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The Punishment Of A Subordinate

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Captain Murrue Ramius Decides To Punish Lieutenant Natarie Badgiruel In A Fun Way.

Category: Gundam SEED - Rating: R - Genres: Drama,Erotica,Romance - Warnings: [!] [X] [R] - Published: 2015-02-26 - Updated: 2019-06-14 - 1157 words

Captain Murrue Ramius sat in her office on the war spaceship the Archangel waiting for her subordinate Lieutenant Natarie Badgiruel in order to punish her for all the times she had gone against her orders and did things her own way but now that they were on Earth and out on the ocean will it seemed the perfect time to punish her so that was just what she was going to do but not in the military sense no her way was going to be fun and painful fun for her but painful for Lieutenant Badgiruel at first at least.
As Captain Ramius was thinking about her most well-kept secret began to slowly swell up and began to push against her tight white military skirt causing it to tent up. As she looked down at the impressive bulge there was a knock on the metal office door and Lieutenant Badgiruel’s voice called out “Captain can I come in” smiling and pushing her chair forward to hide her surprise she called out “Enter Lieutenant”. As she did the door slide open and a woman with shoulder length strait black hair and wearing a white military skirt uniform like her own entered and the door slide shut behind her as the Lieutenant was about to come to the desk Murrue spoke “Lock the door Lieutenant I don’t want us interrupted” so turning to the doors keypad Lieutenant Badgiruel locked the door before walking to the front of the deck and saluting. Hiding a smile as the Lieutenant looked a little worried she spoke “Lieutenant Natarie Badgiruel I have called you here for a punishment for all the times you have gone against my orders, now take off your jacket and ankle boots”. The Lieutenant looked at her strangely for a second but then began to unbuckle her thin black belt before slowly unbuttoning her white and grey military jacket and toed off her white and grey ankle boots before finally opening the jacket and sliding it off her shoulders and sliding it down her arms.
As Lieutenant Badgiruel’s jacket was slide off Captain Ramius nearly gasped as like her the Lieutenant wore under her jacket but a tight white t-shirt that only covered her enormous breast and under this she could see a sexy white lace bra sticking out and simply squeezeing the Lieutenant enormous round bouncy heavy looking double NN cup breast which she had to think were a little smaller than her impressive rack which the Lieutenant was about to see in there amazing glory. Looking at the blushing Lieutenant she spoke “Very beautiful breast Lieutenant Badgiruel and a sexy bra you have on from what I can see, but now it seems I’m a little over dressed for this punishment so Lieutenant come around my desk and take off my jacket so we can both show off our beautiful breast” blushing nearly bad enough to make her face cherry red Lieutenant Badgiruel patted around the captains desk as the Captain turned her chair to face her as the Lieutenant got to the other side of the desk she nearly screamed as she saw the Captains crouch and the now massive bulge in her mid-thigh length white military skirt.
As the Lieutenant looked at her with wide shocked eyes she leaned forward and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped the Lieutenant’s knee length white military skirt and like it fall to puddle around the Lieutenant’s huge black stocking clad feet before sitting back in the chair and smiling up at the Lieutenant “Well sexy I gave you an order so stop looking at my massive bulge and get this white and grey jacket off me so we can get down to your punishment”. With those words she watched as Lieutenant Badgiruel shook her head and leaned down and unbuckled the thin black belt before slowly undoing the buttons of the white and grey military jacket as the button were undone she noticed her Lieutenant’s surprise as she saw what she was wearing under the jacket a tight white t-shirt that let her enormous tits jiggle and no bra for she hated the constricting felling of a bra but did like the feel of her enormous breast bouncing as she walked and it had got her many female lovers even a few married women who like as they stretched them beyond what their husbands could and now she was about to add her own subordinate to her long list of lovers.
Once her jacket was undone she slowly slide it for letting her enormous breast bounce before her subordinate eyes then spoke “Mmmm now take off my skirt and boots sexy and then we can began our fun, Now get down on these black stocking clad knee and finish stripping me lover”. As she spoke these words her Lieutenant slowly lowered herself to her knees before reaching forward to undo her white mid-thigh strait skirt before she raised her wide plump hips so the Lieutenant could pull the garment off. As her Lieutenant pulled the skirt down her huge muscled black stocking clad legs and off over her huge white and grey ankle clad boot feet before throwing the garment over her shoulder and into the office wall before she began to pull off her ankle boots one at a time and throwing them away too.
Once she was stripped down to her black mid-thigh stockings, a black lace tong and a tight white t-shirt she looked down at her Subordinate “Well now all we need is for you to loss that white lace bra and our t-shirts then will be in the same state of undressed so now pop off that bra sexy and lets get these hot t-shirts off then come sit in my lap so I can rub my massive special friend into that hot round plump jiggly butt of yours and you can feel what a real dick feels like.
Licking her dark purple lips Lieutenant Badgiruel reached down to the waistband of her white t-shirt and began to peel it up over her enormous round bouncy double NN cup tits that looked like they were going to over flow the tight white lace bra she was wearing before pulling it over her head and throwing it aside. Smiling at her Captain she reached behind her and unhooked her bra causing the tight lace garment to give a (bong) sound as it flew off and into the office wall. Once her Lieutenant was topless Captain Murrue Ramius licked her light pink lips as she looked at her topless subordinate “Now Lieutenant take off my tight t-shirt sexy and will start”.
So leaning over Lieutenant Badgiruel grabbed the hem a began putting it up over her bare heavy round double PP cup tits as her t-shirt past her tits they bounced heavy before she yanked it free of her arms.
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