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Chapter 15

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Dreams, and the aftermath of a fight.

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He’s dreaming, that much is certain. The walls are nothing like he’s ever seen in real life, the light that spills into the room is too wholesome for Jersey, and the bed is the softest he’s ever been on. The air smells like sex, and when he rolls over on that luxurious bed, the first thing Frank’s eyes are met with is the green ones of Gerard. The black haired man is smiling, and then he’s leaning in, pressing his dusky pink lips to Frank’s and it’s all the shorter man can do but kiss back, letting tattooed fingers twist into the messy raven hair.

Gerard moans, softly, and then he’s breaking the kiss, instead pulling himself up and over Frank, until he’s straddling him. Frank can’t help himself; he trails his fingertips down the soft smooth skin of Gerard’s ribs, loving the blush that rises on the other man. Gerard leans down again, pushing their lips together, and swiping his tongue playfully along Frank’s lower lip, pressing for entry. Frank resists for a moment, until Gerard whines, and then he laughs quietly into Gerard’s mouth, before letting his demanding tongue in.

They both hum happily, sinking further into the kiss, until Frank’s hands start to wander, stroking lightly up Gerard’s sides, his shoulders, and the top of his back. Gerard practically purrs, crushing himself that little bit closer to Frank’s tattooed torso, and inadvertently rubbing their crotches together. Frank breaks the kiss to moan, and Gerard can’t quite resist grinding down again, a little bit harder, reveling in the sound of Frank’s wanton groan.

“Fuck… fuck. Gerard,” Frank’s gasping in to the still, warm air of the room, red tingeing his cheeks and the top of his chest and voice hoarse. Gerard smirks, and kisses Frank again, except this time there’s no warm up – Gerard fucks his tongue straight into Frank’s mouth, loving the feel of the shorter man’s tongue twisting around his. Frank’s tattooed arms wrap firmly around Gerard’s middle, and the taller man buries his hands deeper into his partner’s hair, relishing every tiny shift of the tiny man beneath him.

Gerard breaks the kiss suddenly, skimming his lips down Frank’s neck, stopping only to suck at the inked scorpion. Gerard’s breath is hotstickytingling over the tattoo, and Frank knows that if it wasn’t block black ink the scorpion was inked with, Gerard would have created a purple mark, high on his neck, for everyone to see. The skin is released from Gerard’s mouth with a small sucking noise, and Frank feels disappointed for a second, until he feels the raven-haired man bite hard at the junction between his neck and shoulder.

His hips jerk up involuntarily, and he hears Gerard’s dark chuckle pressed up against his neck. One of Gerard’s pale artist fingers skate up to the bite mark, and press on it, with some serious force and Frank feels every inch of his skin break out in fresh sweat.

“God, look at you Frankie, fuckin’ perfection… I ain’t even touched you yet, and you’re so fuckin’ hard, so fuckin’ perfect…” The New Jersey drawl in his ear draws his attention away from the pulsing mark on his neck to the desperate pounding between his legs. Gerard strokes over the bite one last time, and begins to slide his hands down Frank’s body, pausing at his nipples, and loving how responsive Frank became when the dark aureoles were pinched – bucking and gasping, the faint tail of Gerard’s name spiraling out of Frank’s mouth. He fluttered his pale fingers around Frank’s nipples once more, and continued to pet the inked skin of Frank’s body, giggling inwards to himself when he found another spot that made Frank shudder and gasp when lightly stroked.

Frank can only feel the blood pounding in his ears, and the desperate pulsing between his legs. He’s so hard, so fucking hard from a couple of kisses and a bite, and he’s so gone for Gerard, it almost beggars belief. Teasing fingers continue to skate down his body, and suddenly, they’re dancing lightly over his throbbing cock.

Frank makes an inhuman noise, he knows he does, but when he hears Gerard’s answering groan, he forgets to be embarrassed. He pushed himself upwards, pressing into Gerard’s body above him, canting his hips up as far as he can, wordlessly begging for the pale man to get on with it, to just touch him, let him come.

Instead, Gerard chuckles again, and rolls off of Frank.

Frank jerks awake and when he scrambles blindly at his bed sheets, he feels the cold radiating from them. Desperately wanting to go back to his dream with the man he loves like nothing else, he curls himself up into a ball and lets his thoughts drift to the night before, until the blissfulness of unconsciousness pulls him back in.


“Oh no you don’t, asshole!”

Before he’s even taken three steps away from the fight, Frank has a vice-like grip clamped around his arm. Glancing down, he sees bone white knuckles curved around his forearm, the pale skin looking odd in comparison to his tanned and tattooed arms. He tries to jerk his arm free, but Gerard is fucking determined and yanks hard enough that Frank is forced to turn around and face those goddamned fucking green eyes he’s been trying so hard to escape from for what feels like too long.

“What the fuck was that?!”

Gerard’s voice is rising in volume now, catching the attention of the bouncer who’s resumed his position at the door of the club, as well as the various bystanders that are lingering around the entrance to the club. Frank’s so fucking tired of this that it’s unreal, but he started this round of their fucking escapades, so he supposes he better do something before Gerard really loses it.

“It was me being drunk and angry, and you being there and an easy target,” Frank lies through his teeth, but at this point, his furious buzz from the alcohol is wearing off and all he wants to do is go home and curl up under his bedcovers. By the incredulous look on Gerard’s face, he’s not buying Frank’s bullshit.

Which is a shame. Frank’s so tired.

“I was there?!” The words fly from Gerard’s lopsided mouth and seem to hang in the space between the both of them. Frank forces himself to nod, to keep the lie going, and watches impassively as Gerard’s face creases in anger. There was a time where Gerard’s anger sent a thrill rippling through him, but he so desperately wants to be far away from the green eyed man and the pulse of bitter memories that sweep over him. Frank just wants to be happy, dammit, and Gerard’s ever going to be able to give him that.

The quiet realization floods through Frank, filling his chest like a balloon on the brink of bursting. Gerard is never going to be able to make him happy. His gaze drops to his feet.

There’s too much wretched history between them. There’s too much soiled potential. There’s too much anger, too much repetition, too much fucking misery from one of them to another. Even now, as they face each other silently on the damp cobbled street, Gerard’s grip still burning Frank’s arm, the messy relationship between them oozes bile and missed opportunity.

Frank feels a drop of water land on his arm. His first instinct is to look at the sky, but on the way, his gaze catches on the pale man in front of him. It’s not raining. Gerard’s crying, tears spilling out of his eyes like it pains him to do so, sluggish and reluctant, but still present.

“God, Frankie, what did I do to us?”

And honestly, Frank wishes he had an answer.

That night in bed, he dreams of Gerard.


Hey guys... This is basically a tester chapter to see if anyone is interested in getting this finished... It's been a fucking long time, but I always keep coming back to this story, probably because I never finished it! So, let me know what you guys think?
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