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*shrug* I'm not sure if the genre is correct, but whatever.

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I've been waiting so long
For you to understand you're wrong
I've been waiting so long
And then the moment is gone

I've been standing here
Silent lest they hear
A silence that's so clear
A snicker for your sneer

You try to figure out
What makes them burn without
What makes them scream and shout
I search for a way out

But there's one thing that is certain
Dim the lights and cut the curtain
Not until I am certain
What we have that will hurt them

I can feel their steps draw near
You are emanating fear
A life like this is never drear
All so murky, yet so clear

Their claws finally come out
I hear you gasp, I hear you shout
When they stop, I feel your doubt
I feel the fire from their shout

And with all these things in mind
You must make sure you stay in line
Be sure not to fall behind
Take this one step at a time

I know it's lots to take in
But if we try, we'll surely win
We move with stealth, we move within
We are cloaked within our sin
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