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A Drinking Princess

by Cartoonboy2009 0 reviews

A poem about a young man who took a princess out for a day of fun.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy - Published: 2015-02-21 - 144 words

I met a princess one day,

Oh, what a drinking princess she is.

Drinking all that wine and beer at the bar in my village,

Getting drunk and embarrassing me at the bar.

I got her out of her castle that one day,

And sure was a hell of a day for me.

I did get allot of drunk kisses though.

However, I won't forget when I finally took her home that night,

As drunk as she was;

Her father the king punched me in the face,

And told me if I ever let his daughter drink again,

Then it's off with my head.

The princess then asked me when the next date was.

I jammed away, and never came near the castle again.

I sure did learn a lesson that day.

Never let a princess have booze if she can't hold her liquor.
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