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Kanna's Tranformation

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Kanna Of The Mirror Decides To Change Her Body To Get Kagome And Kikyou As Her Lovers And Uses Kagura Of The Wind And Kohaku To Do It.

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Kagome,Kanna,Kikyo - Warnings: [R] [?] [Y] - Published: 2015-02-23 - Updated: 2019-06-13 - 1680 words

It was a quiet night in Feudal Japan were a young girl wearing an ankle length white kimono stood in the middle of a forest clearing holding a small silver mirror as a gently breeze blow thru her waist length strait white hair the girls name was Kanna a demon born from the body of Naraku a half demon the same as the demon she was there waiting for was.
As Kanna waited she thought about what she was about to do lately she had begun to feel strange whenever she looked into her magic mirror at the two priestess Kikyo and Kagome for her master Naraku every time Kanna felt the urge to rip off their cloths and lick their fat pussies with her long red tongue and mate them but knew that she couldn't as she was born with the body of a ten year old girl and not the body of a twenty year old like her co-demon Kagura of the wind who had been blessed with enormous round shiny pale double KK cup breast while she was given no breast at all. But that was about to change as Kanna had found a way to use her mirrors ability of absorbing energy and adding it to herself something that Naraku didn't know she could do.
As Kanna waited she smiled as she felt the demon heart she had stolen from a powerful female snake demon beat in her chest. It had been easy to steal as the demon had foolishly let her suck it into her mirror before she add the heart, tongue and demonic energy into her body before expelling the parts she didn't need out her butthole in a very long and horny dump before she headed here now she was waiting for her next meal while by the way the wind had suddenly picked up was about to drop in.
It was no sooner thought by Kanna then an enormous white feather fell from the starry nights sky and a pale skinned barefoot demoness in a red and green kimono stepped off and stood in front of her slowly waving her fan lightly in a bored way. As Kanna looked a her prey she couldn't help but lick her pale lips as she took in Kagura from her the enormous pale double KK cup breast that pushed out the front of her two tone kimono to her wide round enormous jiggly butt that pushed out the rear of her kimono and finally her huge barefeet.
As Kanna looked at her Kagura spoke "Kanna way have you called me here does Naraku need me for something if so tell me so I can do it". Kanna then spoke "No Kagura he does not require you tonight but I do, tell me Kagura do you still want to be free because I know a way to free you from Naraku like I am now".
As Kanna spoke she began to slowly absorb Kagura's demonic energy into her mirror. Kagura had no idea what Kanna was talking about but answered anyway "Kanna you of all demons know I want to be free of Naraku but cannot be as long as he holds my heart physically in his hands, but tell me Kanna what do you mean by saying you are free"
Kanna smiled for the first time that Kagura could ever remember and it scared her a little as Kanna smiled Kagura felt her body become weaker her demonic energy was beginning drained from her body deciding quickly Kagura raised her fan and called out "Dance Of The Dragons" her most powerful attack but as she did nothing happened and Kanna simply smiled even more before she spoke "It is no use fighting Kagura my new ability has made your power mine and soon your body will join mine as well to make me even more powerful than I am now, I do hope you will enjoy being apart of me soon"
As Kanna spoke these words Kagura's body gave a pull and before she knew what was happening her head was flying toward Kanna's glowing mirror. As Kagura's head entered her mirror Kanna moaned "Oh Kagura yes become part of my body and be free of Naraku with me". Once Kagura's huge barefeet entered her glowing silver mirror Kanna felt her body slowly start to grow with Kagura's demonic energy and her flesh. As the energy grow Kanna’s body began to glow in a silver light before it the light began to stretch up. In the light Kanna moaned as her arms and legs stretched to the length of Kagura’s before they began to fell with enormous round shiny muscles covered in thick veiny causing the sleeves of her kimono to rip open, her flat chest began to swell up into Kagura’s enormous round shiny heavy double KK cup breast causing her white kimono to open up, followed by her flat stomach that slowly began to swell up pushing her kimono open the rest of the way to reveal her silver mirror imbedded in the front of a huge round smooth shiny pale white dome of flesh, then her small round butt began to swell into a pair of enormous round smooth shiny butt cheeks that caused her white loincloth to slide up into her thick long butt crack before finally Kanna’s black eyes turned to Kagura’s dark crimson red and her white feather appeared behind her left white lotus flower on her head before the light faded and Kanna stood holding Kagura’s fan.
Once the transformation was complete Kanna gently patted her new smooth round tight pale belly were Kagura remained as the new Kanna patted her belly she began to moan “O Kagura you have made me even more powerful and beautiful and now you are free my dear wind from Naraku, now let us go find some more things to make us stronger”. As Kanna spoke she drew the feather from her head and caused it to change into a massive white feather before she took off into the starry night sky to find her nexted prey the demon slayer Kohaku she needed him for her next part.
As Kanna flew she gently rubbed her huge round smooth shiny pale belly and felt her new demonic aura. Soon Kanna smelled her new prey and looking down she saw a small village nestled between some tall mountains as she came close Kanna landed near a hut that smelled of hot sweaty sex. As Kanna landed she could hear a woman moaning inside “Oh Kohaku you’re so big oh my goddess your stretching me yes Kohaku yes go deep honey go deep I need your seed honey deep in my womb”. As Kanna heard these words she licked her lips before pulling the door hanging out of the way before entering the hut.
As Kanna entered the hut she saw first a completely naked woman with enormous double GG cup breast and a very muscler body from working in the fields moaning in complete pleasure as a completely naked muscler Kohaku lay on top of her thrusting the biggest penis Kanna had ever seen into the woman’s fat wet pussy and stretching it super wide around it and if she was right pounding the woman all the way into her womb if the size was anything to go by Kohaku was at least 4 and a half foot long and 14 inches in total around and very fertile by the size of his honeydew sized testicles which she was about to make hers.
As the two lovers moaned in pleasure on the huts one futon Kanna gently rubbed her magic silver mirror causing it to start glowing in a silver light. As the mirror glowed Kohaku began to feel his body being pulled back from the woman whose husband he’d killed as he was being pulled back Kohaku hear a voice he knew speak “Do not fight it Kohaku you like Kagura before you are going to become part of my body as is the jewel shard in your back, though unlike Kagura what I do not use of you I well simply crap out so maybe that sister of yours well find something of you someday unless I take her to but then you will be together so stop fight and come into my mirror my prey”. As Kanna spoke these words Kohaku’s enormous penis gave a wet pop as it was pulled from his slave and quickly he was pulled into Kanna’s glowing silver mirror bare feet first and into Kanna’s huge round shiny smooth bare bloated belly.
Once Kohaku had entered her Kanna could fell the power of the sacred jewel shard boasting her demonic power even more than Kagura had causing a wave of pleasure to shot thru her body from the tips of her hip length strait white hair to the tips of her huge bare toes. As Kanna felt the jewel power her up she was rewrapped in the bright light that had appeared when Kagura and her had joined to become one as the light engulfed her Kanna felt her body change again this time her belly swelled til it was an enormous round shiny smooth white dome with her mirror imbedded in the front, her enormous breast then stretched and swelled until they were both a pair of massive shiny milk heavy smooth pale white jiggly orbs that lay on her top of her enormous belly, then she felt what she had absorbed Kohaku for in the first place. It started out slow with a tingle in her large clit but soon her clit began to stretch in both length and girth as her clit grow it began to gently push forward on her white loincloth as it grow her clit began to take the form of Kohaku’s enormous 4 and a half foot long and 14 inch wide veiny dick with its heavy hairy round fertile
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