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Kyo & Toshiya share a bonding moment. So to speak.

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The rain whistled down through the wires, reminding him of his lover, waiting at home, waiting for him. Those soft, elegant eyes, just a little narrow, almond-shaped, just scared enough to be beautiful, blinking at the clock, waiting. He smiled. The train came, he got on.

It was late enough that only the most determined salarymen and deliberately naughty schoolgirls and boys were still out, taking the last train home from being at karaoke, at a love hotel, at a concert. Plenty of seats, and he took one, sprawling elegantly to show them all that he was king of his domain, despite his lack of height. Surely there was some insecurity behind it, but he, piercings glinting in the dismal light, didn't care. He wanted to get home, to see the relief in his lover's eyes as he walked through the door, dropped his coat, his boots, his shirt...

He drifted into a pleasant reverie that was broken only by the nasal voice of the announcer giving his station. He got off, pushed his way past a drunken bum, and walked the last block to his apartment. The elevator buzz barely penetrated his consciousness, so intent on his fantasies was he.

His door. His key. His home. Empty living room (yes, yes). Eyes scanning, searching for the telltale signs of occupancy. Shoes too large by far for his feet, yes. Short jean jacket with patches and laces, yes. Dishes in the sink, yes.

He dropped his shoes at the door, as was customary, draped his coat over the couch, and tried not to hurry too quickly to the bedroom. He closed his eyes as he opened the door, knowing what (who) lay there, and in what state.

A dim red lightbulb tried desperately to illuminate the room, succeeding only in brightening the darkness a little. It glinted off scraps of metal, d-rings, buckles, and the dark, shimmering eyes of his waiting lover. A breath held, unnoticed, slipped out from between his teeth. Beautiful.

"I'm back, Toshiya."
"Welcome home."

The ritual greetings completed, he walked to the web of straps--vinyl and leather--and metal that contained his beautiful (creation) lover. He pulled one finger across Toshiya's dry lips, relishing the slight cracking, the thin line of blood.

"Have you been good?"
"I've waited."

No trace of accusation, just acceptance. Well-trained acceptance. It appealed, and he relented a bit, softened his gaze, swept back the caramel coloured hair from the high forehead.


He brought a glass of water and poured some of it down Toshiya's face, loving the way it shimmered down over the lines of the collar, trickled down to puddle in the hollows of his neck, shoulders, soaked into the straps, before he held it to his mouth. He watched Toshiya's throat move as the bound man sucked greedily at the liquid, watched the relief that spread over his features. Wanted more than ever to keep him as he was forever, but knowing that it was impossible.

"Did you enjoy being here alone for the last couple of hours?"

One word, but it was enough. There was a heavy, peaceful satisfaction lingering in the tired depths of Toshiya's eyes. Kyo smiled at him.

"Shall I let you down now?"

Undoing the straps took far less time than it had taken to do them all up, and soon Toshiya was able to struggle out of the harness, wriggle his way to the floor, and collapse to his knees. Kyo knelt next to him, abstractly stroking the red lines that criss-crossed his body.

"You looked so pretty up there."
"Did I? I never know. Thank you. It experience."

Toshiya turned a bit limply to Kyo and entangled him in his arms. The smaller man allowed him to do it, threading his own arms around his ribcage. They settled on the floor briefly, a little sweaty, a little raindamp, but pleased with each other and themselves.

"We should sleep, Totchi. It's gotten late."

The use of the diminutive nickname startled Toshiya a little, and he sat up a little more. Kyo nipped at his chest, tonguing the sweat.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's not really safe, you know, me leaving you alone for that amount of time."
"I know."
"But you liked being like that, having me do all that to you."

Toshiya smiled at that, then stood up, stripping off the last of his clothes. He picked up a towel and ran it over his face and chest. Kyo sat impassively, waiting.

"I'd let you do it again. No, I'd -want- you to do it again. Being totally at your mercy...there was something about it that felt so-"
"No, don't tell me. Keep it to yourself, how it really made you feel. It's enough for me to know that you liked it. Let me keep my illusions about the rest of it."
"All right..."

Sometimes, it was best not to ask any questions. Toshiya nodded and knelt before Kyo again, offering his neck, still wearing the thick collar. Kyo unbuckled it, kissed the tender place at the base of his throat, wiped the collar off, and put it away.

It was time to sleep, the fun over. The rain whistled down through the wires outside the window. There was always tomorrow.
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