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Josh and Donna

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A State Dinner at the White House goes awry

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How a seemingly normal State Dinner revealed much more about the relationship between Josh and Donna...

The day at the White House started out in the best way possible - surprisingly calm especially amid the hecticness that should be the morning of a State Dinner. Sam had been on the Hill all morning meeting with California Democrats about the latest strategy on increasing taxes for the wealthy, while Toby had locked himself in his office, cursing out his landlord and contemplating the President’s upcoming State of the Union speech.
President Bartlett, meanwhile, spent the morning stressing about Zoey’s new boyfriend while on the phone with the Russian Prime Minister discussing Iran. His worry about his daughter’s new guy, whom he affectionately dubbed ‘he who must not be named,’ would not contribute to an incident free State Dinner.
Josh and Donna had spent the morning preparing for the evening’s activities, constantly arguing about seating assignments and such, sending them both into an annoyed frenzy. Their relationship had been rather tumultuous lately following Josh’s latest mental breakdown about her constant nagging.
“DONNNNNNNA,” hollered Josh. “I told you to put the Chinese Prime Minister next to C.J., you know how she can keep him calm.”
“Oh for heaven’s sake, Josh. Don’t be ridiculous, you know we need him next to Leo to discuss trade,” Donna replied.
As the day progressed, the duo became increasingly frustrated with one another. As 6:00 p.m. rolled around, their tension had become so pronounced that interns were scurrying around the West Wing, gossiping about their conflict
“Do you see the way they talk to each other? There must be something else going on there,” one muttered.
“I know, it’s been happening for a while now. I hope they figure it out soon. People are starting to notice. Leo was staring the other day,” another whispered.
The conflict between some of the West Wing’s most popular staff members left a cloud of worry in the heads of their colleagues as world leaders began to file in the White House.
Surprising to some, the first half of the dinner flew by. The President was having a deeply enthralling conversation with the British Prime Minister about gun rights. Toby and C.J. were snacking on crab cakes while making small talk with the Defense Minister. The staff’s increasing assumption that the dinner would go off without a hitch was short lived, however.
Suddenly, the President gasped and began having a very animated conversation with the Russian Prime Minister, the same man who he’d had a phone call with only a few hours earlier. The President then got up from the table, and calmly walked out of the room, followed by Leo, Josh, Toby, and C.J.
He silently led the staff to the oval office, where he angrily shared that the Russian Prime Minister had learned of an affair between two of his staff members, and was going to use that as blackmail against the United States if the President didn’t side with the Russians in Ukraine.
Josh then stood up, and shared that he was the subject of the rumor and that it was indeed true. He silently walked out of the room, and returned with an ashen Donna. The meeting would now change the dynamic of the Bartlet Administration forever.
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