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Captain’s Hot Night With A Princess

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Gundam 00 Captain Sumeragi Noriega Has Decided She Wants Princess Marrina Ismail Of Aizodistan As Her Lover So When She Comes By They Have A Hot Night.

Category: Erotica - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Romance,Sci-fi - Warnings: [!] [X] [?] - Published: 2015-02-24 - Updated: 2019-06-13 - 857 words

It was a quiet night in space and Captain Sumeragi Lee Noriega was resting on the bed in her quarters in just her skin tight white pants she had removed her sleeveless dark purple skin tight shirt along with her tight black lace bra as they were nice to wear but they squeezed her enormous round shiny white double MM cup breast very tightly so she had taken them off besides the ship was docked in there hidden base so she was not needed on the bridge for anything. Besides the ship was only refueling and getting a few repairs stuff her secret lover Feldt Grace could take care of.
As Captain Sumeragi lay on her bed she thought of the woman that gundam pilot Setsuna F Seiei had saved a bought aboard. The woman was the princess of the neighboring country of Aizodiston her name was Princess Marina Ismail and she was increablely beautiful to her. As Captain Sumeragi thought about the Princess she began to fell her secret beginning to swell and rise in the front of her tight white pants leaning up and looking down across her enormous shiny round white double MM cup breast she could see her enormous 4 foot long 14 inch wide penis stretching out the front of her tight pants and slowly pushing its self toward her flat strong hard 10 pack abs.
As Captain Sumeragi’s enormous dick grew she began to rub her enormous bouncy heavy and shiny double MM breast with both her hands as she rubbed the two white orbs she began to moan “Oh yes grow you beautiful thing you get bigger yes stretch my incredible dick come on get out of my pant baby grow yes grow for me Oh Yes”. As Captain Sumeragi’s dick swelled bigger and bigger there came a sudden knock at her quarters door followed by a female voice “Captain Noriega could I please speak with you” as the Captain heard the voice she knew it was the Princess of Aizodiston at her door come to see her so deciding to make her move on the beautiful princess so getting off her bed she began to walk to her door with her enormous bare white shiny bouncing breast her enormous dick finally pushed the wide band of her tight white pants back and the slightly pre-cum oozing baseball sized white head rised from her pants and began to throb as she got closer to her rooms door.
As Captain Sumeragi got to the door she pressed a button on the keypad causing a small screen to light up showing the Princess standing alone in the corridor outside so with her heart racing for what she was about to do Sumeragi pressed the doors open button causing the metal door to her room to slide open.
As the door slide open Sumeragi heard a loud gasp come from the Princess as she saw her first half-naked woman ever but before the Princess Marina Ismail could get a good look at her Sumeragi reached out into the corridor and grabbed the Princesses left hand and jerked the surprised woman into the room and right up against her bare round bouncy shiny bare double MM cup breast and her enormous pulsing bulge before the metal door slide close and locked for she didn’t want the beautiful woman running off before she could strip her of that dark purple dress and baggy light purple pants.
As Princess Marina landed on the captains enormous bare naked breast she gave a loud squeal from the jerk and from the feel of the captains enormous white orbs squeezing up against her enormous round bouncy tanned dress covered breast. As Marina got her wits back she felt something slowly beginning ground against her crouch something truly enormous but something she knew could not be part of the woman holding her tight against her enormous chest. But the more she thought about the long hard thing the more she knew it was there so wiggling free of the captain Princess Marina looked down at the woman’s crouch and gave a huge gasp as she saw what she thought was impossible bulging out the front of the captains tight white pants.
As Marina looked at the amazing bulge and its pre-cum oozing baseball sized head she began to feel something she had never felt in her life to her amazement her huge fat nipples both popped out into two huge dark brown mounds that pushed her dark purple dress out in front this was followed by her fat pussy starting to get wet and slowly began dripping warm hot pussy juice into her light purple silk panties and down her thick muscler tanned legs causing her light purple baggy pants to get wet as they did the captain spoke “Well it seems someone is horny if that huge wet spot in your pants and those tasty looking bumps in your dress are anything to go by, so how about we get you out of those cloths so I can see your beautiful body and we can have some fun”
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