she survive? Realising it would be a few hours before Blake could answer I decided on the next best thing.

I slammed the door open, my eyes black as I entered Anna's room. Gerard sorting the television out, jumped to look at me.
"You know what she is?" I spoke sharply as I stood staring at her intensely. I noticed her hesitate before nodding slowly, Gerard walking over to me. "Who turned her?" I shouted loudly, glaring down at the young human.
"I don't know!" She shouted back, glaring right back at me.
"Bullshit! Who does she work for!" I growled at her, stalking my way over to the bed.
"She's never told me! I don't know!" She screamed back looking at Gerard quickly for help. I sensed Gerard reaching for me but I quickly shoved his hand away and I got on the bed leaning over to her. My fangs clearly visible.
"I'm going to give you ten seconds to answer" I growled. "Ten..Nine..Eight"
"I don't know! She never talks about that!" Anna screamed out desperately.
"She's telling the truth. She doesn't know." I heard her strong voice come from behind me as I turned to the door frame.
"Blake what have they done to you?" Anna shouted getting off the bed running over to her best friend who was in just her skinny jeans.
"I'm fine, I'm fine." She mumbled as she returned Anna's hug, glaring at Gerard and me over her best friends shoulder. "I'll make you a deal." Blake finally spoke once Anna pulled away, gently pushed behind Blake. "I'll answer your useless questions, as long as she leaves now." She looked directly at me as Anna shook her head.
"No I'm not leaving without you Blake are you crazy?!" She pushed the vampire carefully.
"Anna, I'll be fine. You need to get out of here and get somewhere safe. I'll find you soon enough." Blake smiled weakly, knowing that that day would never come.
"And there is our answer. You would sacrifice yourself for your best friend." I smirked straight at her. "Looks like its your lucky day Anna, you just got your freedom." I stood up off the bed.
"No!" Screamed the only human in the room. We all quickly turned to look at her, shock on all our faces.
"Anna please," Blake shook looking at her "you've never said no to me." Tears filling up in her eyes.
"Well I'm saying it now. I'm not leaving here without you. Stop acting like you can take on the world by yourself. Let me help." She spoke softly to her best friend, scared to cause her anymore hurt then she'd already done.
"This isn't your fight though." Whispered Blake, tears falling freely now as she looked up at her best friend.
"No its our fight." She whispered back smiling as she squeezed her arm gently and reassuringly.
Blake just shook her head before running out of the room, wiping her eyes as she went. It fell silent after that as Anna watched the door her best friend had just exited from.
"You've really never said no to her before?" Gerard asked slowly, walking over to her as she shook her head. "Wow" he mumbled.

I watched through the two way mirror as the young maid walked in to Blake's room a few hours later. The girl who was just lay on the bed staring up at the ceiling, weak and emotionally drained, not to mention hungry.
"Master Iero sent me in, told me to offer myself for you to feed from." The young maid spoke stood by the door frame, waiting for her permission to enter further.
"I'm not hungry." Mumbled the vampire.
"I've been told not to leave until you've fed." She spoke quietly, trying not to anger the stronger female.
"You better pull up a chair then because you’re going to be here awhile." Blake retorted before looking at the young girl in the doorframe. "You have to wait for permission to enter?" She cocked her eyebrows at the maid, who nodded slowly.
"Yes I do Miss Darling." She spoke softly.
"You may enter and please don't call me that, call me Blake." She smiled weakly as the staff member walked in closer and over to the bed.
"Edith," She smiled before commenting "your very pale miss.." She flinched realising her mistake, her eyes not looking at Blake.
"Its fine," she smiled as she sat up in bed to study the young girl. "How old are you?" She asked as she made space for her to sit.
"22." She looked at her slowly as she sat.
"Same as me." She smiled sadly, "you was in the room before correct?" The young girl nodded biting her lip. "You must think me a monster. Sent here to kill your boss?" This time the maid looked at the mirror I was stood behind before turning back to her.
"It's not my place to judge. Mr Iero is a kind boss." She bit her lip nervously.
"They all seem like that at first." Blake spat out looking the other way. "I'm not going to feed from you Edith. I know Mr Iero can hear this so he knows its not your fault." She spoke directly to the young girl before looking up in the mirror I was at, "if he has a problem with that he can come in here and speak to me himself." She glared before looking back at the girl smiling as she nodded and walked out.
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