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Lesbian Fun At The Gundam World Tournament

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Rain Mikamura Is Mad And The Pilot Of The Nobel Gundam Allenby Beardsley Has The Cure For The Medic To Bad Rain Doesn't Know.

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Rain Mikamura was mad as she walked down one of the many streets of old Tokyo her friend and the man she secretly love Domon Kasshu who against her telling him not to had gone off to fight the Gundam from Neo Greece with a broken arm. So her she was walking the streets thinking about if she should quit and head back home to Neo Japan. But as Rain was in deep thought she did not see the woman following her the pilot of the Nobel Gundam Allenby Beardsley.
As Rain walked Allenby watched the medic from Neo Japan and slowly felt a special part of her body begin to swell as it did every time she saw Rain since the first time at the opening ceremony it was at that time Allenby knew she had to have her as a lover and as her team’s medic. But every time she tried to get close Rain was ether with the Neo Japan pilot or she was working but now oh now the beautiful Japanese woman was all alone in a public street and rip for her plan which was downright the best for she had taken from her teams medical equipment a hypodermic needle filled with a sleeping medicine which would put the beautiful woman out cold for at least four hours plenty of time for her to carry Rain to a small hotel room she had got for her plan and once there she would show Rain how good a woman with a lot extra could make her fill. It was a foolproof plan and just thinking of it was causing her special friend to bulge the front of her dark blue pants.
So deciding to make her move before her secret popped out for all of Tokyo to see she silently sneaked up behind the beautiful light brown haired woman and before Rain knew what was happening she had driven the needle into Rain’s side before whirling her around and sealing Rain’s cry of pain with a deep tongue probing kiss on the woman’s light pink lips. As Allenby kissed Rain she pulled the empty needle out of her side before hiding it in a pouch on her thick muscler thigh before wrapping her strong muscler arms around her prize and squeezing Rain’s huge plump round jiggly butt cheeks. This caused Rain to gasp into her mouth and the people around to turn away from them as her public display got even hotter as she slide her hand down to the hem of Rain’s dark red mid-thigh dress before going under and grabbing her jade green cotton pantied cover plump round jiggly butt cheeks.
As Allenby grabbed Rain's plump butt cheeks she noticed the people around them starting to get smaller so still kissing her prize she move them slowly into an alleyway were she had a black sedan hover car waiting for her before breaking the hot and very passionate kiss with her soon-to-be-lover as she broke the kiss a long trail of saliva connected their lips together she noticed her prize had fallen asleep from the drug just as she planned.
Quickly so no one would be aware of Rain’s state Allenby climbed into the car with her prize and told the drive to take her to the hotel. The drive to the hotel was quick but as they drove she began to play with her prize first she lay Rain across her thick muscler thighs and slide her left hand down into the deep V-neck of Rain’s dark red dress and quickly unhooked her jade bra in the front freeing her two enormous white, bouncy, round and incredibly soft breast before sliding her right hand up under the dresses hem then thru one of the leg holes in her jade cotton panties and began to finger Rain’s soft, plump and hairy light pink pussy while gently squeezing Rain’s enormous breast and tweaking the huge fat 10 inch long light brown nipples on top.
As Allenby played with her new prize Rain began to gently moan and her pussy began to slowly get wet around her probing finger and she decided to stretch Rain’s pussy out to prepare it for her massive 20 inch long 18 inch round veiny white penis. So with Rain’s pussy juice coating her hand Allenby pulled her finger out of the pussy then push in four fingers and gently spread them apart while gently began to rub Rain’s huge fat clit with her thumb. This caused Rain’s moans to get louder and louder thankfully the car was soundproof and so no one would hear her moans of pure passion and this made her penis throb in her dark blue jeans the tip of which slowly beginning to peak out of the waistband.
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