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Up Upon The Moutain

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Nymeria had once been in Middle Earth, to journey to the Lonely Mountain, she was believed dead, but now she is to return. The world that she had come to love and the people who live there are in d...

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The Pass of Caradhras, that allowed travelers to pass between the tallest peaks of the Misty Mountains, was now the Fellowship's destination. Gandalf chose to let the group rest before climbing the path. A fire was not lit lit for fear of the enemy's eyes seeing. All had already felt the weight of the journey upon them.

Frodo had felt the weight more so than any other, Nymeria understood his pain and sat close to him, speaking kind and hopeful words. After Samwise served a cold meal, due to the lack of fire, Nymeria grew tired and realized just how foot sore that she was. She set up her bed roll,

"Going to bed early Nymeria?" Aragorn questioned

"Aye, I had not realized how tired I was till off my feet." she took off her sturdy boots and laid on the bedroll. She pulled the fur lined blanket over her, hiding herself from the cold. The howls of the wind were forced into sweet songs by her mind so that she might rest, and when sleep concurred her only visions of a strange darkness.

"She is a strange one is she not." Boromir spoke of Nymeria. "It is not common to find such a fierce woman, whose will is her own."

"That is true," Gimli engaged the conversation, "but that tales of her, tell that she was not always such."

"Bilbo told us only that it was a sad story, and nothing more." Frodo spoke.

"It was a sad story, a family slaughter before her eyes, the butcher held her in their grasp so that they could rightfully claim power. Only through the marriage of the only daughter could the butcher claim her father’s kingdom. Alas, she was not of a marital age, and he had to wait long years before he was crowned. He locked her away from the sight of others, and he was cruel. I wish to spare you the details of his cruelty to her. In solitary she grew lovely; when the days of the wedding approached she prayed for mercy." Gimli lit his pipe, causing suspense. All but Gandalf were hooked upon each word, "Imagine her surprise when she landed in these lands, a thousand worlds away from hers, being swept off on a journey with one Hobbit, one Wizard, and thirteen Dwarves."

All eyes turned to Nymeria, she shivered ever so slightly in the cool wind, like a father would Aragorn placed his unused blanket over her and smoothed it over her shoulders. This light touch stirred her to wake, and saw every person looking upon her with soft eyes.

"Why are you all looking at me." her soft brow furrowed before giving way to wide green eyes, "I was not talking in my sleep was I?" Merry and Pippin burst with laughter. The sadness of the moment was taken away on the wind, and the hearts of all the Fellowship were lightened. Nymeria was quite confused but began to giggle along, "What did I do?" Merry was on his side, and Pippin was holding his gut as if were about to spill out. Even Bill the pony whined and nicked at her.

Soon the laughter cooled, their cheeks were hot and flushed red now. Their abdomens aching from the laughter. Aragorn patted her on the back before standing to go take watch. The dawn was fast approaching, and soon this moment of rest would be over

The climb began, thick snow had already begun to fall and the sun was shielded by a grey sky. Frodo was weary, you could see it in the way that he walked. Nymeria was also tired, she missed the days in which her starlight was branding within her being and she never grew weary. Now she kept thinking to herself,

'One more step. One more step. For it you stop your feet they will never move again.'

Frodo slipped in the snow and stumbled, he fell and rolled back down the slopes.

"Frodo!" exclaimed Aragorn, he reached out and caught the Ring Bearer. The blue eyed Frodo swept the snow off of his clothing, he reached to the Ring that was supposed to be around his neck, only, it had fallen off of him. He was panic stricken gazing around, looking to the white powder for the Ring. Boromir searched as well and saw the Ring and its chain. He picked it up and looked at it with stars in his eyes. All turned to him in concern.

Aragorn was the one to break all tension and say "Boromir."

"It is a strange fate that we should suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing; such a little thing."

"Boromir.” Aragorn said more harshly and urgently than before. Boromir was halted and looked to Aragorn. "Give the Ring to Frodo." Boromir look shocked at his actions and marched over to Frodo and held out the Ring by its chain.

"As you wish." Boromir said as he held the Ring out; Frodo with worry, snatched it back and placed it around his neck. Running his hand over Frodo's dark curly hair playfully Boromir grinned, and then moved on.

Nymeria watched Aragorn move his hand from his sword, and his eyes locked on to hers. But she did understand the Ring had wrapped its temptation about Boromir; if the death of Boromir that is the price for the success of this journey.

The snow had grown deeper and deeper, over the days and nights that the Fellowship climbed the mountain. Legolas could easily walk without complaint, but the more heavy footed members had issue with the chest high snow. The Hobbits had it worst of all. The wind whipped the snow, causing it to be the equal of razors. Nymeria looked up and as the flying ice hit her she was assured that it had cut her.

Boromir and Aragorn had picked up the Hobbits as they struggled through the snow. Legolas moved past them and looked concerned for a quiet whisper could be heard,

"Cuiva nwalca Carnirasse; nai yarvaxea rasselya!"

"There is a fell voice on the air!" Legolas called out above the wind.

"It's Saruman!" Gandalf exclaimed. The mountain shook,

"He's trying to bring down the mountain! Gandalf! We must turn back!" Aragorn panic stricken called out Gandalf quickly yell

"No!" he stepped forward,"Losto Caradhras, sedho, hodo, nuitho i 'ruith!"

"Cuiva nwalca Carnirasse; Nai yarvaxea rasselya; taltuva notto-carinnar!" A whispered upon the howling wind answered Gandalf.


A bolt of lightning struck above them, hitting the top of the mountain. Snow slipped from the mountain and rained down upon the Fellowship, they were buried in cold snow.

Nymeria clawed her way to the top, when she emerged she began to dig for the others, she pulled Pippin out. His cheeks were a fiery red, if the Hobbits were not relieved of this cold they would fall.

"We must get off the mountain! Make for the Gap of Rohan and take the west road to my city!" Boromir yelled to Gandalf

"The Gap of Rohan takes us too close to Isengard!" Aragorn reasoned. Nymeria pulled Pippin closer to her, as to warm relieve him of some of his cold. He, thought thinking it inappropriate to be so intimately close to a woman, snuggled in closer. She rubbed his back and arms to bring warmth to his limbs.

"If we cannot pass over the mountain, let us go under it! Let us go through the Mines of Moria" suggested Gimli. Gandalf was silent for a moment, but the wind was not
Gandalf pauses thinking

"Let the Ring Bearer decide." Gandalf said just above the wind. All looked to Frodo

"We cannot stay here!This will be the death of the hobbits!" Boromir persuaded, Pippin shuddered in Nymeria's arms.

"Frodo ?" Gandalf questioned.

"We will go through the Mines." Frodo answered with hesitation, the wind howled

"So be it." Gandalf turned, and so begins the long climb down.
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