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Futa Songtress Takes A Redhead In Shower

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Flay Allster and Lacus Clyne Have Some Hot Fun In The Shower.

Category: Gundam SEED - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Romance,Sci-fi - Characters: Lacus Clyne - Warnings: [!] [R] [?] - Published: 2015-02-23 - Updated: 2019-06-13 - 2059 words

Flay Allster was hot and sweaty from the work she was doing on the Earth Forces Battleship The Archangel and was in need of a nice warm shower so leaving her secret lover, slave and boyfriend Kira Yamato to work on his Strike Gundam's computer she floated off for the women’s shower room.
As Flay floated thru the ship she began to wonder how to get red of the ships new occupant the coordinator songstress Lacus Clyne for the pink haired beauty was drawing Kira's attention away from her which she could not have as Kira was her weapon and no one else’s. It was as Flay was wondering this that she heard a beautiful voice singing and decided to follow the sound and see who it was.
Flay followed the sound down the long corridor she was floated down and to the woman’s shower room where she had been going and pushing the open button and entered the room to find a long row of empty stalls save one at the very end outside of which hung a long white dress trimmed in dark and light purple along with a pair of white lace thigh high stocking and white lace panties also so white high heels it only took Flay a moment to reconis the garments as bellowing the little songstress take was slowly stealing Kira from her.
As Flay thought about the pink haired beauty the more she wanted to teach the girl a lesson one her mother had to her before Heliopolis was destroyed by the ZAFT forces that lesson was how to please a woman something her mother said high society women like themselves had to know in order to show women of a less class who was better and now it was time to show the little songstress that she Flay heiress of the Allster fortune was better than some genetically modified dark pink haired songstress.
So it was with this decided Flay turned to the doors keypad and with a few key commands locked the door so no one could disturb her lesson before turning and walking down the aisle of shower stalls to the last one were her prey was washing. As Flay reached the stall she noticed a sweet almost musty smell coming from the stall and slowly began to feel her fat plump pussy get a little wet but quickly shakes it off and grabbed the light pink shower curtain in her right hand before giving it a hard yank causing it to open wide. As the shower curtain opened Flay nearly screamed at what she saw inside for standing completely naked in the shower was not a slender girl with hip length strait dark pink hair no what stood in the shower was a 12 foot tall behemoth with dark pink hair, enormous muscler pale arms and legs, a massive round pale smooth bubble butt and a well-muscled back at least from what she could see but no sooner had she opened the curtain than the behemoth songstress Lacus Clyne turned around to show her the front causing Flay to nearly fall down for on the behemoths front Flay saw a pair of massive round shiny bouncy triple SSS cup breast, an enormous round pale shiny smooth belly with a huge popped out belly button. But those were not the things that surprised and to her complete shock or aroused her the most no it was the massive 4 foot long 12 inch thick veiny pale white curved penis that reached the enormous dark pink fat nipples on the songstress breast along with the enormous watermelon sized hairless testicles that had her the most shocked and aroused though they were not the first she had ever seen but they were the biggest.
As Flay stared at Lacus's monster dick the smell from before hit her in the face and her clit began to throb hard between her thick plump legs while her fat pussy began to start dripping juice into her lime green cotton panties. As Flay become horny Lacus Clyne stood in the shower stall shocked that someone would be so rude as to open the curtain on a lady especially seeing as her cloths were right outside the curtain and the water was running but her shock so turned into hornyness as her sparkling green eyes landed on the one who had opened her curtain the pretty red head that she had seen hanging around Kira.
As Lacus's eyes fell on her Flay felt her huge fat nipples pop out and she wanted nothing more than to feel the songstress’s massive dick squeezing into her fat wet pussy and stretching it out to fit her monster only. As Flay thought these things Lacus licked her light pink lips and spoke "Hello Flay right how would you like to strip out of that warm looking uniform and join me in my shower for some fun". As Lacus spoke this words she reached out of the shower stall and unbuckled the uniforms thin black belt before she started undo the buttons on the dark pink and white uniform jacket much to Flays pleasure as she slowly toed off her dark pink ankle boots. As Lacus got the last button open she gently began to push the tight garment off Flay's shoulders and slid it down her arms before letting it fall to the floor. Lacus smiled at Flays tight white belly shirt that showed off the tight 10 pack abs Flay had worked so hard to get and keep was revealed. Smiling as she could see the light pink silk bra that was under it Lacus reached down and grabbed the hem before she began to slide it up over Flays enormous round shiny double LL cupped breast revealed to her before she unbuckled the front and slid it off to and let it drop to the shower room floor causing Flays enormous double LL cup breast to jiggle and bounce as they sprang free of the tight garment.
As Lacus stripped off her top Flay moved her hands to the waistband of her mid-thigh grey strait skirt and unbuttoned then unzipped the side before giving a little wiggle to send the tight garment down her thick plump thighs and calves before stepping out of it. As Flay stood in her light pink silk panties and mid-thigh cotton socks Lacus slowly lowered herself to her knees in the shower stall and began to peel Flay's socks down her thick plump thighs and calves causing Flay to gently moan "Yes beautiful strip off my socks get me naked and make me your lover Oh yes please kiss my pussy please". As Lacus heard Flays moan she gently lifted Flays right foot and peeled the lime green sock off her huge toes before leaning forward and gently pressing a kiss to the huge wet spot in the front of Flays wet light pink silk panties before peeling the other sock down.
As Lacus was peeling off her socks Flay reached up with her right hand and released her long strait shoulder blade length dark red hair before she reached down and gently began to run her left hand fingers thru Lacus's long dark pink hair causing Lacus to moan against her fat pussy before she moaned "Please you beautiful girl rip my panties off I want your pink lips on my wet pussy come on rip them off". Hearing Flay's moan Lacus reached up and grabbed the sides of the light pink silk panties and with force ripped the panties off without a problem.
Once Flay was completely naked Lacus leaned forward and gently began to kiss the inside of Flay’s thick plump thighs before slowly kiss up to the sweet smelling wet dripping hairless light pink pussy at Flay’s crouch as she kissed along the thick plump lips Flay began to moan and get even wetter so as Lacus slid her thick dark pink tongue between the wet juicy pussy lips and started to lick at Flay’s sweet tasting nectar which Lacus found tasted like fresh apples.
As Lacus licked her plump fat hairless pink pussy Flay reached up and began to massage and squeeze her own enormous round bouncy heavy double LL cupped breast. As she did Lacus decided to do something she had always wanted to try so with her left hand Lacus reached around the red heads waist to her huge plump round jiggling butt and before Flay know what was happening she felt Lacus’s huge thick pointer finger sliding into her large tight butthole as and slowly stretching it wide so she could do her idea. As Flay felt her butthole being stretched she wanted to scream as it hurt with Lacus’s thick huge finger in it but as Lacus began to pump her finger the pain slowly turned to pleasure and Flay felt herself start to enjoy the feeling of beginning stretched so reaching down with her right hand Flay grabbed the back of Lacus’s pink head and shoved it hard into her wet dripping pussy before grinding back against Lacus’s thick digit as it wiggled around knuckle deep in her butthole.
As Lacus double penetrated the red haired woman Flay felt herself about to have a the biggest orgasm she had ever had and before Lacus know what was happening Flay’s inner muscles grabbed both Lacus’s tongue and finger as Flay screamed “Oh yes I’m coming you sexy corannator down that thick throat of yours, Mmmm yes keep pumping that finger into me Oh here I come”. As Flay screamed this Lacus felt a warm sweet liquid fell her mouth and as she swallowed she could feel warm felling throughout her enormous round smooth soft belly and she liked it.
As Lacus drew her finger from Flay’s now stretched and gapping butthole Flay began to back up til her bare back touch the cold light pink walls of the female shower room and slid down the wall and her orgasm had been so powerful. As Flay tried to catch her breath from her orgasm Lacus slowly rose from the shower floor she spoke “My goodness I hoped you enjoyed that because now I’m going to need your help with this monster, so get ready to be really stretched cutie”. As Lacus said this she slapped the side of her 4 foot long 12 inch thick penis causing it to shot out a thick wad of white cum that landed right on Flay’s heaving cleavage. As Flay looked down at the glob of thick cum she couldn’t help but to reach down and scoop so up in her right hand before licking it off.
As Flay licked her hand clean she was surprised to feel and see her enormous round shiny double LL cupped breast start swelling along with her flat eight pack abs. As Flay saw this she scooped up the rest of the thick glob and gobbled it down hungrily as she did Flay soon felt it take effect as both her plump arms and legs began to swell into thick bulging muscles that pulsed with power while her breast, belly and butt continued to fell out much to Lacus’s surprise and arousal.
As Flay grew she began to feel a strange tingling at her crouch and to her shock her large clit began to swell bigger and bigger til it began to take on the shape of a penis. As it grow Flay began to feel something heavy growing under it and as she slide her now huge hands under her new enormous round shiny smooth belly she nearly screamed as she felt a pair of hairless heavy round sperm filled testicles but as she rubbed the huge orbs she began to fill horny and was soon looking at the light pink haired beauty who had stepped out of the shower stall as Flay had grown.
As Flay looked at her Lacus smiled “Oh goodness you’ve grown so big I had no idea that my cum could do that but I must say you look even more beautiful now then you did before and begin that big you well be able to handle me while we have sex”.
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