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Death in the Navy Yard (A NCIS and Dance Moms Fanfiction)

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Descritption at the top of the story. Enjoy!

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(This story is from my Quotev account. I will add this story to the "Dance Moms" category when one is created.) While the "Dance Moms" team is heading home from a competition in Washington D.C., one of the mom's collapses and dies suddenly while traveling through a Navy Base. NCIS is put on the case, and the investigation is is difficult and surprising. Wht? Read and find out! Based in 2012. Enjoy! (Sexual content is hinted, not detailed.)

Sudden Collapse

"Congrats girls! You swept the whole competition!" Abby Lee Miller said as they entered the Naval base.
"Thank you Miss Abby." all the girls responded quietly.
Abby looked at the bus driver."Bus driver!"
"Here we go again." Kelly Hyland said, turning to Christi Lukasiak.
"Why are we going through here?! We took a different way on the way there..." Abby looked out the window. "Oooo, military men."
"You have these girls to worry about Abby." Holly Fraizer said with a laugh.
Abby looked back at Holly, and realized Christi wasn't looking too hot. She was sweating, pale, and she couldn't keep her eyes open.
"Christi, are you okay?" Abby asked.
"I think so, l-let me just get up and move." Christi said, getting up. She got into the aisle and collapsed at Jill Vertes' feet.
"CHRISTI!" she screeched.
"Bus driver! Stop!" Abby screamed.
He suddenly put on the brakes, and the girls thought it was kind of funny... until they saw Christi in the aisle.
"MOM!" Christi's daughter, Chloe screamed.
"Let me go get help!" Melissa Ziegler said and she ran off the bus with her daughters Maddie and Mackenzie.
"Who can check apulse?" Abby demanded.
Kelly got up and checked her pulse, then she looked at her watch. "Brooke, get me paper and a pen out of my purse." Tears started swelling up in her eyes.
Chloe got down on her knees and wrapped herself around her mother.
The bus was dead silent.
"I'll call 911." Abby said as she pulled out her cell phone.

Examining the Crime Scene (Part 1)

The NCIS Special Agent team arrived at the crime scene about 45 minutes after the call was made. Head Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs opened his door, the keys of the Dodge Charger they drive in one hand, and a coffee in the other. Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo got out of the passenger seat, heading for the trunk with Special Agent Timothy McGee and Mossad Laison Officer Ziva David.
"Tony..." Gibbs started giving assignments. "... With me on the bus, McGee, interview the moms. Ziva, watch the children."
"On it, boss." They all responded in unison.
"And where in the hell are Ducky and Palmer?" Gibbs asked no one in particular.
"There!" McGee pointed out as they arrived in their van.
NCIS Chief Medical Examiner Donald "Ducky" Mallard and Assistant Jimmy Palmer got out of the van. Ducky walked up to the group as Palmer went to get the stretcher.
"I apologize again for being late, we had trouble getting in. Let's go see who we have to take care of." Ducky said as Gibbs, Tony and he ducked underneath the Crime Scene tape and on the bus.
"Christi Lukasiak, civilian from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. " Tony stated.
"Well, let's roll her over here." Ducky said as Gibbs assisted him and Palmer got on the bus.
"I-Is that... No, this isn't..." Palmer said.
"Spit it out Palmer." Gibbs said.
"Is the cast of 'Dance Moms?'"
McGee called from outside the bus. "BOSS!"
Gibbs went out to see what McGee needed.
"This is the cast of'Dance Moms.' This isn't any civilian boss. These are TV stars." McGee stated.

Examining the Crime Scene (Part 2)

"I asked her if she was alright..." Abby started telling McGee. "...and then she got up and collapsed! I have no clue what was wrong with her!"
"Thank you so much Ms. Miller." McGee said and turned to the bus.
Ziva was watching over the girls the whole time. She is trying to comfort Chloe, but she knows it isn't really working. Ziva thought about how they were going to get all the girls and mom's back to NCIS in one trip. She might have to call another agent to bring avan.
"Why did this have to happen to my mom Miss Ziva?" Chloe suddenly asked.
Ziva was never asked that question before. She has no clue how to answer that. She could probably handle any other question, but that? That hit her hard.
"I don't know sweetie, Idon't know." was all Ziva could say.
"Miss Ziva, are we all in trouble?" Kendall Vertes asked.
"No dear." Ziva responded.
"Then why are we still here?"
"I'm sorry, you have to stay." Ziva didn't want to tell her the real answer. not only are they witnesses, they are all suspects.
"Hey Miss Ziva..." Paige started, trying to enlighten the mood. "... Do you want to seem do aback tuck?"
"What is a back tuck?" Ziva asked, going along with it.
Paige did her back tuck, and Ziva was quite impressed.
"Wait, I've seen you guys before..." Ziva started, and the girls kind of laughed. "... No! You guys are from 'Dance Moms?'"
"Yep." Nia Fraizer responded.
Ziva then realized who they were dealing with. That's when Gibbs and DiNozzo walked up to Ziva.
"Ziva, call Agent Matthews, see if he can bring a van here." Gibbs said to Ziva.
"On it." Ziva responded as she pulled out her phone.
"DiNozzo, help Ducky and Palmer with the body. But first, what are we going to do with the girls?" Gibbs said.
"Can Ducky wait until the van gets here?" DiNozzo asked.
"He will." Gibbs stated.
"The van will be here soon." Ziva broke in.
"McGee!" Gibbs called out. "McGee!"
"He might have snuck out with one of the moms." DiNozzo said, then added "McDanceMom."
Gibbs head slapped him, and McGee appeared.
"Yes boss?" McGee asked.
"You and Ziva will stay in the van with these lovely girls and their mothers. Tony, with me." Gibbs ordered.
The van appeared.
"Come on girls, get in the van please." Ziva said and hearded the girls together with McGee and piled them in the AstroVan.
"Alright Palmer, let's get Ms. Lukasiak in the van." Ducky said as they lifted the stretcher and carried it off the bus.

The Ride Back to NCIS

"Attendance!" Miss Abby called out as they all started back for NCIS.
Ziva and McGee were confused."Ms. Miller, may you explain that?" Ziva asked.
"I take attendance on the bus each time we board, to make sure everyone's on. Chloe!"
"Here." she responded quietly.
"Here!" Nia responded.
"Brooke! Paige!"
"Here! They both responded at the same time.
"Maddie! Mackenzie!"
Still silent.
"I have two girls missing!" Abby started freaking out.
"Don't worry Ms. Miller..." Ziva started.
"We'll find the Ziegler's." McGee finished.
Ziva's phone started ringing."David."
"I think you're missing three girls on your van." a voice said.
"Who is this?" Ziva said tensely.
"You'll get the Ziegler's back when NCIS finds out what happened to Ms. Lukasiak." the voice responded.
"Let them go..."
"You got 48 hours..." the voice said and hung up.
"McGee, the Ziegler's were kidnapped." Ziva said.
The van fell silent, and worried faces turned to McGee and Ziva.
"Call Gibbs." McGee said.
Ziva pulled out her phone and called Gibbs, who's driving the Charger in front of them. "Yeah, Gibbs.
"Gibbs, I got a call from a blocked number, someone kidnapped Ms. Ziegler and her daughters."
"Alright, we'll have McGee try and find its origin when they call again." Gibbs responded and hung up.
"Don't worry everyone, we will find them." Ziva said, not really knowing if they will or not.
"Who could take them... CATHY!" Abby screamed out.
Ziva looked confused, but McGee knew who she was talking about.
"Cathy Stein? McGee asked.
Abby nodded.
'Suspect number one." McGee said to Ziva.

The Investigation Starts

"What do we got?" Gibbs asked, walking into his work area, setting his coffee on his desk.
"Christi Lukasiak, 35 years old, resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania..." Tony started. "Her eleven year old daughter Chloe and two year old daughter Clara both dance at the world wide known Abby Lee Dance Company. She is a dance mom on the TV show 'Dance Moms.' She has a husband named Marc, a sister named Jodi and an unknowned mother."
"She has no suspicious activity on her cell phone, credit cards or bank accounts. Last text was sent to her husband telling him they were on their way home." McGee stated.
"I contacted Marc and he said he will be here in a few hours. He said the only person she absolutely hated was Cathy Stein..." Ziva started, but McGee finished.
"... Who is the head Dance Coach of the 'Candy Apples Dance Center' in Canton, Ohio."
"That's good work team. Question every mom and dancer, see if Ms. Lukasiak had any enemies, see if anybody would have had a motive, and I know it will take a while, so coffee on me." Gibbs said and threw a fifty dollar bill on Tony's desk. "Go get coffee for everyone." He told him as he left and started heading for autopsy.
"Thank you, boss." Tony called to him.
Gibbs pressed the button to head down to the basement, and the doors opened. He walked in, and the elevator went down. The doors opened, and he walked into autopsy.
"What do you got Doc?" Gibbs asked.
"Well..." Ducky started. "... She suffered major bruises from the fall, and it reminds me of a time when I was on a bus in California. I was headed to a museum with my mom, and someone got up and feel, just like I predicted this young lady did. He survived, but she didn't. I also predict that she was poisoned, because of the discoloration of her skin and her internal organs."
"What do you think it was?" Gibbs asked.
"We won't know until Abby gets the results." Palmer responded.
"Alright, thank you." Gibbs said and walked out.
His phone rang, and he answered. "Yeah, Gibbs."
"I got results." Abby said.
"On my way Abs." he responded.

Abby's Lab

Forensic Scientist Abby Sciuto is sitting at her computer, trying to find anything wrong with the sample Ducky gave her. She has music from the band Stop Making Friends playing from her radio. Abby always has some sort of upbeat, loud, interesting rock music playing in her lab. Abby is a catholic Goth, she sleeps in a coffin, has black hair and wears dark make-up around her eyes. She also is covered in tattoos, including one visible on her neck of a spider web. Abby loves the caffeinated drink Caf-Pow, which is what's in Gibbs hand when he walks into her lab.
"Got something Abs?" Gibbs asked as Abby turned around.
Gibbs set the Caf-Pow down on her desk.
"Well, I found enough cyanide to poison the whole cast of 'The Brady Bunch.' Where the cyanide came from, I don't know. How it got to her? Someone poisoned her Bloody Mary, but made sure it would take a while to take affect somehow. She had the drink this morning, and actually took a lot longer than normal to take affect." Abby explained.
"Anything else?" Gibbs asked.
"She was sharing the drink with someone..." Abby said.
Abby didn't want to say.
"Well, how did you figure it out?"
"Well, while they were in questioning, I asked Kelly Hyland what the size the drink was. She said it was about 6 ounces, but then she said they shared it. Gibbs. We're about to have two victims." Abby said.

A/N- Pauley Perrette, who plays Abby Sciuto on NCIS, is the lead singer of the band, "Stop Making Friends."

The Ziegler's and Kelly

"Anything on the Ziegler's?" Gibbs asked walking back into his office.
"We're just waiting for another call." Ziva said.
"McGee, when this ass calls again, trace it. Ziva, drag out the conversation. Tony... With me." Gibbs said.
McGee and Ziva sat and waited for the call that will come soon. Tony followed Gibbs, then three paramedics ran by them. Gibbs and Tony followed them to find Kelly laying dead on the floor.
"MOM!" Paige and Brooke screamed at the same time.
"Tony, get them out of here. They don't need to see this." Gibbs said.
"On it." Tony said and walked over to them.
"Paige, Brooke, come with me." Tony said, taking both their hands and putting them in another conference room.
"What happened to her?" Brooke asked immediately.
"We don't know yet." Tony said.

"Mom..." Maddie called out into the dark room. She was tied to a chair, and she wasn't wearing what she was wearing on the bus. She's now wearing a tight pink shirt and white short shorts. She looked around, and saw black. "Mom... Kenzie..."

"Maddie... Mom..." Mackenzie called out. She was in a room with a little window, so there was slight light. She was tied by her hands and feet to a bed. She doesn't know where she is, all she can see is her feet tied to the bed and the bed she's laying on. She still had her white crop top and black bootie shorts on."Mom..."

"MADDIE! MACKENZIE!" Melissa screamed, banging on the walls of the closet she's locked in. The closet has one light bulb, so she can see the white walls surrounding her and the locked door. Her black dress was all torn up, she has no clue what's going on. She banged on the wood door. She has an idea. "I'm coming girls!"

Two Bodies

Gibbs walked into the interrogation room where Mr. Lukasiak is being held. Just to talk, not to interrogate. Gibbs walked in with the file in his hand. He sat down on the other side of the table.
"So, Mr. Lukasiak, how are you taking your wife's death?" Gibbs asked.
"I am devastated of course. When I found out..." He looked to his left. "... I just went into my room and cried like a ten year old girl."
Gibbs picked up on him looking to the left, but he kept on going. "Would you know anybody who would want to kill your wife?"
"Cathy Stein." he responded.
"The rival dance studio instructor." Gibbs stated.
"Yes." he responded.
Tony and Ziva were in the observation room, looking through the one way glass.
"I don't believe him." Tony said, turning to Ziva.
"He looked to the left, he's making that part up." Ziva responded.
"He's suspect number two." Tony said.
"What about that Candy Apple lady?" Ziva asked.
"She's on her way here." Tony responded.
Gibbs got up, raging fire on the inside, but cool as a cucumber on the outside. He left the room, and went into the Observation Room.
"Keep Mr. Lukasiak here for a while. I don't like his alibis." Gibbs told Tony.
"Got it boss." Tony responded.
Gibbs then went to the autopsy room to see if there's any updates.
"Got anything?" Gibbs asked, walking in.
"Ms. Hyland's death..." Ducky started. "...was the same exact as of Ms. Lukasiak's. We have someone who committed double murder."
Gibbs phone started ringing, and he answered. "Yeah, Gibbs."
It was McGee. "Boss, get up here now!"
"On my way." Gibbs hung up his phone. "Thanks Ducky!"
He ran out the autopsy room and to the elevator. He pressed the button to go up, and as soon as he got onto the main floor, he ran for his office. Ziva's phone was ringing.
"Pick it up." Gibbs said. "McGee, track it."
"Hello." Ziva answered the phone as McGee started tracing.
"I bet you're wondering how to get the Ziegler's back." the voice said. "I want the bodies of Christi Lukasiak and Kelly Hyland brought to the address I'm about to say. Which is 3987 Byer St. You have 24 hours. For each minute longer you take, I'll do something to the two young girls they will never forget."
"I swear to God if you do something to them, you will regret it." Ziva tensely said into the phone.
"Oh, that just cost you. Now, which girl am I going to do something to first?" the voice said and hung up.
"With me, let's get to that address. McGee, where was that called traced to?"
"A phone in Canton, Ohio."
"Cathy." Ziva said.
"What's that address?" Gibbs asked, getting his gear ready.
"3-9-8-7-Bravo-Yankee-Echo-Romeo." McGee responded.
"Let's go." Gibbs said.

"W-who are you? What are you going to do to me?" Mackenzie asked as she saw the person walk towards her.
"I'm going to untie you, don't you dare think about doing anything tricky, or else you'll pay the ultimate price." the person said.
She couldn't tell who it was, but she knew it was a guy. He untied her hands and feet.
"Stand up." he said.
"She did as told.
"Take your clothes off." he said.
She heard a gun cock."Take your clothes off. If you dare scream, or do anything tricky, you'll have a bullet in you."
She did as told. She knew what he was going to do. She didn't want to, but she didn't want a bullet in her head either. He's going to take Kenzie's eight year old innocence. Now not only is NCIS working with murderers and kidnappers, but pedophiles also.

Melissa's Escape

Melissa thought if she could hit the door hard enough for long enough, it would break and she could get out. It took about two hours, but it finally broke. She reached for the door knob, but it wouldn't budge. She knows how to pick a lock, but she doesn't have anything to pick it with... yet. She looked around the room, for anything. A pencil, paper clip, bobby pin... then she remembered she has three in her hair. She pulled one out, and reached for the lock. Within thirty seconds, she was free of the closet. When she stepped out, she tripped on a trip wire and a gun went out.

"It hurts..." Mackenzie said to herself as she laid in her bed, tied up again, but with no clothes. The man is gone... for now. Mackenzie wants to knee that guy where the sun doesn't shine, and maybe kill him if possible. She kept looking around, making sure he wasn't there so he wouldn't see her. She's wondering about her mother and Maddie. That's when she heard a loud bang.

Maddie was just sitting there. Hungry, thirsty, tired. She was afraid. She didn't know who was doing this to them.
"Hello? May I at least get some water?" Maddie yelled out into the darkness.
That's when a light was turned on. It was bright since Maddie hasn't seen light for a long time. Then she saw a man walk towards her. He had a black ski mask on, so she couldn't see his face.
"W-what are you going to do to me?" she asked.
"Nothing... Yet." was all he said.
He opened a bottle of water and fed it to Maddie.
That's when the loud bang made him and Maddie jump. The water went all over Maddie.
"Oh, see through shirt, not bad." he said
"PEDOPHILE!" Maddie screamed... in her head.
"We'll see if you're better than your sister." he said.
"OH MY GOD! HE... HE..." She couldn't even finish her thought.
He left without another word.
"NCIS! WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED!" Gibbs yelled out from outside.
"I'm saved!" Maddie screamed.
"No you're not." the masked man said, coming back in. "We're leaving."
"GIBBS! HELP!" Maddie screamed out numerous times.
The man slapped Maddie, and knocked her out cold.
She out her in a van next to astunned and hurting Mackenzie and a wounded Melissa. He spun out of the dirt driveway, ramming into two NCIS vehicles. After they were out of sight, Gibbs started yelling orders.
"Tony, Ziva, after him! McGee, with me, search the house.
"I'm not sure McGee will be able to help you." Tony said.
He looked up, and Ziva and Tony were standing around a body. Ziva checked McGee's pulse... Nothing.
"McGee's dead." she said.

Chasing the Van

"Did you get a plate?" Gibbs asked, taking pictures of McGee.
"I did." Ziva responded, just watching, not really knowing what to do.
"Tony, write it down." Gibbs said.
Tony pulled out his iPhone and opened the "Notes" app. "Alright, Ziva."
"MMZ-0810" Ziva said.
"Mike, Mike, Zebra, Zero, Eight, One, Zero." Tony repeated.
"Damn it, Tony!" Gibbs called out.
"Uh, sorry boss?" Tony questioned.
"The license plate, MMZ-0810. Maddie Mackenzie Ziegler. Mackenzie's eight and Maddie's ten. This is an obsessed fan." Gibbs responded.
"Well, it was from Pennsylvania." Ziva added.
"Get the bolo out! NOW!" Gibbs screamed.
"On it boss." Tony responded.
"Now the next question is..." Gibbs started.
"Who's going to tell Abby." Ziva finished.
"I'll call Vance. He can tell her." Gibbs said and called him.
NCIS Director Leon Vance is sitting in his office, on his computer. His phone rang, and he responded. "Vance."
"Hey, I need... a favor." Gibbs said quietly.
"What's up?" Vance responded.
"Well, McGee died. More details later, but could you tell Abby?" Gibbs said.
"That... can do." Vance said.

"Anything on the van?" Gibbs asked when they got back to the office.
"2010 Chevy AstroVan, black in color, Pennsylvania license plate MMZ-0810. Registered to a Jerry Dunkin of Reading, PA." Tony said.
"Got an address."
"Let's go." Gibbs said.

As they approached the house, he checked on Vance.
"Hey how'd it go?" Gibbs asked.
"I'm on my way to talk to her now." Vance said and hung up.
They pulled into the driveway and examined the house. They pulled their pistols out and knocked on the door. "NCIS, open up." Gibbs said.
Nobody came, so Ziva kicked open the door. They stormed into the house, and Gibbs screamed "NCIS!"
They checked all the rooms, but there was nothing. They started looking around, and Tony found something. "Boss!"
Tony showed them a picture of Jerry with the Ziegler's.
"Must have been a meet and greet." Ziva said.
Then all of a sudden a beeper went off, and they realized a vehicle was coming down the driveway.
"Ziva, go hide the car!" Gibbs screamed.
Ziva ran out and drove the car in the tree area beside the house. They will need to replace a side view mirror. Ziva stayed in her car while Tony and Gibbs hid in the house. The AstroVan pulled up next to the house. The man got out and opened the back end.
"You'll never get away with this!" Maddie screamed.
"I am, ain't I?" he said.
He grabbed Maddie and threw her on the ground.
"What do you see?" Gibbs asked Tony, who was spying through the window.
"Maddie was thrown on the ground. She's exposed.." Tony said.
"What do you mean by that?"
"White t-shirt... soaked."
"He's a pedophile also." Gibbs said.
The man grabbed Mackenzie next. She was clothed now, but it was only a really big white t-shirt.
"Mackenzie was thrown next to Maddie. I have a feeling he did something really bad to her." Tony said.
Then he grabbed Melissa, and set her on the ground.
"Melissa, she has a bullet wound. To the chest, she's unconscious." Tony finished.
"Alright, let's get this dirt bag." Gibbs said, getting up and running out.
Tony followed.
"NCIS! FREEZE!" Gibbs screamed as Tony followed and Ziva came out from the woods.
The man grabbed Maddie and put a gun to her head. "Shoot me, she'll die too."
"Jerry, you don't have to do this." Tony said.
"I'm not Jerry." he took off his mask, and it was another man.
"MR. VERTES!" Maddie and Mackenzie cried out.
"Put the gun down!" Gibbs said.
"Not until I get Kelly's and Christi's bodies. I got Melissa's, now all I need are Holly's and... Jill's." Mr. Vertes said.
"You're gonna kill your own wife?" Melissa peeped quietly.
"SHUT UP MELISSA!" Mr. Vertes screamed.
All of a sudden there was a gun shot. Mr. Vertes collapsed and Maddie ran to Gibbs.
Ziva looked around, and saw the barrel of a sniper. She couldn't see who it was, so she ventured to find out. When she got to the sniper's post, she saw who it was. She pulled out a pistol and pointed it at her.
"Woah, I mean no harm." Ziva said.
"I had to do it. He would have done a lot worst." Jill said.
"How did you get out here?" Ziva asked.
"Snuck out of course." Jill said.


Jill was put in the interrogation room for questioning. Many questions needed answers. Jill was just sitting there, staring into the one way glass. Tony and Ziva were on the other side. Tony and Ziva were silent. Her husband had a string of charges, some really really really awful and disgusting. Gibbs walked into the interrogation room with some folders. He sat down in the chair opposite of Jill.
"So, you said you're husband would have struck again?" Gibbs started.
"He would probably do the same thing to Maddie he did to Mackenzie." Jill responded.
"Rape and sexually harass her." Gibbs said.
Jill nodded.
"How did you know it was your husband?"
"He was missing for a few days, and all the husbands came accept for mine." Jill responded.
"You would be a good agent." Gibbs said with a chuckle.
"Well, working with Abby, you have to be extra careful." Jill said.
"Did your husband show any signs of turning, let's say crazy?"
"Not at all. But I think he had a motive."
That got everybody's attention on both sides of the glass.
"Please, do tell." Gibbs said.
"He wanted Christi, bad. But she wasn't going to have it. My husband had a short temper, and if you burn the string to the end, and make him explode, there will not be a good outcome." Jill explained.
"Why did he kill her?" Gibbs said.
"He thought if nobody could have her, no one would." she responded.
"Then Kelly's death..."
"That probably wasn't supposed to happen. Kelly and my husband got along."
"But what about kidnapping the Ziegler's?" Gibbs asked.
"My husband was always jealous of Maddie and Mackenzie getting all of the attention. So he probably thought getting rid of them would put Kendall on the top at some point. Raping Mackenzie and harassing Maddie, why he did that, I don't know. Maybe just to make you give him what he wanted, whatever it was." Jill explained. "By the way, how are they doing? Where are they?"

The Ziegler family was at a hospital in Reading, PA.
Maddie is being treated for injuries to her face and back. She has bruising in both places, expected to make a full recovery.
Mackenzie is being treated for her injuries while being raped and back injuries. She will have permenant scarring in her mind, but will make a full recovery.
Melissa is being treated for her gun shot wound. They had to make a blood transplant and a few organ transplants. She will make a full recovery in between six to twelve months.

The mystery is not solved yet. A few questions still remain. Who's Jerry Dunkin? Did Mr. Lukasiak and/or Cathy Stein have anything to do with this?

Questions Answered

"Tony..." Gibbs started "... find out who Jerry Dunkin is. Ziva, talk to Mr. Lukasiak, I still have a hunch to do this. Where is the other team?"
Vance had another NCIS team help out Gibbs' team since they are being overwhelmed.
"There." Ziva said as the four of them approached.
"Agent Fury, talk to Ms. Cathy Stein, see if she has anything to do with this. Agent Young, find out why Mr. Vertes wanted the bodies. Agent Wright, find out how Mr. Vertes got the AstroVan. Agent Stevens, find any camera footage from the Naval yard and see if there's anything that has to deal with the kidnapping. Any questions?" Gibbs explained.
"No sir." Everyone responded.
Everyone went and did what they were ordered to do.

Tony's Assignment
Jerry sat in the interrogation room, black hair, brown eyes, sweating like crazy. Tony walked in and sat down.
"Jerry Dunkin of Reading, PA. How did you know Mr. Vertes?" Tony asked.
"We worked together." he responded.
"Do you know how he got your van?"
"He must have hot-wired it, because I have both spare keys with me." he said and put them both out on the table.
"Is there anything... ANYTHING else you know about this crazy spree?"
"No sir."
"Alright, you're free to go." Tony said and opened the door.
"When will I get my van back?"
"Soon." Tony responded.

Ziva's Assignment
"Mr. Lukasiak, for the last time, what do you know about this investigation?!" Ziva was pissed off now.
"I DON'T KNOW!" he screamed back.
Ziva pulled out her gun and pointed it at him. "Talk... now!"
"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! I got him the poison! That's it!"
"I still don't believe you." Ziva said, and cocked her gun.
Ziva pulled the trigger... and the gun clicked. Mr. Lukasiak fainted, and Ziva looked down at him.

Agent Fury's Assignment
"So, Ms. Stein, you are considered enemies of this team on the ALDC?" he asked her.
"Yes, I am." Cathy responded. "But I would never kill them! I may hit them with my purse, but I would never kill them! I know better than that!"
Agent Fury could tell she was telling the truth. "You weren't at this competition?"
"No, we were in Youngstown, Ohio." she responded.
"Do you have proof?"
Cathy pulled out the book that you get at dance competitions. Her alibis checks out.
"Thank you Ms. Stein." Agent Fury said. "You can go back home now."

Agent Young's Assignment
As Agent Young approached the address on Byer Rd., he had a hunch that there's something wrong with the house. He walked in, and started looking around. He found the chair Maddie was tied in, the closet Melissa broke out of, and the bedroom Mackenzie was raped in. When he got into that room, he heard a beeping. He looked around, and found six blocks of C4, reading to blast in twenty seconds.
"DAMN!" he screamed and ran out of the house.
He got behind his car, and ducked his head. The house exploded, totally destroying his assignment.
"Well, I guess we'll never know why he wanted the bodies so badly." he told himself.

Agent Wright's Assignment
"Hey Tony, did he say how Mr. Vertes got the van?" Wright asked him.
"He hot-wired it." Tony said.
"Thank you." he said and walked away.

Agent Steven's Assignment
As he approached the surveillance room at the Naval Yard, a guard stopped him.
"Sir, you can't go in there." he said.
Stevens pulled out his badge and the warrant. "Agent Stevens, NCIS. I have a warrant to search the surveillance cameras." he told him, and the guard let him through.
After a while, he found what he was looking for on Camera J. Melissa, Mackenzie and Maddie approached a guard, who is really Mr. Vertes, asking for help. He took them to somewhere where no one will see them. He knocked each and every one of them out, and drug them in the back of the Van.
Stevens had the supervisor put the film on a DVD. He thanked her and went back to NCIS.

"Alright, Tony you go first." Gibbs said as they huddled around in Conference Room A.
"Jerry Dunkin worked with Mr. Vertes. He had no clue this was going to happen." Tony said.
"Ziva." Gibbs said.
"Mr. Lukasiak gave Mr. Vertes the poison, so he'll be charged." Ziva said.
"Fury." Gibbs said.
"Ms. Stein's alibis checked out. She was at a dance competition in Youngstown, Ohio." Fury said.
"Young." Gibbs said.
"The building blew up before I could find any evidence of why he wanted the bodies. But I know that that was the location where the Ziegler's were held." Young said.
"Wright." Gibbs said.
"Mr. Vertes hot-wired the van. Jerry Dunkin had both keys with him when he talked to Tony." Wright explained.
He played the disc, and they watched the whole kidnapping unfold.
"That's good work everyone. We have solid proof that Mr. Vertes would have been charged with the triple murders of Christi Lukasiak, Kelly Hyland and NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee in the first degree, six counts of rape and sexual harassment of two minors, and the attempted murder of Melissa Ziegler in the first degree. Mr. Lukasiak will be charged with assisting in all of this." Gibbs said.
"So, what does this mean boss?" Tony asked.
"Case closed." Gibbs said. "God, I need a coffee."

Sealing the Deal

Gibbs walked into Vance's office with the file to close the "Dance Moms" case. Gibbs set it down on Vance's desk, and Vance started looking through it.
"So, this is it?" Vance asked.
"Yes sir. This was a very messed up case, if I do say." Gibbs said.
"That's what we're paid for, aren't we?"
Gibbs laughed and said "Case closed."
He then walked out of the office, flashed a smile to the secretary and walked into the hallway. His phone started ringing, and he answered. "Yeah, Gibbs."
"Boss, you may need to get to MTAC. Now." Tony said.
Gibbs hung up and ran to MTAC. MTAC is a room where NCIS agents and personnel can talk to other highly ranked military personnel. Gibbs put his eyes against the scanner, and the doors opened. He ran in, and saw Tony and Ziva standing there, smiling.
"Boss." Toby said.
"DiNozzo." Gibbs said.
"Some people would like to talk to you. Hit it Stevens." Tony said.
Stevens pressed the enter button, and the "Dance Moms" cast appeared.
"Hello NCIS!" they all said.
"Hello "Dance Moms."" Ziva, Gibbs and Tony said.
Abby started. "We would just like to thank you guys so much for all the work you did to get us home safe. We heard you had like, ten million assignments going at once. It's like having to choreograph a million dances... every single one has to end up perfect, correct, and reigning at the top. But we could never thank you guys enough. We are sorry to hear about Agent McGee, we heard that he loved our show. So, with you're permission, we'd like to dedicate an upcoming episode to McGee and all of NCIS."
"That sounds like a plan." Gibbs said.
"We'd also like to invite you to the 'Abby Lee Dane Company's Annual Dance Competition' in Pittsburgh!" Abby said.
"We'll be there." Gibbs said.
"Alright, girls, what do we tell all the nice agents at NCIS...?" Abby started.
"THANK YOU!" they all screamed.
The connection was cut off after that.
"Are we really going to that dance competition?" Tony asked.
"Why not?" Gibbs said, walking up the ramp to leave MTAC.
"Are we...?" Tony asked.
"Yes Tony, we're going. Do it for McGee." Ziva said.
Tony took a deep breath. "Alright, I'll do it McDanceMom."

The Funeral

McGee was laid to rest in Bethesda, Maryland a week later. All of NCIS from DC and Los Angeles attended the funeral. All of his family also attended. A total of almost 1,000 people attended. The only people that stayed after the funeral was over were Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, Ducky and Palmer. They gave their own last good-byes, to much like NCIS Agent Kaitlin Todd's funeral. With the black stripe going across their badges (if they had one) they formed a line and stood in front of the casket draped over by Old Glory. Tony was first.
"You'll forever be my Probie McGee. No one will replace you. This reminds me of a movie, 'Broken Bridges.' It starred country singer Toby Keith and Kelly Preston. Very good movie, very happy and sad movie. But, this is the last goodbye McProbie." Tony walked away, tears streaming from his eyes.
Ziva was next. "McGee, you were such a cute and awkward agent. But you knew what you were doing, which is one of the things I liked about you. Rest in Peace McGee." she choked up and went back to the car.
Ducky was next. "Oh McGee, I never thought I would see you on my autopsy table, well, dead at least. This is too much like Kate's funeral. Well, I don't know what else to say, because I know you don't want to hear a story I have... but I'll tell you anyways. I remember attending my first funeral. I was six years old, and he was a veteran and a police officer. I cried during 'Taps.' He was a lot like you. Smart, awkward, but one of the best at his job." Ducky nodded and walked away, Palmer at his side.
Abby was next. "McGee, you weren't supposed to leave me like this! Why did you? We don't deserve this! McGee, I love you! Keep a spot up there for me, okay? Well, you're probably sitting at a desk, solving murders in Heaven. Do they even have NCIS in Heaven? Tell me somehow McGee, somehow." Her black tears... from her make-up... almost fell on the flag, but she turned and walked away before it could.
Last was Gibbs. "You were a damn good agent McGee. You didn't deserve this. You'll forever be one of my favorite agents to ever work with." he walked away soon after that.
Abby played her tape, playing the song "Bitter and Blue" as they all walked away and got into their cars.

[The song "Bitter and Blue" is a song performed by Michael Weatherly, who plays Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo.]

The Trial

"Has the jury reached a verdict?" Judge Parton asked.
"We have your honor. Mr. Lukasiak is being charged with assisting and also committing the following... six counts of murder in the first degree, twelve counts of rape and sexual harassment of two minors, two counts of attempted murder of Melissa Ziegler in the first degree.
"On the first count of murder- Guilty. Second count- Guilty. Third count- Guilty. Fourth count- Guilty. Fifth count- Not guilty. Sixth Count- Not guilty."
"On the first three counts of rape and sexual harassment of Mackenzie Ziegler- Not Guilty. On the other three counts of rape and sexual harassment of Mackenzie Ziegler- Guilty. On the first three counts of sexual harassment of Maddie Ziegler- Not Guilty. On the other three counts of sexual harassment of Maddie Ziegler- Guilty."
"First count of the attempted murder of Melissa Ziegler- Not Guilty. Second count- Guilty."
"Mr. Lukasiak, you'll spend the rest of your life in prison and put on Death Row." Judge Parton said and banged the gavel. "Next case."
As he was leaving the court room, he saw her daughter sitting in the last row of seats.
"Chloe. I love you." he told her.
"I don't even know who you are anymore! You killed my mom, your wife! And Kelly? You also had all that done to Maddie and Kenzie and Melissa? How could you? You filthy, no good bastard! I hope they put you on the top of that Death Row list. Or suffer in jail! Get him out of here!" Chloe exploded.
The cop and Gibbs took him out of the court room. Ziva sat next to Chloe and comforted her.
"Hey, Clo, maybe you can come with me for a little bit while they figure out where you're going to go?" Ziva offered.
"Thank you Ms. Ziva, but how am I supposed to get to dance?" Chloe asked.
"Well, if there's anything I can do, let me know." Ziva offered.
"Thank you, thank you." Chloe said.

Six Months Later (Pyramid)

Abby Lee Miller is standing in Studio A in her studio in Pittsburgh. She has pyramid set up and she's ready to go.
"Girls! Come on! Let's go!" Abby screamed and clapped her hands together.
Chloe, Brooke, Paige, Nia, Kendall, Maddie and Mackenzie came running in to the studio, beaming more happiness than ever. Paige, Brooke and Chloe all live with Randy, Brooke and Paige's dad. Jill, Holly, Melissa and Randy stood on the other side of the mirror, close to the door.
"Well, we had quite a time, haven't we? I still choke up... every time I think about what everyone had to go through... And..." Abby just lost it now. "The two empty spots there will never be filled the same way again. Come on girls, group hug."
All the girls were crying now, and everyone hugged Abby.
"Alright..." Abby wiped away her tears. "... let's get to pyramid. It's all one straight line, as you can see. I did not set this pyramid up based on the competition. I based it on how mature you were during the whole investigation in DC. You all were so mature, respectful and as helpful as could be, that... that I couldn't decide on the order. So..." she went down the line and tore off each cover, revailing everyone's headshots. "Alright, assignments. Well, you know what this week is. The Annual Abby Lee Dance Company Dance Recital. I am expecting lots of dedication, lots of effort, more than ever. Why? This competition is for Christi, Kelly, Special Agent McGee and all of NCIS. The teams that helped us will be there. So Chloe, you'll be doing a solo. Paige, you'll be doing a solo. Brooke, you'll be doing a solo. Maddie, Mackenzie, you'll be doing a duet. Kendall, Nia, you'll be doing a duet..." she stopped for a second, and Jill raised her hand.
Abby smiled. "Did you catch up on what I did, Jill?"
"You didn't tell them what their dance is." Jill said.
"Thank you, Jill! Chloe, Brooke, Paige, you decide on the dance. Choose one's that your mom's liked, because they will be dedicated to them. Maddie, Mackenzie, you'll be doing yours on your experience. Kendall, Nia, you'll be doing yours on being the mature and helpful kids during the whole thing. Alright girl's spread apart."

Morning of the Recital

Gibbs is packing for the over night trip to Pittsburgh, PA. He gets done at about 6:00 and throws it into the back of the van they're taking. Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, Abby, Ducky, and Palmer are all going. Vance was invited, but he denied it respectfully. When Gibbs walked out of his house, Ziva pulled up in her Mini Cooper. She pulled into Gibbs driveway, got out and grabbed her bags.
"Good morning Gibbs." Ziva greeted.
"Morning Ziva. Let me take those." Gibbs said, and Ziva handed him her bags.
"Thank you." she said.
Abby arrived in her hearse soon after that. She opened the back and grabbed her bags. When Gibbs went to get them, one of them was really heavy.
"Damn Abby, what do you got in there?" Gibbs asked.
"Caf-Pow." Abby said with a smile.
Gibbs kissed her cheek, and Abby went to sit with Ziva.
Not long after that, Tony pulled up in his Mustang. He parked it on the road, behind the van and got out. He popped the trunk and grabbed his bags.
"Morning boss." Tony greeted.
"Mornin'." Gibbs responded. "Let me take those."
Tony handed him his bags, looking at him kind of weird. "Thanks... boss."
Tony then walked over to Ziva and Abby and said "Who gave him a happy pill?"
"I heard that DiNozzo." Gibbs said.
Tony and Ziva looked at each other, astounded. Abby just smiled.
That's when Ducky and Palmer pulled up in Palmer's little Saturn. By the look on Ducky's face, he doesn't like that car.
"Morning Duck... Palmer." Gibbs said.
Palmer grabbed up all the bags and carried them to the van. He set them in, and closed the double doors.
"Come on in guys, I got breakfast inside waiting." Gibbs said, walking up the steps to his house. He opened the door and let everyone in.
"What are we havin' boss?" Tony asked.
Gibbs head slapped him and said "Wait until you get in."
Everyone was in the house and sitting at the table by the time Gibbs got in. He stood at the head of the table, looking down at the steak, eggs, bacon and hashbrowns with coffee, milk and orange juice he prepared.
"Boss!" Tony said.
"He's surprised, Jethro." Ducky said.
"Well, we got a long trip ahead of us, so eat up." Gibbs said and handed everyone their plate. "Help yourselves. I have more in the kitchen."
"Thanks boss." everyone said.

The Recital

The NCIS team arrived at the recital... they were the first one's there. When they found there seats inside, in the front row, they were greeted by Abby.
"Hello guys!" Abby said, and hugged each of them. "I am so glad you guys could make it!"
"Thank you for the invite." Gibbs said. "I don't know if you met our doctor. This is Dr. Mallard, and his assistant Jimmy Palmer."
"Please, call me Ducky Ms. Miller." Ducky said, and took her hand.
"Hello Ducky, Jimmy." Abby responded.
"Abby!" Melissa called from back stage.
"Well, gotta run! Enjoy the show! Abby said and ran off.
"Quite a woman." Ducky said as everyone sat down. "She reminds me of this girl I dated in high school. She was a dancer, very beautiful. Though I never did get to see her, because she was always at dance. Poor lady died a year after we graduated from high school."
"It happens Duck." Gibbs said, remembering his first wife, Shannon and his daughter Kelly.
"Hello everyone!" Abby's voice came through the speakers about an hour later. "Welcome to the annual Abby Lee Dance Company Dance Recital. Hosted by, yours truly, Abby Lee Miller. This is a very special recital this year. We dedicate this recital to the NCIS Special Agent Team and friends from Washington DC who helped us majorly six months ago, with the passing of two of our mom's and the kidnapping of one mom and her two daughters. Thank you, NCIS. Alright, let's open this recital with our very own Chloe Lukasiak, performing a solo she entitled 'In Heaven.'"
Chloe stepped on stage, and didn't take her eyes off of Ziva. They locked eyes for her entire solo.
"Chloe dedicates this song to her mother and NCIS Special Agent Ziva David." Abby said when Chloe finished.
The whole team turned to Ziva, and she had tears streaming down her face.
About five dances later, Maddie and Mackenzie were up.
"Next are Maddie and Mackenzie, performing 'Let Us Go.'" Abby introduced.
Once the dance was over, Abby said "This dance is dedicated to Special Agents Gibbs and McGee."
Gibbs smiled and turned to look up at Abby.
About six dances went by, and Kendall and Nia were next.
"Next are Kendall and Nia, performing 'Maturity.'" Abby said.
If anything, that dance had very mature costumes, music and moves and tricks.
Brooke and Paige closed out the recital, doing their solos. Brooke's was called "Where Have You Been?" and Paige's is called "Come Back, Be Here."
Abby came up on stage with the whole studio behind her on the stage.
"Thank you all for making this happen. I would now like to give out my scholarships."
All the girls on the Junior Elite Competition team got scholarships.
"I would like to give one more thanks..." Abby trailed off and she walked over to them. "Come on, up here guys."
Everyone nodded, but eventually gave in. They walked up on stage, and formed a line.
"I would like to thank Dr. Mallard, Jimmy Palmer, NCIS Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, NCIS Mossad Laison Ziva David, NCIS Special Agent Leroy Gibbs, and lastly, NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee, who lost his life during our case. Thank you guys so much." Abby said.
The NCIS Team waved out into the crowd, smiling.
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